Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: "A Very Turtle Christmas!!"

Author: Marsha Walters(Me...duh! Lol...just kidding...enjoy!)

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Leo's P.O.V.

Well...this promises to turn out to be a very interesting holiday...At first, everything was going according to plan. Marsha and Lori had gone out for a little Christmas shopping, Shauna was over at Hari's place, learning about the tea ceremonies, while my brothers and I were training.

Like I said, everything was going according to plan, until Marsha's Shell-Cell went off like crazy. Now we find ourselves in the middle of a crowded mall on the week before Christmas, exposing ourselves to the human eyes, not to mention fighting our enemies. And to top it all off, our Sensei's just caught some sort of illness...

Chapter 1

Leonardo glanced up from his meditation as Marsha and Lorraine walked past him. "And where do you think you girls are going?" He asked, teasingly.

Lorraine raised a brow at him. "We're doing a little Christmas shopping. You know, get everything in before the big rush starts," she explained.

Leo stood up, looking at Marsha knowingly. "You..." She stopped him in the middle of his sentence, raising her hand. "I have my Shell-Cell, Leo, don't worry."

He stood aside and let them leave the lair. Once they were gone, he noticed seven-year-old Shauna rushing past him, her coat in her arms. "Ah, ah, ah. Where do you think you're going, young lady?" he asked, sternly, stopping her in her tracks.

She turned to face him, an innocent smile on her face. "Aw, Uncle Leo! I'm only going to Hari's place to learn about the Tea Ceremonies you two have all the time! Besides, Daddy said it was okay for me to go!"

Raphael knows it's unsafe for Shauna to go topside without him or Marsha at her side...those Purple Dragons or even Shredder could come after her at any given time... Leo frowned in thought.

In the past, before Shauna had been born, the Shredder had taken Marsha hostage and brainwashed her to get her to use her psychic powers for his own gain. With her powers, she could destroy the Turtles at any given time. Donatello had the pleasure of meeting her first, and had the pleasure of seeing her powers at work. Before she could even KILL him, she snapped out of it and healed his injuries, which she had caused without knowing.

Don and Marsha had become close friends since he had accepted her apology and allowed her to live with the Turtles. The Shredder had sent a monster after her a few days later, to take her hostage again, when Don had stopped the monster, and in return, he got his brain zapped once again, only this time, he saw images of Marsha's past. Raphael came looking for the two when Shredder took control of Marsha's mind again, forcing her to try to kill Raphael when Donatello stopped her. One of the Foot tried to kill her when Raphael stepped in front of her and got badly injured.

When his injuries were healed, he had finally told Marsha that he loved her...and that's basically where we are now...exactly seven years later...Back to the story...

"Uncle Leo? Can I PLEASE go to Hari's place?" Shauna's impatient voice interrupted Leo's thoughts.

He shook his head, as if trying to clear it, then smiled at her. "Listen, why don't I take you to Hari's place?"

"Yea!!" Boy, did THAT put a smile on the youngster's face.

"Well, let's go!"

The Shredder's Hideout

"Any News on where Little Shauna might be going, Hun?" A deep voice asked in the shadows of an old-fashioned Japanese house.

"None yet, Master. But we WILL find out," Hun replied, giving Baxter Stockman a knowing glare.

"As for now, I have pin-pointed a location as to where her lovely mother is," Stockman announced, raising his little robotic arms in defense.

"Well? Where is she?"

"Jeez! Hang on a minute, would ya?! Patience is a virtue, you know!" Stockman snapped back at Hun.


Stockman shrunk back in fear of Hun's menacing glare. "Okay, okay! Just don't hurt me!" With one of his robotic arms, he held up a map of a mall. "Marsha's located in this mall. She and her Italian friend, Lorraine Moretti are doing a little early Christmas shopping."

"Hun, you know what to do."

"Yes, Master. At Once."

The Mall

Marsha was looking through the swords and technology departments while Lori was leafing through the video games and horror movies department. They had decided to split the shopping list. Lori would buy for Raph and Mikey, while Marsha would buy for Leo and Don. Of course, she would also buy something for her daughter and Splinter. How could she even forget about Splinter? He had done so much for her in her time of need.

She spent a few more minutes glancing through the merchandise until she spotted the perfect gifts. And just her luck, she had the right amount of money for all four presents. She picked out an old fashioned Japanese sword for Leonardo, a new laptop for Donatello, a Yukata for Shauna and some of the scented candles Splinter loved so much.

She glanced at her watch after she payed for the gifts. They had spent about two hours so far at this mall, already! Sensei and the guys must be getting worried about us by now. I better go find Lori. She rounded a corner and bumped into someone.

"Oh, I'm so sorry..." her voice trailed off as she glanced up to see...

"Well, well, well, look who we found, boys," Hun sneered down at her.

"Uh, Lori?" She swallowed hard.

"Yes, call your little Italian friend. Master Shredder will be glad to see her as well."

"LORI!!!" She called a little louder.

She backed away from Hun until her backside met a wall and she was cornered by Hun and the Purple Dragons. Lori arrived a few seconds later, with two bags in her hands. "Marsha, what's..." Her jaw dropped when she saw Hun and the others. The bags fell from her hands and the contents of the bags spilled out onto the floor. "No way..." she murmured slightly.

To be continued....