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Chaining of a Curse

By: brindani

Chapter 1

On a worn dirt path, barely able to hold the various carts bustling along its length, traveled two very unusual people. It wasn't the hefty packs each carried that set them apart, though those received quite a few stares from people passing by. No, what made these two unusual had nothing to do with their present appearance.

The older of the two absently muttered to himself as he lightly rubbed his irritable overgrown belly, paying more attention to it than what was going on around him. His name was Genma and, as usual, he wore a faded training gi with a headband covering his head. The other person traveling beside him was a very unhappy young man in a red Chinese style silk shirt with black Kung Fu training pants. This person went by the name of Ranma.

The reason for Ranma's unhappiness was easily identifiable from the nearly constant stream of complaints rising from his midsection. It is unfortunate that such things happen when food is neglected for over three days.

"Pops," Ranma mumbled for the sixth time that hour.

"Mmmm," The small grunt being the only indication that Genma was aware that Ranma had spoken.

"Remind me to beat the livin' tar out of you when we get to this friend of yours. How could you be so stupid, stealing from that last town? If you had left well enough alone, those people would have given us some food and we wouldn't be starving right now." Ranma, becoming more agitated as he thought about that particular incident, raised his fist to show the old man just what he thought of the theft in question. At least, that was the idea, but an especially large growl forced his hand back down to his own aching stomach. "I'll give you a good beating just as soon as I can get some food," he stated longingly.

"Yeah," Genma replied; as food was the only thing currently running though his mind, he hadn't heard a thing his son had said other then the words '…get some food.'

Still rubbing his aching tummy, Ranma's nose picked up a tantalizing scent. "What is that wonderful smell?" Ranma asked.

Genma could only nod as he unabashedly slobbered down the side of his cheek, sending people close enough to see scurrying away from the disturbing sight. Both turned their heads this way and that, glancing franticly around. Finally, they spied the object of their stomachs' desire. Some hundred meters ahead stood a small, well-worn, wooden cart making okonomiyaki.

"Food," Genma muttered turning to where Ranma once stood. Finding himself facing a dust cloud in the vague shape of Ranma, he looked back to see the boy already in front of the little cart placing an order very enthusiastically. "Hey! Wait for me, boy." Milliseconds later, Genma stood next to his son trying to talk over Ranma to get his own order in.

"Here you go, sugar, one special with squid to go." Ranma salivated as he brought his hands closer to the first food he had had in ages… only to find that it abruptly disappeared before his eyes. He looked up to see his father had snatching his meal once again. Genma didn't manage to get the food far before Ranma bopped him over the head and took back his portion.

"Ranma! It is a martial artist's duty to give to others in need before thinking of themselves," Genma said while pointing his finger theatrically at Ranma.

"Ranma? Do you mean Ranma Saotome?" asked the person behind the stand as they stopped in the middle of making Genma's meal. Her intent expression would have unnerved the steeliest of people, but the food-starved mind of Genma did not notice, rather he took advantage of the distraction by steeling Ranma's food.

Ranma, on the other hand, was slightly more perceptive. It had become a necessity after running for his life so many times in the past. "Ya, that's me," he said wearily.

Apparently it was the wrong thing to say. The girl unlatched a large spatula from her back and proceeded to stock Ranma around the cart. "Uh, is something wrong?" he asked confused by the person's actions.

"Wrong? Wrong?! You better believe something is wrong. It's all thanks to you that my life has been ruined!" the youth said through gritted teeth.

"Wait, how could I have ruined your life? I don't even know you." Ranma said while backing away, confident he could handle the situation, yet cautious at the same time.

"Does the name Ukyo sound familiar?" The other retorted viciously.

"Ukyo?" Ranma's brow drew down as he thought deeply for sever seconds until something clicked in the back of his mind. "You mean okonomiyaki Ukyo?" Taking a good look at the person before him, he realized that the other did look like an older version of the friend that he had once known. "My god, it's been awhile," Ranma said with a bright smile lightning his features at seeing an old friend once again.

"Awhile my ass. You ruined my life!" With that, the youth dove at Ranma with a powerful downward thrust from her spatula.

"Hold on a sec. What I do?" Ranma asked as he casually sidestepped the strike.

"You idiot, you abandoned me on the road."

"Abandoned you? We were good friends and all, but why would you want to come with, Ukyo." Ranma replied obviously confused by his once good friend's actions.

"What? You mean you don't know?"

"Know what? All I remember is…" Ranma briefly paused trying to remember just what had happened back then. "…Oh yeah, your father gave us your cart as a farewell gift."

