Title: Sweet Sixteen

By: Misery Johnson

Disclaimer: I do not own Yugioh

Chapter one: A secret crush

This is Au, just in case anyone is wondering and deals with moral values

and all that junk that they force into your brain as you're brainwashed

at what is called "school", shudders at the thought. Here we go...

The girl sighed for the tenth time that afternoon as she watched the boy

of her dreams hang out in the park with his friends.

"Come on Anzu, what are you...?" her friend stopped as soon as she

realized whom her friend was looking at.

"When are you going to talk to him?" asked her friend, obviously


"Why bother? Yami Mouto doesn't even know that I'm alive. Let's go


"Come on cheer up, it's your birthday remember. Besides, there are

millions of guys out there. Don't fret about Yami, he's just another a

dozen." The girls took off to begin Anzu's birthday celebration. Her

sweet sixteen, all alone except for one true friend. If only her wish

would come true. All she really wanted was for Yami to love her but as

she had come to know dreams didn't always come true. They were

simply figments of one's imagination. If she had only stayed a bit longer

she would've noticed that a certain tri-colored haired boy had begun to

stare at her just as she had done just a few moments ago.

"Come one Yami, we're going to hit the pizza place. You coming?"

asked a boy with white hair. "Sure thing" answered Yami as he slowly

slipped from his daze. 'Who was that girl?' he asked himself. Sure he

had seen her around but he had never taken his time to really look at

her. She was something different. A little preoccupied with stuff to

properly take care of herself fashion-wise but still attractive nonetheless.

'Never mind' he thought as he got into the car and drove off with his


Anzu had taken extra care of her appearance today. They had stopped

at her house to get ready for their celebration. Serenity had helped her

with her outfit and it had turned out quite well. She wore a short black

skirt instead of her usual jeans. A black strapless blouse instead of the

usual sweater and Mary-Jane shoes with black knee-high socks instead

of her beat-up sneakers. Serenity had tried to convince her to wear

something pink but she simply hated the color. She had straightened

her hair and let it fall lose to the sides. As she gazed her reflection in the

mirror, she was amazed. She looked like a totally different person.

'Perfect' she thought. 'Just for one night, I get to be someone who's not


They arrived at the movie theatre only to arrive late for the posted

movies. They decided that maybe it would be best to just go get something

to eat while waiting for the next show. They arrived at the pizza place

and noticed that it was a little bit crowded. But as soon as a few guys saw

her they immediately opened way for her. 'Guess I really do look

different.' She thought. After ordering she immediately froze for when

she turned her back to the cashier she saw that right behind her was

none other than her secret crush staring directly at her.

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