Lucy looked out of the window and watched the plane landing. Andrew must arrive in 20 minutes.
"Lucy?"she heard a familiar voice behind herself.
"Kevin!"she smiled and hugged her almost brother-in-law. No he would be her brother-in-law's brother. Ben his brother was Mary's fiancé but they broke up after Ben's previous girlfriend.
"Are you waiting for Mary?"
"No, for Andrew..."
Kevin nodded he remembered her boyfriend. He was sill surprised how strong their relationship was.
"You are still together"
"Yes.."Lucy said but her voice wasn't that sure.
"What's wrong? You don't seem to be happy..."
"It's just..."Lucy thought for a second if she should talk about her relationship with Andrew.
"Let's sit down, I have time!"the policeman said and pulled her to the seats.
"You are working here?"she asked.
"Yes...but tell me about your problem..."
"It's not really a problem..or ..I don't know... But in the last time I feel that Andrew is not that close to me like before. He spends all weekends in GlenOak with his family and during the week he goes to the Uni and meets friends. But he has not much time for me."
"Do you think he has somebody?"Kevin asked with a little hope.
"No, I don't think"Lucy said but she was first scarred about this thought."It's just isn't the same like before. I can hardly remember the last time we were alone. Maybe Silvester night."
"But it's March almost June now? What about your Birthday?"
"He gave me a beautifull gift, but it was on a big surprise party that my friends organised."
"I can't see how you can love him. He hardly deserves you!"Kevin said bitter. It hurted him to see her pain.
"No, he is a wonderfull man. It's only a bad time for us. Maybe a test of our relationship. If we can stand through this time, we really belong together!"Lucy said but tried to believe it herself. She stood up with tears in her eyes looking out of the window watching a plane that landed right then.
"I can't see you cry, please!"Kevin stood up and stepped closer. Lucy looked into his eyes. And in that moment Kevin couldn't help himself. He kissed her tight and gentle trying to kiss her pain and tears away. Lucy was surprised. Surprised and pleased. She remembered tha day they first met and the look in his eyes. She felt beautifull seeing herself with his eyes. But she can't let it happen. She pulled him away.
"We can't do that!"
"I am sorry..."Kevin said."But I can't understand yo. How can you love someone who treats you like this!"
"He loves me. And it's my fault. I should tell him how I feel..."Lucy decided but it was too late.
"You don't need!"she heard Andrew's voice from the near. He just arrived with his plane and what must he see when he comes and searches for Lucy. She is kissing a policeman. A man. Another man.

Lucy just starred at the point where he was standing but he already left. Maybe hours before, she couldn't feel the time going by.
"Lucy.."she heard Kevin's voice.
"I should go and talk to him!"
"I can talk to him if you want.."he suggested."I am sorry..!"
"No, I have to alk to him... And I am sorry! I shouldn't let it happen!"Lucy said before leaving.
After se got back to their home she found a suitcase in the door. And there was a letter that told her to leave. No chance to talk to him, he won't let her come in.
'What have I done?'she thought herself...

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