A Skewed Reality

By: MorganEddasil

WARNING!!! This story contains Yaoi, another word for slash, or guys falling in love with/flirting with/making out with/etc. other guys. If you have a problem with this then; GET THE HELL OUT! You have been warned.

Summary: (Eventual Voldemort/Harry Paring) Harry goes missing in the summer between his Fourth and Fifth year. For 2 years he's MIA, until Sirius who, thank god, hasn't died stumbles upon his Godson in the strangest of places...A strip Joint.

Special thanks to:

Melp-sama -- For giving me the idea for this story by showing my certain Po Ju comic pages....SHARK SEX! X

Moon-san -- For helping me upload things, and keeping me motivated...albeit in the strangest of ways...--'

Disclaimer: I don't own any places/people/etc. Created by J.K. Rowling, or any/all mentions to characters from Escaflowne and Gundam Wing/AC, everything else is mine...MINE I TELL YOU!

A small sigh was almost lost among the booming music coming from the stage. The club was full at the moment, the admittance line circling the block, the excited patrons waiting excitedly. 'The Rabbit's Den' was one of the most famed clubs in all of Tokyo, many bisexual ad homosexual people coming to drink and watch the 'entertainment'. Dozens of people a night would flock to the place, some going as far as to reserve a table months in advance.

To go with the theme of the club, the waiters and 'entertainers' that visited each table would wear black leather or satin bunny suits, complete with a fluffy white tail, and ears. Each would wear stiletto heels and translucent-diamond-patterned stockings.

Yuki smiled at the customer as he set the man's drink down on the coaster, collecting the empty glasses, and payment for the drink. The man's hungry eyes followed him all the while, thinking perverse thoughts that he was silently wishing to fulfill. Turning to the man, Yuki bowed, saying he would return soon with the man's next drink and his change.

As soon as he reached the bar, Kogorou, the bartender and owner, asked a simple question.


"Not yet." Yuki replied.

It was an unspoken agreement between all employees that anyone who touched Yuki inappropriately would be thrown out, regardless of status. The boy had shown up nearly a year and a half ago, Shivering in his thin jacket, pleading with Atsuko (one of the older employees) for a place to hide as three large men had pounded out of an alley after him. Atsuko had opened the door, drawing him inside and giving him a hot drink, asking him where he was from, and why they had been chasing him.

Yuki mentally shook himself of those thoughts; he still had a patron to serve. Walking back to the table with the man's other drink and change; Yuki set them both down, bowing to the much older man. After asking if he needed anything else, Yuki turned to go, but was stopped as he felt a hand clench his left buttox, making the young man squeak in surprise. Before anyone had a time to see what had happening, the man had pulled Yuki down into his lap, running his wrinkled hands over the young boy's smooth satin clad body.(A/N: OMG Melp!!)

Struggling, Yuki managed to cry out catching the attention of most of the employees and patrons. Many faces began to seethe, darkened eyes glaring in the man's direction. A large tanned blur shot off the stage, coming to stand directly in front of the old man and Yuki.

"Let...Go." The command was simple and the pure threat behind it even more so.

"Fuck Off, whore, 'dis 'ere bitch's mine 'ya 'ere?" The old man's drunken voice slurred as he groped the more private parts of Yuki's anatomy.

"Last chance." It was a simple option, one any sane man, drunk or not, would have taken. But not this man.

"'Ah told 'yeh! Dis' 'ere bitch's mine!" The man practically screamed, his meaty fingers digging into Yuki's hip and thigh.

With a grumbles curse Heero shot forewords, intending bodily harm. Grabbing the man's fingers, he snapped them backwards, breaking more than one in the process.

The drunkard cried out, flinging his arms pout and catching Yuki across the face. The boy yelped in pain, crashing to the ground with his bunny ears askew.

The drunk cried out again behind Yuki, and he turned in time to see Heero displacing a few of the vertebrae in his neck, effectively knocking him out. The drunk hit the ground with a gurgled thump and didn't move.

The silence was suffocating as everyone present stood or sat in shocked silence. Some were even half out of their seats, ready to call the police or run and help the boy. The music was still playing, but no one paid attention to it.

As though some kind of spell had been broken, people began to clap. Even those who were partially drunk and new to the establishment were relieved to see the old drunk out cold on the floor.

