Moon Dance: Chapter 5 – Love Song

By: Rixiel

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Sasuke was not expecting this. He had planned on spending a quiet day hidden high up in the heights of the trees. He did not plan on running into the devil's advocate who put him through a week in hell. Memories he wished he could erase, because the chill still ran down his body when he thought of it all and he is still in disbelief that he lived through it. As if making a fool himself on stage was not bad enough, there was that crazy man with white hair along with Kakashi happily playing the role of the catalyst.

Sure Sasuke had his little pay back, but he could not believe he did that too. His cheeks still burned at impression of the feathery light touch.

But now, the tables have turned. Kakashi was lying on the grasses, a book on his face and judging by his lack of reaction to Sasuke's intrusion, he was asleep. Sasuke started to believe the saying, 'the good will always truimp over evil'. Silently, he crept over to where Kakashi was lying and sat down next to the oblivious man and started contemplating on sweet revenge.

He could draw on Kakashi's face. But then Kakashi always wore the mask, so it made no difference. Or he could cut the man's hair. That was rather overboard. Throw away the book? It was Kakashi's precious Icha Icha Paradise series, the latest too, and Kakashi had been reading it while smiling manically for the past few days. Sasuke decided against it, he wanted revenge, but he did not want to take things too far.

What was so nice about that book anyway? Carefully, he lifted the book from Kakashi's face and turned to the flipside of the front cover. "His breath was taken away by the gravitating of her body. Her expression was so innocently seductive. And when he meets her off stage... he discovers she's so much more... The new series of Icha Icha Paradise is out, and with a twist that will leave you awed. No.1 best seller nation wide"

Sasuke still did not understand what was so interesting about the book that had Kakashi so obsessed with. It looked pretty boring to him. He was about to start reading when a voice beside him commented"You shouldn't be reading that."

Startled, Sasuke scooted a few distance back as Kakashi smiled at him. Sasuke swore the smile looked positively evil, but he was not going to give in without a fight"But it's with me now."

As long as the book was his hostage, Sasuke could take his time to think of the terms of exchange later.

"Hand over the book and no one gets hurt." Kakashi threatened. He was getting a little panicky, not because the book was a limited collection specially sent to him from Jiraiya himself, but because of the content inside the book. One of the lead sounded familiarly like Sasuke and Sasuke was sure to kill him if he ever finds out.

The mischievous look on Sasuke's face would have invoked some rather provocative thoughts in Kakashi's head, if not for the present circumstances. He was getting desperate and desperate measures called for desperate means.

He took a dive for Sasuke who did not anticipate the direct attack and was caught off guard. It was a mad struggle for the book and it broke out in wild giggles and undignified squeals as Kakashi tickled the boy, running his finger lightly along lines that he knew was the most unbearable. Reluctant to surrender, Sasuke squirmed and trashed about violently, trying futilely to slip out of Kakashi's reach.

"Ouch" Kakashi broke apart suddenly, bending over his stomach. Sasuke hurried to his side, afraid that he might have hurt him unintentionally"Kakashi" Kakashi only grimaced. Worried, Sasuke helped him to an upright position, allowing Kakashi to lean most of weight on him as he checked for injuries.

There were no bruise spots on the stomach but Kakashi was wincing at his slightest touch. Sasuke frowned, it couldn't be an internal injury could it? Either that or... "KAKASHI"

Kakashi was shaking from trying to suppress his laughter. Sasuke glared at the man and yelped when a sudden movement from Kakashi had him straddling Kakashi who lay flat on his back. Sasuke was about to poke the man hard in his stomach but Kakashi caught his hands. "Sasuke" his voice was serious and Sasuke flushed, he wanted to look away but Kakashi reached out to hold his face. "Can I kiss you"

Kakashi smiled at the increasing reddness on Sasuke's face. Sasuke's innocent peek on his cheek that night was never really resolved. He sent Sasuke home and went home to take a cold shower. He did not want to rush the boy into anything. But having Sasuke at such close proximity along with his light touches on bare skin was driving him crazy.

"Well, I was looking for a little pay back, but I guess I can settle for you atoning your sins." Kakashi burst out laughing at Sasuke's answer and brought their lips together. It was gentle, merely just brief brushes of lips, but it left them breathing heavily when they parted.

"Uchiha Sasuke, you are now property of Hatake Kakashi." Kakashi announced solemnly as he linked their hands together.

"You're not forgiven yet" Sasuke reminded with an indigent look.

"So you'll be mine if I kiss you some more?" Kakashi's raised his eyebrows teasingly and brought their bodies closer together.

"It's not going to help if you keep talking."

Taking Sasuke's advice, Kakashi ended the conversation by sealing his lips with Sasuke's.


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