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Moon Dance is a song from Van Morrison.

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Moon Dance: Chapter 1 - Operation Sasuke

By: Rixiel

"Well it's a marvelous night for a moondance
With the stars up above in your eyes."

"This is location A. Target spotted."

"Ok. Get ready to move!"

"Ne, Sakura chan, why are we doing this?"

"Ahhhh!! Baka! You're not supposed to reveal any names!"

"I know, but its -"

"Maa... why must I do just a troublesome thing?"

"The target is moving! Let's go guys!"


"Hey! What are you guys doing?!! Get off me!"

Moments later... after a lot of scuffling.

"Ok... we finally got the target."


"Ya, Uchiha Sasuke."

"Kakashi senei. Why are we doing this??!"

Sasuke was pissed. He was on his way out to meet Kakashi and suddenly, everyone was pouncing onto him. Naruto, Sakura, Lee, Shikamaru, Ino and Chouji. They were all trying to hold him down. He tried to fight his way out, he bit a few people, kicked some in the head but there were too many of them and in the end he found himself bound, gagged and blindfolded. He was still struggling and in the end someone knocked him out. And when he came to, there was a crowd of ladies staring and coo-ing at him.

"Awww... won't you look at that?"

"He looks perfect!"

Sasuke felt his hair stand. He would have fought his way out if he wasn't bound.

"Kakashi san, he's done!"

Kakashi?? What has Kakashi got to do with any of this?

"What is this about?" Sasuke demanded when Kakashi came into view and as usual, he was reading his Come Come Paradise. "Hmm... thanks a lot ladies. Good job."

"Ka.ka.shi..." Sasuke threatened as he sent a murderous glare to Kakashi.

"Maa maa... it's a mission."

"Mission?" Sasuke asked. What sort of mission involved kidnapping him?!!

"Top secret mission."

"And?" Sasuke still didn't understand.

"I think you better let him see for himself." One of the ladies suggested and she pushed Sasuke infront of a mirror. Sasuke screamed, "WHAT IS THIS?!!!" This happened to be him, dressed in a blue kimono that was pulled all the way back to his shoulders. His head protector was gone and he had an EARRING?! What did they DO to him??!!! He looked...

"Pretty isn't it?" The lady beside him suggested.

"NO. I look like a girl. I am not a girl. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS??" Sasuke was struggling to release his bonds, it seems more like a joke than a mission.

"Sasuke, just calm down." Kakashi nodded and the ladies left the room. Walking towards Sasuke, he freed the boy and sat down across him. Sasuke eyed Kakashi but sat down anyways.

The boy was sure fiery. Kakashi anticipated such a huge reaction, that's why he organised the 'kidnapping'. How else would you get Sasuke to dressed up like this? Kakashi sighed, it was going to take a lot of effort to convince Sasuke, "So... here is what the misson is about..."

Nov 2004

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