Lucy Camden-Kinkirk - widowed since a year, when Kevin was killed in a bank robbery(R.I.P.), she has one son from Kevin and wants to adopt another one. She is the minister in GlenOak now after her father decided give his place over.

Kenneth(Kenny) Kinkirk - Lucy's son, misses his father a lot, he is 5 now.

Davey Lucas - 8 years old, met Lucy a years ago on the streets, Lucy was lost after Kevin's death and she belonged to love someone. Kenny is sometimes jealous because Lucy takes more care for Davey then for him.

Andrew Nayloss - just divorced from his wife in Europe, she cheated him all the years. He has twins, Patrick and Andy

Patrick Nayloss - he is really shy doesn't like to talk in English because he feels he is not that good in it. He misses his mother a lot, he cries sometimes at nights when none hears him.

Andy Nayloss - he is cross with his mother and he likes to be the "macho boy"

Diana Nayloss - Andrew's mother

Sam Nayloss - Andrew's father

James Lucas - supposed to be Davey's father

Eric Camden - helps his daughter a lot

Annie Camden - hates the empty house since the twins go to special schools they only come home for weekends and Ruthie is out for college, loves that Lucy and Kenny moved in after Kevin's death

This is a story about Lucy and Andrew meeting years after the show. Lucy is widowed, Kevin was killed during a bank robbery. Andrew is divorced, his wife cheated him. Andrew comes back to GlenOak to start a new life with the help of his parents, because he has 2 boys(twins) to take care for. Lucy has one named Kenny and wants to adopt another, Davey.
This story is focused on Lucy and Andrew, no other siblings at least at the begin!
That's only the begin, but please review, so I know you are interested in this fic, otherwise I'll just let it hang around until I find back to it again and then maybe I will correct and rewrite it! But if you like it SEND ME REVIEWS!!!