Zell was sitting in his room. They had taken Seifer down to medical to be checked up and left until he gained consciousness again.

All of Seifer's belongings sat in a box. He had packed up everything that had been left behind, mainly books and clothes, and put Midi on top.

The Chocobo had quickly found its way back onto Zell's lap, where he clutched it like he had as a child.

There was a knock on the door. Zell's heart caught, he dropped Midi back into the box. "Come in."

Quistis stepped in, her face apologetic. "Sorry, not him. He woke up though."

Zell stared up at her, and she shook her head. "I'm sorry, Zell. He doesn't seem to remember anything."


It was the same pitiful noise Seifie had made months ago when Midi had been declared missing. Quistis knelt down, taking Zell's hand in hers. "I'm sorry, Zell."

"No, it's fine. I take it someone was explaining what had happened?"

"Squall." She stood up. "Do you want me to take the box down to him?"

"No." Zell stood up. "I'll do it. I gotta face him eventually."

The woman nodded. "All right. If you're sure."

"I'm sure, Quistie." He picked up the box. "Aren't you going to wish me luck?"

She smiled. "Good luck."


Zell knocked, waiting until he heard the deep voice rumble, "Yeah?" before he came in.


The taller blonde turned around. He was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, looking nothing like the feared Seifer Almasy but more like little Seifie for a moment. "Yeah?"

"Did Squall... you know, talk to you? About the last seven months?"

Seifer nodded and turned back to the bed. He was undoing the laces on his boots slowly. Zell hung his head and dumped the box on the end of the mattress. "This is your stuff. And Midi."

One hand reached out and brushed over the Chocobo's fluffy little crest and down its cheek. Zell kept staring at the bird.


The name caught him off guard for a second. "Yes, Seif?"

"I... I'm sorry."

That wasn't right. Seifer didn't apologise for anything. "What for?"

"For... making you cry. I never meant to make you cry."

Zell looked up at Seifer. The other man was staring at his boots, face downcast.

"I know, Seifer. You apologised before."

"I know, but I want you to know that I really did mean it. I meant it all." Seifer's head hung impossibly lower. "Do you... no, I mean," he trailed off.

"Seifer?" Something painful was rising in Zell, he suspected it was hope. "Do you remember?"

"Some. Not a lot from early on, but I remember the last month pretty well." He ran a hand through his hair, eyes flicking to Zell's. "I meant it. I..." he closed his eyes, forcing the words out. "I love you, Zell. I need you."

Zell smiled, and it came frighteningly easily. "I love you too, Seifer."

Seifer's eyes went wide and he smiled, and it was like seeing him smile for the first time. In a way it was.

They looked at each other for a moment. Zell reached out and curled his hand around Seifer's fingers. Seifer leant down a little, paused and whispered, "Is this okay now?"

Zell smiled and nodded and tipped his head up.

Seifer caught his jaw in one large hand and bent down to cover Zell's mouth with own.

And it was everything Zell had hoped and more.

The End (at last)