The cause for this was believed to be the kind and attentive attitude that Yuki had given every patron as he had met them, asking about their health, and how their day had gone. The boy's quick wit and sensible advice had solved many quarrels. These qualities had earned Yuki the title of Little Brother in the club.

Kogorou had the bouncers, along with Heero, drag the body outside to await the police that were coming to pick him up. Upon the man being dragged away, people began drinking again, the strippers continued dancing.

The last patrons had just left when Yuki allowed himself to relax, Heero and Suguro laying beside him on the stage. It had been a tiring night, no doubt about it.

"Yuki, you're on back room duty tonight. The rest of us will clean up out here alright?" Kogorou's smooth baritone cut through the tired air.

The young boy nodded, a jaw-cracking yawn emitting from his mouth. Heading to the back rooms with plastic gloves, and a trash bag. Yuki began the tedious job of picking up any stray lube bottles, condom packages, the condoms themselves, and even a pair of fuzzy handcuffs. (A/N Tina! I need to get you some!)

So engrossed with his job, the boy didn't notice the tall pale man step from the shadow, silky black hair gliding in front of ice blue eyes. His long pale hands reached for Yuki as he bent over again to retrieve another piece of trash.

Yuki turned to check the other side of the room and nearly fell over a large black dog. The large animal's jet black coat shining in the dim light. The boy scrambled backwards and fell, screaming for help, "Heero! Heero! Help! HEERO!"

Within seconds of the first scream Heero was in the room, eyes blazing, holding a CZ75, (A/N: think Rally from Gunsmith Cats) the hammer already cocked. Kogorou entered seconds later, a metal pole in his hands.

The dog whipped around, raising its haunches and baring its glistening white fangs. Yuki whimpered weakly and curled up into a small ball as far from the animal as he could get.

As soon as Heero began advancing, the dog backed up, matching his small steps with small ones of its own. Oddly enough it seem like the animal was shielding the boy from Heero.

"Heero..." Kogorou murmured, getting his friend's attention. "What's wrong with this picture? That animal...It looks like it's trying to... Protect Yuki...From us..."

That made the entertainer stop, dark cinnamon hair swishing slightly. "And why would that be?" He'd reverted into his old self, the one every one had taken to calling his 'Perfect Soldier' self. /I'll never forgive myself if something were to happen to him... Never. / Heero thought to himself, his dark cerulean eyes scanning the area for possible plans. A thought occurred. /What if this dog knows him? /

"Yuki," The boy looked at him. "Does this 'dog' look familiar to you?"

The boy's eyes flickered to the snarling animal. "I-I don't know...I can't see its face..." His soft voice was laced with confusion and fear. "I know this isn't the smartest idea...but...If you leave the room for a few moments, I could try to figure something out. Besides, you're just aggravating it..."

Heero didn't move.

"C'mon, it might help Heero-kun." Kogorou tried in vain to reason.

The youth didn't move, and the tension in the room was suffocating. Finally he shifted, slowly and quietly making his way out the door with a silent but meaningful glance over his shoulder at the dog. Kogorou followed close behind him with a worried glance.

The door closed.

The lock clicked.

He was alone...with a bloodthirsty animal...

The giant dog turned and looked at Yuki, a low, pitiful whine coming from its throat. Haunted ice-blue eyes stared out at Yuki from a furry face.

Yuki couldn't help himself as his eyes widened.

The dog moved foreword and gently licked the boy's shaking hands and tanned chin gently. A large paw was lightly pressed up against one of his bent legs, the warm pads making Yuki smile.

"He was right to ask...You are familiar..." He murmured quietly, hands slowly raking through the thick, curly fur.

The dog gave a keening whine, rolling onto its back with a blatant invitation for a tummy rub. Yuki laughed and gave in to temptation, rubbing its equally furry underside with the palm of his hands, and then with his nails.

"I'm going to ask my friends to come back in, alright...Snuffles..?"

The dog looked up, almost seeming surprised at the name, but still uncomfortable with the idea of the other humans coming back into the room. As an answer it turned and hopped onto the bed, looking back at Yuki with a silent plea for the boy to join it.

"I know you don't agree, but they're my good friends, and they'd never hurt me! I trust them, they're my family...my only family..." His voice was barely a whisper as he finished.

The dog seemed to think for a moment before giving a kind of nod of agreement.

With a small smile, the boy called his friends back in.

End Chapter 1