If you're "from:" fanfiction, I'd just like to say that I am working on getting the earlier chapters fixed so it won't be in script format. Please allow me some time to do this because I have to incorporate emotions and movement now. Thanks!

Helen Baldwin was rummaging through the closet, looking for her old notebook. She had just recently learned some rumors about Hogwarts students being unregistered Animagnus and she was looking for her interview with them. Well, it technically wasn't an interview. It seemed she dropped it somewhere in the school while she was there looking for a different story. At the time, 4 students had been duct taped to the wall.

Spying something pink, she let out a "yes!" and grabbed it. She flipped the notebook open, a quick quill jumping out and began to read the pages….

Sirius: Lucky number 8! WHOOP!

Remus: No Sirius, it's the seventh you—whoop?

Sirius: WHOOP!


Peter: Oh no, here they go again.

Sirius: No Peter, here you go again.

Peter: Huh?

Sirius: Ssh! The men folk approachith!

James: Bombs away!

Remus: What are you guys talking about?

James: I don't know.

Sirius: Maybe I'm menopausal.

Remus: Sirius, you're dude, that's not possible.

Sirius: Ugh, it's these damn hot flashes again!

Peter: Oh well then, so I'm not the only one.

James: Poor Wormtail: The Menopausal.

Sirius: It does get hard when you have to go in and ask for a size 6 and they give you dirty looks.

Remus: You are such—a size 6? What does that have to do with anything?

Sirius: Because it's what number chapter this is!

James: Ok Sirius, it's number seven, SEVEN.

Sirius: My butt is not that big!

James: I never said it was!

Peter: I'm pretty sure I did at one point in time.

Remus: Oh when will we ever get down?

James: Hey…um guys?

Sirius: Yes, rumps?

James: Uh, how did we get up here in anyway?

Marauders: 0.0

Ginormous Cricket: CHIRP CHIRP CHIRP

Sirius: Hey buddy! Glad to see you and your ginormous cricket ways back in the 6.5 chapter!

Remus: It's number seven!

Sirius: Remus J. Lupin I will smite you!

Remus: You will smite me?

James: What's the past tense of that anyway?

Sirius: Smit, maybe….

Peter: Smited?

James: So you would say: "Aha! I just smited you!"

Sirius: Perhaps it's smote….

James: "Aha! I just smote you!"

Remus: Smote?

Sirius: Smote.

Remus: You must be special Sirius.

Sirius: You bet I'm special.

Peter: I wish I knew what special felt like…

Sirius: It's kind of like when you finish a crap and you stand back and admire your hard work…

Ginormous Cricket: CHIRP CHIRP CHIRP

Remus: That's just gross.

Sirius: Oh come on Remus, you know you do it too…

Remus: I most certainly do not!

Sirius: You stand back and say to yourself: "My God! How did I push that thing out?"

Remus: Oh no Sirius, it's just you.

Sirius: Anyone who says they don't is lying.

Remus: Are you suggesting that everyone does it?

Sirius: Are you suggesting I'm wrong?

Remus: Y-you bet I am!

James: …you've done it before, haven't you, Moony?

Remus: Ok so maybe once or twice…

Peter: Ok, that's pretty much gross….

Sirius: Pretty much? How terribly generic! I must come up with a new saying.

Remus: Such as?

Sirius: Let's see pretty much, you're pretty much saying that the much is pretty.


Sirius: Hot much! This shall be the new saying!

Remus: Geez, Sirius, did you make that up all by yourself?

Sirius: Hot much.

James: Hey! There's lots of ways you can use that! How's the sun today Sirius?

Sirius: Hot much.

Remus: And how does that make you feel?

Sirius: Hot much.

Peter: And this creates what kind of image of yourself?

Sirius: Hot much.

James: HAHA! The Diagnostic is complete! The sun is melting his face off AND He's egotistical.

Remus: What if it's mistaken for "not much?".

Sirius: How so Moony?

Remus: Like, do I look good in this light?

Sirius: Hot much. You know what Remus? I don't think it could.

Remus: Well how about "Do I look good in these clothes?"

Peter: Hell no, I think you'd look better out of them,

GC: chirpity chirpty chirp chirp

James: Ok Peter, you have crossed the line!

Peter: I thought Sirius took it with him when he asked Professor Greenleaf out!

Remus: Yeah, come to think of it, I haven't seen the line in a while; Sirius crossed it so much that it's gone! Right Sirius?

Sirius: Hot much.

James: Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we lie and then feel breeze.

Remus: Um, that's not right.

James: I'm pretty sure it is.

Remus: I'm pretty sure it's not. It's "and then deceive."

James: Same thing.

Sirius: You ever hear the song "Oh lolly lollypop?"

Marauders + Cricket: Psh, no.

Sirius: Safety pin, safety pin, oh safety pin, Safety pin!

James: Ba, Ba, Bum, Bum.

Remus: You guys are too funny.

Christy: Of course not! I am too funny!

Remus: Why don't you get us down?

Christy: Because I just don't feel like it.

Sirius: You don't feel anything! For you are French!

Christy: Uh, dude, I'm American/Italian/Irish. Just because I take French doesn't mean I AM French.

Sirius: So when you burn someone is it getting "French-fried?"

James: (laughs) That's a good one…French-fried….wheeeew.

Christy: Oh whatever guys, just end the chapter.


Marauders: What friend?

Sirius: My puppet!

Remus: But you don't have a puppet.

Sirius: SILENCE! Or puppet will eat you!