AN: So this is me, long time reader, first time writer. My favorite Sailor Moon stories have always centered around the senshi and their shitennou. However, I am also a raging Mina/Kunzite fan, so this story is going to do the same. Don't worry, the rest of the gang will show up, just a few chapters down the road.

I do not own the characters or stories of Naoko Takeuchi. They are hers. I'm just borrowing them for a story.

I've adapted the story of the Silver Millennium slightly. Most of the facts and truths that have been written before will be here too, just in a slightly different way. It's just me thinking outside the box.

Like any other author, I welcome your comments and criticisms. I am writing this for you as much as I am writing it for me. Furthermore, there is nothing more frustrating than an unfinished story. I have read so many half stories in the past couple of weeks that I might go insane. I make this promise to you – this story will have an ending. This first chapter is just a quick beginning - if you like it, the chapters do get longer. If not, you haven't wasted a lot of time.

Prologue: Lost

"Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months. And then, one not-so-very special day, I sat down at my typewriter and wrote our story. A story about a time, a story about a place, a story about the people. But above all these things, a story about love. A love that will live forever."

- Christian, Moulin Rouge!


Mina came awake quickly. This one word was ringing through her ears...the only word that came to her mind. What did it mean...? It sounded so familiar.

Lying on her back, she became aware of her surroundings slowly. She was somewhere...that wasn't the moon, made obvious by the fact that the waxing moon was hanging peacefully in the sky, casting its gentle light on the Earth below. How ironic she thought to herself...

Around her there were trees, a small clearing that she was lying in, and a herd of horses very close by. She inhaled their warm, animal scent. Too bad creatures of this size couldn't survive the transport to the moon, she thought as a stunning white stallion broke away from the herd and came toward her. He bent down and nuzzled her gently. The senshi from Venus sat up. Her thoughts were instantly clarified – she was the last hope for saving her friends and the entire Moon Kingdom!!!

With the help of the stallion, she stood up. Strange, she thought. Gone were her royal robes, tiara, or even her trademark orange and white fuku. Replacing these garments was a simple pair of pants and a shirt covered with some sort of leather armor. Even stranger, her breasts were bound. Mina slowly felt her head. Her long, silky blond hair was still there but tucked into a large kerchief under a hat.

Flashback – Transport Room, Moon Kingdom

Selenity spoke quickly to Mina, "You run a great risk by going to earth as a woman. Times are not safe for young women traveling alone. Therefore, you will go in disguise. Trust no one but the Shitennou. Moonspeed, Venus. Please help save the Kingdom."

Mina could only nod her head.

Selenity continued, "Keep your transformation wand safe and on you at all times. When you have found the Shitennou and gained their trust, use the wand to transport them to the moon. Do NOT use it at any other time. The enemy can trace the power and you must not be found out before you return."

Mina swore, "Queen Selenity, I took an oath when I was very young to protect you, my Princess and the entire Moon Kingdom. I won't let you down."

End Flashback

Mina began to cry softly into the horse's neck. Everything has happened so quickly. There had been no time for goodbyes, only a quick run to the secret transporter with a few instructions from Selenity. Now she was stuck on a planet she had only read about and had no idea where to find the Shitennou.

"What am I thinking?!" Mina said out loud, "I am the leader of the Senshi and it's about time I started acting like it. I'm going to find these Shitennou if it kills me."

Venus looked at the stallion, "I dub thee Shadowfax and I hope you will serve me proud." She swung up on the mighty stallion and looked around. There, in the far distance stood a castle on a hill. "A good as place as any," she muttered to herself. Nudging Shadowfax, they took off at a gallop towards the far off castle.