"And that doesn't strike you as a little odd?" Ukyo mumbled darkly.

Briefly Ranma pondered that statement. 'True, it doesn't make sense for someone to give us their family cart as a going away present. That means…' Ranma frowned as he realized his father had done it again. "Pops, you idiot, you stole their family cart. How could you do that to one of my friends?" Ranma demanded as he turned around to look at his father. Genma, on the other hand, was busy scarfing down the rest of Ranma's okonomiyaki and what was left grilling of his own so he never noticed the discussion going on right behind him.

Ukyo wasn't glaring at Genma so much as she was looking oddly at Ranma. 'Wait a minute, Ranma didn't know? He is acting as if his father just stole the cart. Maybe…'

Genma's attention quickly shifted as he found himself punted into a nearby tree.

"What? Why'd you do that, boy?" Genma asked, peeved that his voracious eating was disturbed.

"Haven't heard a word I've said, have you old man? You stole Ukyo's family cart and told me it was a gift. How could you sink so low?"

At the mention of Ukyo and the visual confirmation of the person standing several paces behind Ranma, Genma's eyes flared with fear. 'Not now! We are so close. Got to get the boy out of here before he finds out.' With that, Genma jumped down from the tree and charged at Ranma full speed, intending to knock him out with a swift kick to the head. He never noticed the spatula arcing towards his face.


Genma was out like a light.

"Nice one, Ukyo." Ranma complemented.

"Well, he did leave me behind."

"In speaking of which, you never explained why you would have wanted to come with us?" Ranma asked curiously as he turned to face her again.

Finally realizing that Ranma truly didn't know, she decided to explain. "You see, you and I where engaged to be married by our fathers. The cart was actually my dowry."

Ranma's features turned down "Dowry? That doesn't make any sense. Why would there be a dowry when we are both guys?"

Ukyo's eyes became a glare aimed directly at Ranma. "I'm a girl you idiot!"

Ranma blinked and for the first time in years looked at Ukyo in more detail. He instantly noticed several distinctive features such as the hour glass figure and the distortion around the chest that hinted at some fairly good endowments. 'Wow, Ukyo really is a girl.' Ranma's roaming eyes finally made their way up to meet Ukyo's who continued to give him a death glare.

"You're right, you are most definitely a girl, and a cute one at that," Ranma frowned, he hadn't expected to say that observation out loud, but it was too late now. The comment did cause Ukyo to glance away to hide a small blush at Ranma's complement. "Anyway, could you tell me exactly what happened back then? Pops obviously left out quite a bit of detail."

Glad for the distraction Ukyo continue to explain the specifics of the deal made so long ago in the past. By the end of her explanation, Ranma was shooting a death glare at Genma that had the old man shaking even though he was unconscious. Giving the old man a swift kick to the gut Ranma turned back to Ukyo.

"I'm sorry this stupid idiot caused you so many problems. I don't know about all this fiancée business, but I will find some way to make this up to you, ok Ukyo?" Ranma said, regretting how his father had once again managed to mess up someone else's life.

Ukyo became flustered by Ranma's sincerity. 'Maybe things can work out yet,' she thought.

"Ouch, gwaf, that hurt!" came the muted sounds from Genma as he was bodily dragged behind Ranma while Ukyo pulled her cart at his side.

For Genma's part, he wasn't sure, but if he didn't know better he would have thought that the boy went out of his way to hit every large rock in the road. "Ouch!" Or maybe he was.

"So where are you guys heading?" Ukyo asked curiously.

"Some friend of pops named Soun Tendo. He said we were doing something important there."

"I see. Oh damn. It looks like it's going to rain." Ukyo said as she took spied several heavy storm clouds heading their way.

"Oh no." Moaned Ranma.

"What's wrong, honey? It's only a little sprinkle."

"Um, well, I have a curse." Ranma said in a low mutter.

"A curse. Ha ha, I don't believe in things like that," Ukyo replied casually.

"Well you're about to see one in just a second," he said, eyeing the thin curtain of rain heading in their direction.

"Hmm?" Ukyo murmured as she huddled under the small hood provided by her cart. When she didn't hear anything from the boy behind her, she looked back. She didn't find what she expected. Instead of Ranma, there was a redheaded girl dragging a full grown panda. "What the hell!?" Ukyo exclaimed at the unanticipated sight.

"Do you believe me about that curse now?" the redhead asked her.

"Ranma?" Ukyo asked tentatively.

"Yeah, it's a long story."

