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Chapter 21: Final Promises

"Yeah, little brother. Or not" Wyatt had smirked.

Wyatt strode into the centre of the warehouse. The other's had been frozen into silence. 'So near but yet so far.' thought Darryl bitterly.

"Wyatt..." began Leo trying to placate Wyatt.

"Shut up, dad." spat Wyatt. He swept his gaze around the group in front of him. "So you managed to rescue Chris, unbind his powers and then defeat my demons? I'm impressed. Pity it was all for nothing, cause Chris is coming back with me."

"No. I'm not." stated Chris vehemently, "And you can't make me. You're the one that's outnumbered now."

"Please, my demons are just a summons away." corrected Wyatt, "I just preferred to keep this between us." This was to Chris but his pointed stares at the others did not get the effect he desired.

"We're not leaving Chris." Darryl shook his head.

"Wyatt…" Leo began again, "Don't do this."

"I have to." Wyatt said coldly.

"Yeah, cause of that damn prophecy." yelled Chris, his anger taking hold of him, "Wyatt, you're my brother; I don't want to kill you; whatever you've done."

"What prophecy?" Leo asked guardedly. He knew of a prophecy regarding Wyatt and Chris and hoped that it wasn't that one, even though it sounded like it was. Apart from the fact he would probably destroy any trust that Chris had given him if Chris found out that he knew of the prophecy, Leo was afraid of what the knowledge would lead Wyatt to do.

"The prophecy that says I have the power to vanquish him." replied Chris quietly.

'Oh God,' thought Leo in despair, 'It was that prophecy.'

It was Wyatt who noticed that there was no surprise on Leo's face, unlike Darryl, Marc and Kelise whose faces were identical in shock although with understanding beginning to emerge as well.

"You knew?" spat Wyatt.

Chris turned accusingly to Leo as well, "Did you?" he asked

"Yes." admitted Leo, "We, the other elders and I, thought it best if neither of you knew this. We were afraid of what it might lead you to do, Wyatt."

"Well, maybe you should have told us sooner." said Wyatt, "cause now I'm getting desperate so if Chris wont join me, then I'll kill him."

Kelise gasped as Wyatt powered up an energy ball and Leo moved between Wyatt and Chris.

"Wyatt, please, no." begged Leo. Leo was getting an idea, but he needed some time to prepare for it. With his mind he sent up a message to the other elders. They were not happy but Leo did not give them any time to disagree.

He turned round, with his back to Wyatt and stretched out his hands. Chris saw understanding appear on Wyatt's face as he, himself, understood what Leo was planning to do.

Wyatt raised his hand, preparing to throw the energy ball at Leo, but Chris dived at him, knocking them both off their feet. "Carry on." Chris shouted to Leo.

Both Chris and Wyatt started getting to their feet, but Chris got there first. He lashed out his hand sending Wyatt flying backwards, landing hard on the ground.

As Leo used his elder powers to orb the group out of the warehouse to Up There, Chris's gaze locked on Wyatt's. Deep inside, Chris could still see something that reminded him of the Wyatt he used to know, the Wyatt he grew up with. He could see anger, but also love as well no matter how hard Wyatt tried to hide it. 'I love you too, brother.' thought Chris sadly.

As his gaze was torn away from Chris's, Wyatt orbed out following the other's orb trail. The group materialized Up There and Leo gasped, "He's following us."

A circle of elder's was surrounding the group chanting softly. One of them nodded at Leo's statement, but they continued chanting.

Wyatt felt a force block him as he tried to follow the others. 'No!!' he screamed inside his head as he felt himself being pushed back down to ground. 'It's not over.' he promised himself.

Up There, Chris walked away from the group, wanting the peace and quiet of his own company for a moment. He stared unseeingly at the clouds and also made a promise.

'I'll save you Wyatt, whatever it takes, I'll save you.'


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The end