Author's note: In this chapter and took a lot of ideas from Philip Pullman's book the Amber Spyglass and I am so sorry if it makes anyone angry.

The Apocalypse

The growing thump beats of huge hammers pounding upon metal grew louder and louder. The sound of burning furnaces echoed through the desolate hillsides and every minute or so a huge blast of light would shoot out of the narrow windows of the adamant fortress. Metal upon metal flame against flames as the impenetrable fortress of Nolram seem to come alive in the darkness of the Naridon plains.

The surrounding plains was empty of all life and not one blade of grass grew. Large black clouds covered the sky as it slowly collected over the tall stone towers of the fortress. Dark mountains rose steadily in the background.

In side the stone walls of the fortress. Two men strolled down a dark corridor that led into the armory. The walls were lit by dim torches that hung on the wall. One of the men was hooded and draped in black robes. On his hand he held a silver rapier. His face concealed by a mask. His red eyes shown through the eye slits. The man next to him was a man. He had very sophisticated look about him and wore a black suite. On his pockets he held a large golden device that seemed like a clock but instead shown numbers like a measure of some sort which the man usually checked every five minutes and on his finger was a large ring only used by the Aesirs that seem to move in shape and color every time the man moved. His human features were shape like a feline.

The man who was hooded spoke, "Altheonyr you have done well. You have collected almost every priceless relic in Naridon but tell me what will you be planning to do with it?"

The Man looked into his golden clock and gazed at it as if studying it.

"You will see the true power of what the draetmir can do. I plan to use this relic to collect all the draetmir in this forsaken planet and use it for our own ends. You see the Draetmir is the most powerful energy source in the Etherium and I plan to use it against the enemies to strengthen our rebellion."

"Very excellent please tell me more about this weopon you are planning to build."

"I will show you now," the man place his time piece back into his pocket. When they reached a huge metallic door two Adamast soldiers who stood on either side bent over and open the doors. The two men stepped in to the brightly lit hall. The stepped into a large walkway that hung above a hall that expanded onward as the eye could see. On the bottom of the hall was lined with large metallic crafts of all shapes and sizes and men and women raced all over the place checking and re-checking everything. The walked further down the walkway into another hall that had gigantic furnaces that was larger than a regular house. Heat and flames filled the hall as thousands of Naridon slaves constantly fuelled the furnaces.

The pounding of hammers roared across the hall causing the walk way to vibrate relentlessly but the two man continued to walk calmly across. Then they entered through a large entrance that lead into a large open space area. They stood on a large balcony over looking a large square. And on the middle of the square was a large machine that looked like the size of a huge mountain it reached into the sky with its top disappearing amoungst the clouds. It was shaped like a fish's dorsal fin that stood on its tip supported by huge steal columns that rose from the floor and every where was waves of small ships that surrounded the machine every where. Some carried supplies to the large device and some where on the hull working on the ships internal and external parts. The working ships seem to look like ants compared to the large machine. There were hundreds perhaps thousands of tiny ships working on the mountain like machine.

The Aesir began to speak to the hooded person next to him, "My master the Omniscient one. I give you a very small part of a even larger ship that will strike fear into the heart of trillions across the universe. My lord I give you the Apocalypse.

Our scientist have now discovered a way to us the power of the draetmir without the use of a power generator. Our scientists have now discovered that the draetmir is a conscience that lives among us. It is like a persons living soul that keeps ones body alive, but here we used the draetmir to power this ship by using thought which is far more powerful that other energy sources for there isn't enough energy to power this ship to power it for years and we would need all the energy sources in the universe to power it for merely three seconds. This ship can also be powered by only one person making it easy to use. It does what your intentions are. If you wish it to go forward then it will go forward and if you intend it to fire with your mind then it will fire. The most powerful weapon in this ship has enough fire power to destroy a solar system!"

"Excellent," said the Omniscient one in a sinister tone, "when will it be completed?"

"the whole ship will be completed in under a month sir since this isn't just the place where we are building this ship powered by thought. There are over three thousand places where different parts of a ship is being made sir,"

"Excellent! We can finally crush the Bayanis, the Aesirs, the Guild and the Eternity Kingdom. We can finally have our vengeance against the Almighty and I will finally gain the throne of the kingdom which I grave to so much and have unlimited power over the universe. Not even the boy Jim Hawkins can stop me."

"Jim Hawkins sir?" asked the Aesir, "I have heard he is already an Aesir. He has the ring of Aesir Ynothna."

"Yes he is an Aesir now but he has proven a supposedly large threat towards our plans. It is said in a prophecy that he will do something, something still a mystery to us all but I will not stand here and wait for it to happen. Lord Athinel my most trusted ally is searching for a key to the abyss of hell that will me us ever so powerful,"

"Sir if I may ask this but if you are the omniscient one then who his imprisoned in that abyss of hell?"

"That would be my true form that dwells that for I only go out of the abyss only as a harmless spirit and once I am out I can tempt the people of my enemy into my submission but it does not do much harm but when my true form is released then my ultimate power will return to me."

The re entered the fortress as the gray dawn of Naridon slowly began to risen in the clouded horizon.