Ukyo's mouth absently hung open as they entered the Nerima ward of Tokyo. She was still stunned by Ranma's story. There weren't supposed to be curses in this modern day of technology. She was so engrossed by her thoughts that she barely even realized what building they were currently passing.

"Hey, this is my okonomiyaki restaurant," she said gesturing to a small building with the sign "Ucchan's" on front.

"Wow, nice place ya got here," Ranma mentioned as he helped Ukyo bring in her cart and store it in the back room of the restaurant.

"Thanks. Come by any time." Ukyo mentioned, giving an almost suggestive look towards her fiancé while handing him a cup full of warm water.

Oblivious as ever when his life wasn't threatened, Ranma shrugged while pouring the water over his head; his features slowly changing back to male. "Look, Ukyo, would you like to come with me and Pops to his friend's place? It might not be so bad if you're there."

Ukyo beamed at him, already feeling comfortable around him even though they had just been reunited only a few hours ago. "Sure, just let me get changed out of these wet clothes and we can go."

At Ukyo's answer, Genma started to violently thrash against the ropes binding him. Ranma didn't take much notice, even when the panda wannabe knocked himself out by hitting his head on a nearby counter.

No, Ranma's attention was focused on looking around the small shop with its varied equipment neatly organized for easy access. In particular, he found the counter length grill to be rather interesting. He was so intent on his survey that he never actively noticed Ukyo lightly walking down the stairs.

"Took me awhile to find something clean to wear." She mentioned while gesturing to herself. "This was the only thing left." Ranma swiveled around to look behind him. He opened and closed his eyes a few times while he took in the newly revealed Ukyo wearing what appeared to be her school uniform. The pale blue skirt really accented the curves that were previously only hinted at. She still wore her giant spatula behind her, but it only seemed to enhance her firm feminine figure. Ranma furiously shook his head to dislodge the unusual ideas that suddenly played through his mind.

"It… looks good on you, Ukyo." Ranma commented before quickly turning to retrieve the rope still attached to his father, hoping that the blush growing on his cheeks wouldn't be noticed. Ukyo's heart skipped a beat at the unexpected complement.

Standing in front of the Tendo household, Ranma was a little peeved. The reason behind his annoyance was that the elements seemed bound and determined to activate his curse again. It was a light sprinkle, barely lasting a few seconds, yet sufficient to instantly change him back to his girl form. He had hoped that just once he would be able to meet someone while remaining his natural gender.

Awhile ago, his father, now panda, had woken up. Seeing as they were going to meet his father's friend, Ranma decided to be lenient and allow him to walk - in front of course, so that both he and Ukyo could keep a watchful eye on the deceptive character.

Finally, they stood before a large wooden door. Ranma pushed past the front gate and made his way firmly up to the family house before knocking on the front door.

He was a little startled when, moments later, the door burst open to reveal a middle-aged man in a light brown kimono with shoulder length black hair and a teenaged girl who stood slightly behind him in a more formal pink kimono with short brown hair.

"Genma my old friend…" The man stated before realizing that the party in front of him did not contain his old friend, but rather two wet girls and a rugged giant panda.

Seeing the man's confusion and that they were now protected from the light drizzle by the overhanging roof, Ranma upended a thermos of hot water over the panda, instantly changing him to his normal form.

In front of Soun now stood a very wet Genma who opened his mouth to speak before closing it again. "Why don't we discuss this inside?" Genma replied finally.

Ashamed at momentarily forgetting his manners, Soun moved to rectify the situation. "Yes, of course, Nabiki, please show our guests in." He said while moving to the side and gesturing them to enter.

Everyone moved to follow the girl named Nabiki who had short brown hair. She led the group to the front dinning room where her two sisters remained sitting. The one with long brown hair gave the new guests a friendly if hesitant smile while the other, whose hair was a dark shade of blue, simply stared at them with resentment. Soun had just told them of the engagement and neither was too happy about the prospect for various reasons.

Ranma looked warily at the younger girl, figuring that the resentment coming from her felt like a bad sign. Everyone sat down, with Soun at the head of the table. "So what is this all about, Genma?" he asked quietly, though there was a hint of curiosity.

Genma looked down for a second before looking up at Kasumi. "Could you please fetch some hot water for us?"

Rather confused by the odd request, but still the ever polite hostess, Kasumi stood to retrieve the hot water. She returned quickly with a kettle of boiling water she had started for tea before the visitors had arrived.

Genma took the kettle with a small grimace before dashing its contents at Ranma. Ranma, caught unaware, found himself both male and covered in scalding water.

