Random facts about the makings of this fic:
(No, you really don't have to read this...)

- I don't actually believe in God or Angels or Demons or what-have-you myself. I've given all that stuff up, though it remains one of my quirks to write about such stuff. I like writing about that which I don't really believe in, since it gives me room to widen my scope and gives the story a few extra twists I may not do if I did believe in(religion-wise, mind you).
Following with my lack of attention to the religion this fic is based on, I stepped away from such thoughts as "Angels are pure good and have feathery white wings and halos", "God can do no wrong", and "Demons/The Devil are pure evil and have pointed tails, pitchforks, and no wings/leather wings". I hate such thoughts, and so does Harry, it appears, as he pointed out that Tom/Voldemort wasn't biased where Dumbley and his family were.

- This fic came about when I was, quite randomly, in fact, thinking of the contrast and mixing of Good and Evil that my favourite pairing, Voldemort/Harry, represents. This was followed by another random thought about Harry with wings, hense, this was born. At first, I was going to give the Demons' leathery wings, as they're often envisioned with, but inspiration hit in the thought of the Fallen Angel, Tom Riddle, and I made them feathers, much like their brothers and sisters in the clouds.

- The technology was fun. I had to find a way to make their world magical, yet technological and able to flow with the advances of the Human world they lived on either end of. The Looking Globe, for instance, came about from the glass balls they use in Divination, as did the scrying pool Dumbley used. The Connection Mirror was born from the mirror Sirius gave Harry in the 5th book. The Surface Amulets were created from protective amulets often seen in other works of fiction similar to Harry Potter or the fanfictions for it.

- The names of places and objects were fun. I gave myself some creative license with many of them, since I had nothing to go on, really. I wanted to make the parts of Heaven appear grand, pure, and as beautiful as possible, to fit with the beliefs surrounding it. Hell had to be an evil, cruel and , perhaps even ugly place. Things like the different Magicks were based on beliefs(Pure good, Evil bad) and just a need for a difference.

- Some of you will wonder about the absence of main characters like Hermione Granger, Rubeus Hagrid or even Severus Snape. Well, Hermione had been plotted in the beginning to be a Human, due to her Muggle heritage. Hagrid was(embarrassingly enough), forgotten. Sev plays such a key part in the books with his dual identity that I merely cut him from the fic all together to keep from dealing with the general confusion. Other characters fell along the same lines as these three; they were either made Human/Demon/Angel and just never made it into the story, forgotten entirely, or their part would have been difficult to fit in.

- The characters were fun, and I tried to keep them in cannon as best as I could. Since I couldn't have things like Animagus in Heaven, I gave Sirius his growl and James his playfulness(as well as his middle name, which is Latin for "stag"). Flitwick was friendly and lent precious things out(Charmed/Magicked things, I might add). McGonagall was strict, but friendly, and taught Shifting, which is akin to Transfiguration, I suppose. (I'll bet you Binns teaches History, too. -grins-) Blaise, the ever mysterious Slytherin, enjoyed Human things. Draco had his sarcastic and rude sense of humour. Harry had his reckless courage. Fred and George were general troublemakers. Ron was Harry's best friend. Percy was a bit of a pompous git. Dumbley was wise, manipulative, and almost grandfatherly. Voldemort was the ruler of evil. Lucius was a general bastard. Narcissa had the lemon-sucker face.
Needless to say, they were all great fun to re-create.

- The hardest part of this fic had to be the title. I had no clue what to name it for the longest time. I started it without a title and finished it without a title. However, the lack of title also gave me a bit of freedom with my writing, for titles often give me a specified place to go in my writing, strange as that may seem.