When Innocence is Given

By: Rabid Turtle

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Chapter 1: Greeting

I looked at her. The girl. The new one. I saw the way her beautiful blue eyes swept around the room looking at us, as if trying to find someone she once knew, in our midst. I saw her stand defiantly, daring us to whisper and laugh about her, as our Chemistry teacher droned out her name.

Kaoru Kamiya.

I watched her slowly walk to the desk two rows ahead of me and I watched her hair flow about her in dark waves as she sat down. I had to admit it though. She was beautiful. Although different. She did not wear makeup. She did not wear designer clothes that were so tight you didn't even have to fantasize about what was under them. She did not blush or try to hide from the curious stares of the class. It was as if she did not see anyone around her and really didn't know why she was in this classroom, listening to a fifty year-old woman recite the properties of an ionic compound.

I think that was when I decided to talk to her. I wanted to know why she looked so secretive...and sad. However, I was startled out of my revelry when someone poked me in my side.

"Hey Kenshin! Why are you zoning on me? I am trying to tell you about the party at Sano's house. It's this weekend.... Kenshin what is up with you? You looked dazed."

I looked at Kamitari, my best friend since sixth grade. He was worriedly chewing on a strand of his hair. I smirked.

"Sorry Kamitari...new girl distracted me."

It was his turn to smirk. "Horny bastard. She just walked in and you're already fantasizing."

"Your just disappointed she isn't a hot new dude ready to become the second gay guy in Smithville High School's history."

That made him laugh. "You think I'd date someone in the same school as me? How would I secretly cheat on him with the other hot guys in school? Besides you know that this place only attracts the assholes of mankind to it. Except you maybe..and a few other privileged people whom I call friends. You're not an asshole...most of the time. "

I glanced around the room looking at our "peers" and had to agree. All of them were the sort of kids you expected to find in a small hick town. Lots of jocks who would love to kick your ass and lots of airhead cheerleaders who would giggle and squirm excitedly while you were thoroughly beaten. And believe me, these kids didn't take kindly to the few who were different from them. Like me. Like Kamitari. I wondered how the girl, Kaoru, would fit in. I wondered if she....dammit! Why do I insist on thinking about her!!

"God Kenshin, today you're zoning off more than Aoshi does," Kamitari sighed.

"HIMURA!! KAMITARI!! If you keep talking I'm sending both of you to the office!"

God that woman could shriek. "Sorry miss." I muttered.

"The faggot and his pretty boy whispering together again? Why don't you just screw each other and get it over with?" someone snickered from the back of the class. Everyone gave us a sidelong glance and some started to laugh out loud.

I didn't have to turn around to know who said that. Enishi Yukishiro had been after me since day one and I really didn't have any idea why. He's the type though that doesn't need a reason to mess with you, other than that he was the strongest fighter in the entire school, and, of course, knew it. There were even rumors that he had killed someone. But those were just dumb, unbelievable rumors someone started. At least that was what I kept telling myself anyway. Heh heh....eh...

"Ah...I was wondering when that prick would start entertaining the class with his astounding vocabulary. Faggot!? Jeez Kenshin, he must be using a thesaurus to insult us! I never would have thought he would know how to use one of those! My day keeps on getting better and better!" Kamitari muttered under his breath.

I grinned and looked away, very glad that this class was almost over. I glanced over at the new girl. Yep. Still pretending we weren't here. As I contemplated how I would go about in meeting her, the bell rang and half the class raced out to lunch. She was slowly picking up her books when I noticed she dropped her notebook. I walked over to her.

"Hey...uh.. it's Kaoru right? Hey you dropped your notebook. Let me get it for you." Mentally, I kicked myself. Way to go Boy Scout. Let's save the world one notebook at a time.

"Oh. Thank you." Kaoru half-smiled at me and took her notebook out of my hands.

Desperately, I tried to redeem myself. "So...where you from?"

"New York City. My family moved here about a week ago."

"New York huh. Quite a culture change. Smithville is like the exact opposite. In this place we're proud to have a two story building downtown. You like it here so far?"

An emotion I couldn't place flickered through her face. Pain? Sadness? Irritation at the dumb guy in front of her?

"It's...less busy. And quiet."

"Oh." Nothing much to say to that.

"Well I should be going. Umm..What was your name?"

I grinned at her. "It's Kenshin. Kenshin Himura."

She smiled at me and I swear, the room grew brighter for a second. "Thanks Kenshin. I'll see you around sometime."

She gracefully walked away, leaving me with a slightly goofy smile on my face. I sighed happily. Kaoru Kamiya, I felt, was going to make my junior year way more interesting than I had anticipated.


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