"AAAHHHH!!. What did you do that for, you old man!?" Ranma asked as he jumped around. Ukyo's hand rose dangerously close to her spatula, but didn't do anything to interfere… yet. Ranma cooled off slightly after a full minute of hoping around only to reluctantly settle down while maintaining a major death glare aimed squarely at his father.

"Be quiet, boy! You need to learn to take it like a man." Genma then directed his attention to the house's other occupants, who were staring stunned at the black pigtailed boy that had once been a very busty red pigtailed girl, to start his explanation of the Jusenkyo curses.

It didn't take long before Soun was crying at the predicament his long time friend had found himself in. Startling Ranma, Soun's tears ceased in an instant just before he grabbed his shoulders.

"Your situation is not so bad. Here, this is my daughter Kasumi, she's nineteen, my daughter Nabiki, seventeen, and my youngest Akane, sixteen. Pick any one of them to be your new fiancée."

At this last bit of information both Ranma and Ukyo froze up. "Fiancée?" Ranma asked.

"Certainly, they are all good girls that would make you an excellent wife," Soun said, misunderstanding what Ranma meant by his question. Meanwhile Ranma gave the girls a cursory glance. He shuddered at what he saw. Kasumi seemed to be all right though he could tell from her eyes that she was holding all of her emotions within. Nabiki was eyeing him like she was eyeing like a slab of meat to be sold. The final daughter, Akane, was staring at him with a mixture of disgust and hatred. Something about the gaze made him feel that if he ever dared do anything she felt was wrong, she would personally kill him a.k.a. one big mallet to the head.

Ukyo, on the other hand, looked incredulously at Soun. The feeling of disbelief soon turned into raw anger. She had just found out her Ran-chan hadn't left her behind and now this jackass tries to push these other fiancées off on him. From the dumbfound look on Ranma's face, Ukyo could tell that this was one more thing that Ranma had no clue about. Glancing over at Genma confirmed her suspicions when he continued to nod in agreement with Soun.

"Now wait just a minute," Ukyo said as she stood up, quickly drawing everyone's attention. "You can't serious. Just because you two decided along time ago doesn't give you the right to force Ranma to marry someone. He should have a say in the matter." By the end of Ukyo's speech, Ranma was looking at her in a startled yet considering manner, the three Tendo daughters were in total agreement as they didn't want anything to do with the whole messy affair either. The fathers, on the other hand, were looking furiously at Ukyo.

"This matter does not concern you. I think that it is time that you left." Soun said with a deep frown.

Ukyo was about to speak again, but felt a hand grasp her shoulder. Turning she saw Ranma bend down to whisper in her ear. "Thanks Ucchan, but I'll take care of this. You should start heading back home."

Ukyo froze at the unexpected contact in addition to the words that followed. With only a small push towards the front door from Ranma, Ukyo reluctantly left with Kasumi leading the way.

When Ranma saw that Ukyo was out of the way he turned back to Soun. "How dare you treat my friend like that? She was simply tellin' the truth and you have to go and throw her out."

Soun stepped back several steps while Ranma spoke. Not wanting to anger the boy further, he chose to quickly change the subject. "In any case, we must still arrange for which will be your fiancée." He said indicating the three girls now sitting on the other side of the table.

Turning, Ranma and Soun found that the newly returned Kasumi and her sister, Nabki, had thrust Akane out to the fore.

"Father, I think Akane would be the perfect choice." Kasumi said with a small smile.

"Good-for-nothing lousy tomboy… hitting me as if I did something wrong." Ranma mumbled as he walked along a road. After Akane hit him over the head with the dinner table, he had decided to go elsewhere for the night. Fortunately, he knew of at least one place in this new town where he could go. "Ucchan's," he read from the banner brightly displayed above the entrance. He then knocked several times.

He could hear someone sluggishly walking to the door, their steps dragging as if half asleep. "Oh my gosh, what happened to you Ran-chan?" Ukyo asked as she slid the door to the side to reveal Ranma with a large, irritable, red lump on his head.

"That girl, Akane, hit me on the head with a table. Stupid tomboy." He grumbled.

"What did she do that for?" Ukyo asked confused about how someone could be so brutal.

"I didn't do anything. I just said I ain't got time for none of this fiancée business and that she was uncute to boot."

"Well, that last part was probably uncalled for, but I will admit that she did go a little overboard. So what are you doing here?" she asked, a little uncertainty in her voice.

"Well, I was kinda hoping that I could like maybe stay here tonight." Ukyo paled at the thought. "I wouldn't try nothin', honest." Ranma finished after seeing her reaction.

