Chapter four

The events of the previous day had some found its way around the school. Of course, this was something Shinichi expected. It was only a matter of time that people began to recognize just how good he was. The morning after, Shinichi noticed that he had received a couple of awards for his success on his first case. At first, he didn't know exactly what kind of papers they were, but once he opened his locker, he was soon found underneath a rather large pile of pink papers. Not only papers, but cards, little notes, post its, etc. Of course, he soon began to assume that these pink papers were not ordinary. He picked one of them, and sniffed it. An odd odor soon filled his nostrils. Perfume? He picked up a few other cards and began to sniff them. They were all sprayed with some type of perfume. Some smelled good, but a few others, made him sick to his stomach.

"What am I going to actually do with all of this?" he questioned himself, shoving them all back into his locker. A few girls passed by him giggling. He blushed, giving them a rather odd look. Since when was I so popular with girls?! He had to admit, he was actually enjoying all the attention. A smirk was instantly plastered unto his face, as he finished stuffing all the letters into his locker. Wow, I never knew that from my first case, I would impress so many girls, Heh! Packing all the necessary notebooks and textbooks needed for today's class, the so-called detective walked up the stairs and walked into his classroom. Unlike other mornings, today was practically quiet. Many of the students were home, most likely sick from that virus that's been going around the neighborhood. Unfortunately for him, Ran was also inflicted with the virus. He found his seat, and sat down. His eyes would glance towards the board, as the teacher began to prepare for today's lesson. Shinichi thought to himself that he'd rather go solve the toughest case ever, than go through Algebra.


"Did I miss anything today during class?"

"Not really, unless you count learning new formulas"

A sigh would escape from her lips, as her eyes would dart themselves towards Shinichi. After school, he promised to visit her, and give her the low down on what happened in class, plus, bring along her homework. "Did you even pay attention?"

He scoffed. "I decided that Algebra was too bothersome and gave up."

It was at times like this that Ran had wished she wasn't sick with some virus. If she wasn't, she'd probably give Shinichi a good kick to the head. "It's okay; I'll just call Megumi-Chan later."

His body would shrug, as he placed his arms behind his head. His cheeks would turn red, as he mumbled to himself. "Jeez."

Her eyes would blink for a couple of seconds before turning her eyes to him. He was acting, somewhat strange. Or at least, that is what her instincts told her. For that reason, she couldn't remove from her conscience, that conversation she had with her mother a couple of days ago.

'Perhaps this boy likes you, Ran honey?'

Her cheeks would instantly fill with a tint of red just thinking about it. Shinichi noticed this, and questioned her. "Ran?"

Her cheeks were filled with even more shades of red, as she looked at him. Mom, I don't know if what you said to me that day was true but, could Shinichi really..?

He leaned closer to her face, his blue eyes filled with concern. Ran took this the other way, and began to shove him away from her. "Shi-Shinichi, wait!"

"What's your problem?!" his cheeks were filled with a small tint of red, as a sigh would escape from his lips as well. "I was only trying to check your fever because your cheeks started getting redder and redder..." he shrugged. "I thought you were getting worse."

Oh! So, that's why he was... and now she felt like a total idiot. She shrugged, and then gave him a smile. "S-Sorry. It's alright; I'll be fine by tomorrow."

"You better be, 'cause if I have to pay attention in Algebra class tomorrow --"

She laughed to herself, and then patted him on the back. "Don't worry, don't worry!"

She expects me to worry, and tells me NOT to? Girls are weirder than I thought. You would think they would WANT you to worry and all...but then again, Dad said to be careful around girls, that they were the most conniving creatures on this planet, and then Mom gave it to him...

"Well then, I should be going now. It's almost time for dinner, and Mom does expect me home."

She smiled, and nodded watching him leave. Once she was by herself at last, she laid on her bed her eyes glancing up the ceiling. She smiled to herself, blushing a bit. I guess, feeling this way isn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Just as Ran had promised the other day, she was present for school the next day. She walked into the locker room just in time to watch Shinichi try to dispose of those pesky love letters. Curious by nature, she approached him.

"What are those?" she blinked.

He pulled a few more from his locker, and showed them to Ran. His eyes would glint; as yet another famous smirk would appear on his face. "Fan mail!"

Ran took the pieces of papers into her grasp, and then glared at Shinichi. "And you're enjoying all the attentions aren't you?"

"But just look at how many I have! Just the other day, when you were absent, I only had 10, and now today --" he picked up a couple of more that had landed by his feet. "I could say that I have like 40 now."

She sighed, not impressed by his attitude. She didn't know whether to kick him in the face, or just walk away to ignore him. She liked the 'I'm going to kick you in the face for being such a conceited jerk!' idea, but at that very instant the bell rang. Of course, this wasn't going to stop her later on. There was, after all, after school.

Shinichi could feel that malicious contempt that arose from Ran, and decided it was best to make sure she wasn't around him with any sharp objects, or anything else that can cause harm. Of course, this didn't stop her from trying on their way to class. As soon as they entered the classroom, Ran had her wish granted. Moments later, the so-called "Great Junior High Detective" received a special gift from Ran. The gift was round and wide, and Shinichi wore it all day.

Shinichi's spirits were lifted that afternoon as he found another case for him to solve. He tore the paper from his locker, and read it out loud:

Dear Shinichi-kun,

I have some business to deal with you, please wait for me after school around 3:10. It shouldn't take me that long to reach you, perhaps by the time you finish reading this note, I'll be right behind you.


