Author's Note: Well, this idea was inspired by Trinity Day and her story "In the Dark", I have reviewed and blah blah so nuttin you can sue me for.

Hopefully, I'll get lots of reviews and the idea for their 'situation' comes from a Catholic High freshman initiation tradition, my brother hopes for duct taped to the wall instead of the Diaper Rally! LOL!

Sirius: I thought I would never see the day

James: And exactly what day is this?

Peter: The one in which we get duct taped to the wall

James: oh ok, I see

Remus: So which one of you wants to volunteer to use your wand to get us out of here? Sirius?

Sirius: Funny story actually, you remember that squirrel I named "Mr. G. Wallaby Wiggles Wosworth"?

Marauders: um....ok

Sirius: Yeah, well, seems he thought it was candy, and what about you James?

James: I sent it to Lily as a sign of our love.


Peter: It's broken for sure then.

James: Nobody asked you, where's your wand anyway?

Peter: Um....I dunno....

Remus: Where was the last place you had it?

Peter: The bathroom I think....

James: Don't tell me you flushed it

Peter: GRIN

Marauders: LORD!

Sirius: Where's your's Moony?

Remus: It's on the floor.

Sirius: Where?

Remus: Over there

Sirius: oh......right......I'm 'enry the 8th I am.....

Marauders: 0-0......what?

Sirius: I'm 'enry the 8th I am

Remus: Quit singing Sirius, we have to put up with you singing Bohemian Rhapsody when you take a shower and that's painful enough!

James: This is the song that never just goes on and on my friends...

Sirius: Some people started singing it not knowing what is was and we'll just keep on singing it because........


Remus: SHUT UP!!!!!!

Sirius: I'm hurt Moony

James: So, what has been going on in everyone's life lately?

Remus: Well, I finally got my test results back, seems they want me to transfer my secrets of the universe to them. But the problem is, which one to share first? The one about how the energy of the sun-

James: Ok, anyone else?

Sirius: It's nothing to do with the sun, silly werewolf, it's all about how you can harvest the energy of peanuts and channel that energy into a positive negative force.

Peter: Sirius?

Sirius: Yeah?

Peter: Shut up.

James: You know what Pete?

Peter: The voice in my head is telling me not to answer but...what?

Sirius: You're insane in the membrane, so insane, got no brain!

Remus: I swear to god Sirius, if you don't shut up I will personaly cut off your big toe and sell it to your second year stalker.

Sirius: I'd like to see you try!



Well ok then!

Bring it furball!

That doesn't even make sense Sirius!

Oh, so your the only one that can make a profit, eh?

You're worse then Hillary Duff!

James: Look children, make a wish, it's a falling star!

Peter: Both of you quit it!

Remus: How did we get duct taped to the wall anyway?

Crickets: chrip, chrip, chirp

Sirius: Um, is it just me or is this story coming to an end?

Peter: What so soon?

Christy: Well, I can't stand here forever, I have homework to do! suck

Christy: Fine, Sirius, no more Peanut Butter....ever!


Remus: But if you end it now, how will we get out?

Christy: Maybe another chapter?

Marauders: work......

Christy: Good, anything you wanna say?

Sirius: yeah, a nose in need, deserves puffs indeed.