"Ooo…k, but I really don't feel comfortable about this." For a moment Ukyo put a finger to her chin considering the options before an idea came to her. "Could you change into a girl for the night?" Ukyo asked.

Now Ranma began to sweat bullets. He didn't like being a girl if he could help it. However, after seeing how Ukyo was shaken by the idea of him sleeping near her, he decided to go along.

"Okay." Putting words into action, Ranma went over to the sink and splashed himself with some cold water, instantly returning him to his girl form. "I don't much like being a girl, but if it makes you feel better, then ok."

Smiling, Ukyo gestured for Ranma to follow her upstairs. Neither noticed the set of yellow eyes staring in from a nearby window.

2:00 AM, Ukyo's residence:



Ukyo sat up, dazedly looking around trying to identify what had caused her to awaken.


'There it is again, but what is it?' Ukyo thought to herself.


'It's coming from just outside.' "Ranma, wake up. Something is happening." Ukyo shook the female Ranma, trying to wake her from a very deep slumber. "Come on Ranma, there's something wrong."

"Whaaa…Huh?" Ranma asked, severely disoriented as he tried to wake up.


Tired of trying to get Ranma to wake up, Ukyo simply took his arm and dragged him downstairs to the front of Ucchan's.


With a final explosion, the building across the street collapsed to reveal a figure that slowly walked towards them. "Ranma I kill." Came a voice from Ranma's past. In a flash, five ultra-sharp knives flew in his direction, instantly waking him up. Unfortunately, it was too late. Only a frantic swing from Ukyo's giant spatula deflected the blades away from him, but already eight more were on the way from another direction. Ranma was about to jump out of the way, but noticed that Ukyo's last swing had unwittingly put her into the path of the new set of knives.

Desperate, Ranma grabbed a hold of Ukyo, shoving her behind him only to find that he didn't have enough time to jump away. The knives where almost to him before…


A staff struck into the ground in front of him, deflecting the knives. Dumbly, Ranma stared at the still quivering staff that had just saved his life. At the same time, he realized that his attacker, who he recognized now as Shampoo, was not intent on killing him. She was instead, looking slightly above him. When Ranma turned, he spotted a figure on the roof of Ucchan's. At first, he thought it was a mummy, but soon he realized that it was a woman; a very small old shriveled woman.

"Great-grand mother, Cologne? What you do here? Why you stop Shampoo killing Ranma?" Shampoo asked in confusion.

"I couldn't let you kill my future son-in-law, now could I?" Cologne asked with a light chuckle. This response only elicited further confusion from Shampoo. Seeing this, the old women continued. "This person…" she said while pointing at Ranma. "…has a Jusenkyo curse." With that she flipped out a thermos of hot water and dumped it on the unsuspecting girl which, after several intense seconds, morphed into a boy.

"Aiya, is now male." Shampoo stated quite stunned, never noticing Cologne's attention remain highly focused on the boy.

"Uhmm, I hate to interrupt, but what was that about being your future son-in-law?" Ranma asked the old ghoul.

She kept looking down at him for a second before replying. "By Amazon law, when an outside male defeats an Amazon, they must marry that Amazon."

At first Ranma didn't understand. He had had one hell of a day dealing with the revelation of not just one, but apparently three different fiancées now.

Shampoo was also confused until she realized that back in her village she was defeated not by a female, but rather by a male cursed to female form at the time, meaning…

Ranma suddenly found himself in the glomp from hell as Shampoo latched onto him.

"Wha…?" Ranma asked before he couldn't speak through the soft flesh he now found thrust into his face.

Fortunately for him, someone else found the situation a little intolerable. Ukyo, having regained her poise, walked up to Shampoo and slapped her across the face, literally driving her away from Ranma.

"What you doing?" Shampoo asked of the girl she had ignored previously.

"How dare you do that to Ran-chan?!" Ukyo said, barely calm enough to prevent her voice from shaking in anger.

Shampoo unsheathed several more knives. "Obstacle is for killing," she murmured low, almost to herself. Before the Amazon warrior could pull her arm back to throw them, Cologne jumped down in front of her.

"That will be enough, Shampoo." She said.

"She is obstacle, must be killed," Shampoo tried to explain.

"No, I will explain later, but you are not to harm that girl."

Shampoo shuffled her feet in a very immature fashion, pouting cutely before replying. "Ok, I not kill spatula girl… right now." She finished so that no one could hear.

"Come along Shampoo." Cologne said as she reacquired her staff and hopped down the road.

As the two moved away the two remaining people watched their departure wondering just what happened.

End chapter 1

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