Desperately in-love

His eyes would blink at the name of the signature. "Desperately in-love?" his head would tilt, thinking over who could possibly need his help, especially with stuff like love. Why would this person go to him for this kind of stuff?

"I knew by the time I'd get here you'd finish reading the letter"

He turned, and found himself face to face with a young girl. She had short blonde hair, and wasn't as tall as Shinichi. Unfortunately for him, it took him a few good minutes to recognize the girl, and his hatred for her couldn't have been any greater.

"Jeez, Sonoko."

Her eyes would instantly dart towards him, giving him a rather deadly glare. "It's your job, right? Detectives do this kind of stuff too you know"

"No they don't. They solve real cases like murder, finding missing objects or artifacts, forgery --"

"You read too much." she simply responded. "Besides, this is bigger than any case you'll probably ever have."

He scoffed at her. "I doubt it." he would mumble underneath his breath. His lips would release a sigh. Do I really need to do this?!

"Okay, now that I have your attention, I can proceed on with my dilemma. Just three days ago, I was walking out of the mall. Dad had just given me a new credit card, and I decided to spend my whole day there. So anyways, when I walked out, I met the most gorgeous guy! He was sweet, and polite. Smart, and built, the perfect guy for me!"

I'm sure you two had a lot to talk about... he thought sarcastically.

"So, we talked for what seemed like hours right? And then Dad came to pick me up. I was so sad, because that meant I had to say goodbye to my newfound prince charming. Then, something odd happened..."

His eyes would light up; perhaps this was more than what it seemed to be?

"I forgot to give him my phone number! Ugh, I couldn't believe it when I got into the car and forgot to give him my number!"

Then again, knowing Sonoko, that was expected. He sighed.

"So after the driver drove me a good five blocks away from the mall, I told him to turn around and see if I could find my prince charming again and give him my number. So he did, but he wasn't there!"

Probably realized what an idiot he was for actually talking to her...

"So now, it's up to you Shinichi-kun, to find the mysterious prince charming for me!"

"No way". He said bluntly. He wasn't interested in this case at all.

"I'll pay you!"

"I don't need your money"

She then smirked, leaning forwards. "If you don't solve this case for me, I'll tell Ran you have a crush on her!"

He blushed, giving her a look. "Pfft, I don't have a crush on her"

"Oh yes!"

"Oh no!"

"Oh yes!"

"Oh no!"

"Look, its obvious how you feel about her Shinichi-kun. I heard from Megumi-Chan that one time, you two were talking to each other and blushing, and then the teacher made you sit down!"

Tch, blasted girls. All they ever do is talk, talk, talk. "So? That doesn't prove anything, now does it?" he was pretty confident that he could get away with lying, especially if Sonoko had somehow figured out that he kind of did like her --- the results could be chaotic.

"You think that's all I have on you?"

"What do you mean by that?!"

She smiled, pulling out photos. Most of them were of Ran, but when Shinichi looked at them closely, he could see -- himself! He was in every single picture, and to make matters worse, he was looking at Ran and blushing like a total idiot.

He had to admit, this was pretty low. He sighed, looking at her with an odd look. He could do two things at the moment. A) Ignore Sonoko, let her give Ran those pictures of him blushing while looking at her, or B) give in to Suzuki Sonoko's stupid plot of finding some guy who probably didn't want to be found, especially by her.

He had to pick which would benefit him in the end, even if he felt like he had just signed a deal with the devil himself.

"Fine." he replied.

She smiled, patting him on the back. "I knew you would help me Shinichi-kun!"

"The only reason I'm actually helping you, is because you've attempted to blackmail me"

She giggled. "I wouldn't call it blackmail, Shinichi-kun. Since its obvious how you feel about her"

"Well," he would say to her. "I would call it blackmail"

The two proceeded to walk to the mall that Sonoko had shopped in the other day. Shinichi deducted, that this so-called 'Prince Charming' of hers could show up today, at the very same place the two had met the other day. But unfortunately for her, Prince Charming wasn't around.

"You told me that he would be around here today!" Sonoko glanced at him with a mean glare.

"What do you want me to do?! Track him down and stalk --" before he could finish his sentence, Sonoko had left his side. Apparently, her prince charming DID show up. He shrugged; sweat dropping as he walked out of the mall. Feeling like he had wasted his afternoon, he walked back home.

A few hours later, he received a phone call from Ran whom Sonoko called saying that she finally gave prince charming her number. Shinichi sighed, saying that that was good for her, in a sarcastic manner.

"Oh, that reminds me..."

He blinked. "Yeah?"

"Sonoko kept telling me about something." she thought about it, trying to remember what exactly Sonoko had told her. "It was something about these photos she had..."

Shinichi gulped. "I-It was probably pictures of her new dresses or something, heh."

"You're probably right, anyways Shinichi I have to go do my homework, so I'll talk to you tomorrow"

He shrugged, and smiled. "Sure, then I'll see you tomorrow, bye!" he hung up the phone, wiping some sweat that began to perspire from his forehead. That was close! I can't believe she would do that to me, when I agreed to help her and all. Memo to self, don't trust Sonoko, ever again. He then decided that today wasn't exciting at all, and that his second case, was a total waste of his time and intelligence.

I hope I never have to deal with more cases like today's...