One year later

"I do"Lucy whispered into Andrew's ears for the thousandths time that night. They were alone on the dance floor in a huge room of a New Yorker Hotel.
"What do you think about leaving?"Andrew answered her with a smile.
"But Amy and Summer..."
"They are going to be okay!"
Lucy looked up at his proud face watching the girls then she turned to see them too. She thought she was having a boy but didn't wanted to ask the doctor. She was surprised the most when she gave birth to two blonde girls. Amanda Jennifer Nayloss was sleeping in Grandma Annie's arms, she got her second name from Annie's mother. Summer Jessica Nayloss was more than awake. She played on the floor next her other grandmother, Andrew's mother. Meanwhile Annie and Fiona Nayloss were arguing about sleeping times of the babies.
"Let's go!"Andrew smiled.
Lucy followed him. She was happy now, more than ever. After the twins were born and she saw how Andrew loved them all she knew she wanted to spend her life with him. But that wasn't new for her, only that he is ready to spend his life with her too. She was sure that they will be happy forever.

"Forget it! I don't wanna marry you!"Mary said to Jake. The 35 years old Captain was shocked. He just stood there in the garden watching Mary walking back to the building back to the happy people celebrating Lucy and Andrew Nayloss' wedding. He starred at the ring in his hand. Then he turned to the gate and left...

/...But that's another story!/