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Just a note of thanks to all who have been following my series. I figured out that I have about 8 or more to do including; Shego, Drakken, Killigan, Barkin, Wade, Tim and Jim, Mrs. Stoppable, and Monique. I did not forget Kim and Ron. They will require special work. However, I plan to do one called "We are Team Possible". The ones on Kim and Ron will be done next year closer to the final show. I also plan to update some of the "I am" characters throughout the coming months. If you have any requests for a character just e-mail me, I try my best to do them.

I am Mrs. Dr. Possible

Hi, there. I am Mrs. Dr. Possible. My husband is Mr. Dr. Possible. Mr. Possible is a scientific doctor and I am a medical doctor. We have three children, two boys and a girl. The two boys Tim and Jim are twins. Our daughter Kim is the oldest. Kim is an honor student and cheerleader at Middleton High School. Kim has a number of friends but her best friend is a young man by the name of Ronald Stoppable. The two of them make up Team Possible, a globe trotting set of two teens fighting some pretty gruesome villains. Kim met Ron while they were in Pre-K. Kim was having a little problem, namely that she wanted a little sister. I was pregnant at that time and instead of a little girl I had two little boys. She was really disappointed. But Ron seemed to make her feel better and it was the start of a wonderful friendship. They were so different that some people wondered how they could be friends. But that was the true beauty of their friendship. They complimented each other in so many ways. They were so close I believe they could react to each others thoughts before they even thought of it.

The two have always remained friends. But in every friendship that has to be some rocky parts. Sometimes Kim would get mad at Ron for some of his mistakes on missions. Ron accepted his failings and still stood by Kim. Kim seemed to realize that she could be a little harsh once in awhile and would back off. I never really knew how they really felt about it each other. I always thought that Kim had a good head on her shoulders. But I forgot that she was just a teenaged girl and teenaged girls get crushes. I can't say anything, I did the same thing. The guy Kim was crushing on was Josh Mankey. She was head over heels, out of her head over Josh. She and Josh dated some, and I think Josh really liked Kim. I found out from Ron later that he had talked to Josh and somehow the rascal had made arrangements for Josh and Kim to meet that first time. He told me that he did it for Kim. I realized then that for Ron their friendship was something more. Giving up someone can be the greatest gift of love that one can give. Kim and Josh broke up later on good terms.

Kim can get a little headstrong, and a little bossy. She has a very strong and outgoing personality, but she needs to learn to reign in that attitude of hers. Ron was always laid back and easy going. Not many things could get a rise out of him, except someone putting down Kim or trying to hurt Kim, and then Ron was another person. A person who would fight to the end for the person he cared for. As I was saying, Kim does have a strong personality and when things don't go just right sometimes she has a hard time dealing with it. She has a habit of lashing out when this happens and Ron is the recipient of some of the abuse. This part of her could have destroyed their friendship. They came back from a mission one time where Ron had messed up and the villain got away. Kim was furious. When she got home she started talking about how Ron had messed, that he was always messing up and that he was a plain loser. I was trying to talk some sense into her but she wouldn't listen. We both ended up yelling at each other. When she made the loser comment, well, I will never really know why I did this. Well, before I could even think of what I was doing my hand moved with a speed that I have never done before and I did something that I had never done before. I slapped Kim.

The crack of the slap startled both of us. I could not believe that I had just struck my child in the face. Kim stood holding the side of her face, looking at me with mute disbelief. I broke down and reached for Kim, asking for her forgiveness. Kim broke down as she said she was sorry also, that she should not have said the things she did. Kim calmed down quite a bit and we had a good talk after that. I found out something from Kim. She had realized recently what Ron had been doing for her all this time. Kim mentioned that she was mad at herself. She would climb all over Ron for something he did when in the long run it really didn't matter. But, he would still stand with her. She kept trying to push him away because she was ashamed of the way she had been treating him. She thought if she pushed him away enough maybe he would leave and she wouldn't be reminded of what he had done for her. She admitted that everyone gave her credit for so many of the missions, when she knew she could not have done it without him. Seeing him each day reminded her of her failures to be there for him. We both had a good cry over that incident, but it made a change in Kim. Now that her worries and thoughts were no longer bottled up she was able to handle them better.

Ron had recently spent time at some school in Japan. Kim mentioned to me that his fighting skills had greatly improved, although he still seemed to hesitate sometimes. When she asked him about all he would say was something about a promise. Their relationship had deepened in this time. Kim and Josh had broken up by now by mutual agreement. Then the infamous "moodulator" incident occurred. We did not realize that the chip was on Kim, we just thought that she was finally falling for Ron. But, I wondered what was going on; I mean she didn't act this way even at the worst of her crush on Josh. After the chip was off and Kim back to herself, their relationship had grown even more. I think Kim and Ron were afraid of caring for the other worrying that it would affect their friendship not realizing that love starts with friendship. As these fears fell to the side, I could tell that they were falling deeply in love. Then the mission where Kim was hurt came along.

We got the call from Wade. A Global Justice jet flew Mr. Possible and me to the hospital where they were. When we entered the room, I was met with a sight that almost stopped my heart. Kim lay in the bed not moving and not awake. Ron was standing by her side holding her hand and brushing her hair. He was dirty, and there were several wounds that needed tending to. He was speaking softly to her, and asking her not to leave. Mr. Possible was able to get Ron away from the bed so that the doctors could care for him. But, he was back at Kim's side as soon as they were finished. Ron's parents came in and stood with him. Kim regained consciousness about a day later. Ron was right there. She opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was Ron. All the two of them could say was "Hi". I had to turn away. My Kim had grown up years in those few seconds after she had regained consciousness. I knew then that I may have nearly lost my daughter, but I had gained another son.

Kim stayed in the hospital for a few days after that. One afternoon, while Ron's parents had gotten him out of the room, Kim and I had a talk. She told me of the mission. It was a trap. She and Ron had been led to a certain spot in Dr. Drakken's lair. Kim mentioned that she still didn't know how, yet somehow he knew at the last second that it was a trap. He had grabbed her just before the room exploded. She didn't remember anything after that. He had saved both their lives. She thought that the training at the school in Japan had something to do with him knowing about the bomb.

Kim asked me "Mom how is Ron?"

"Kim, sweetheart, I have something to tell you" I sat on her bed and gave her the full story as we got it from Wade, how Ron had carried her from the remains of the room and escaping the lair. How he had called in a rescue helicopter to take them to the hospital. How he had made sure she was cared for, refusing care himself. I told her how Ron had stayed at her side until she had regained consciousness. "Mom" Kim said, "When I woke up, I opened my eyes and there was Ron. I looked into his eyes and I couldn't say anything but 'Hi'".

I looked down at my daughter and said "Don't you worry about that. What you said was all he wanted to hear. I believe that he is doing much better now that you are doing better" Kim smiled at me and I knew things were going to be alright. The door opened and Ron walked in. His parents had taken him to a nearby hotel so he could get some sleep and get cleaned up. "KP" he called as he walked quickly to the side of the bed. She looked over at Ron and gave him a look that I will remember for the rest of my life. My daughter had found the man of her life and she knew it. Ron came to the side of the bed and took her hand. "Hi" he said. Kim started to giggle a little and so did Ron. "Hi" Kim said. I got up to leave the room and motioned for Ron's parents to follow me. They smiled and nodded. As we left the room Ron had taken a seat on her bed and as I closed the door I looked in to see Ron bend over to kiss Kim. She raised her hands and placed them on the side of his face and guided his lips to hers. She closed her eyes in sheer delight. I gave myself a little motherly smile and closed the door.