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She sits with her legs tucked under her and her hands resting lightly on her knees. Her eyes are closed and her face is calm and expressionless. Her breathing is soft and even. Every few minutes it appears that she whispers to herself in a voice so low it is inaudible to any person besides herself.

Her auburn hair is pulled up in a French twist allowing the white section in the front to frame her face in gently waving tendrils. She is dressed simply in dark blue denim jeans, a soft green camisole, a sheer emerald green v-necked long sleeve t-shirt. Her emerald green socked toes poke out from underneath her. Her hands are covered in the silver fabric that makes up her elbow length opera gloves.

Her mind drifts over the past few months.

I'm in the mansion standing outside Bobby's room. Inside I can here moaning from the occupants. I knock on the door hoping that it is Chris and Megan. But instead as I stand there I hear Bobby's voice calling "Dude, Chris can you give me another hour?" followed by Jubilee's unmistakable giggle. I feel the anger boiling up in me. Not even thinking I grab the door knob and to my surprise it turns. I throw the door open. They are on his bed legs intertwined her top is on the headboard and he is stripped down to his boxers. I can't help but yell "This is it Bobby, I've had enough if you want to mess around with Jubilee that is fine but things are over between us!" With that I storm out of the room. I hear Bobby and Jubilee getting up and coming after me and with that I just start running. "Chica, I'm sorry." Is the last thing I hear as I run out the door of them mansion. I don't care where I am or where I end up all I can think of is getting away from him. I had asked him for one simple promise. That is he ever wanted out, if he ever wanted someone else he would just tell me. That was the only thing I had asked for and that was something he apparently couldn't give me.

The next thing I know I'm in the Professor's office he's announcing that there will be a class trip led by Logan and Ororo. They start explaining that they plan to take between 10 and 20 students for a month to Japan. The goal is to spend three weeks learning about Early Japanese History and Architecture in Kyoto and one week in Tokyo learning about Modern Japanese History. I raise my hand to ask a question.

Logan looks over at me "Yes?"

"Just wondering when we would be leaving?" I ask.

Logan replies simply "January seventh, that soon enough for you kid?"

I grin at him and reply "I guess it will have to do."

Inside I'm more excited then I've ever been. I can't help it. I've always wanted to go on a trip like this. I can't help but think of how many things I've had to pass up because of my mutation. But this time I can go I tell myself, this time its different. Mentally, I start making a list of what I will pack and all the things I want to try and see while we are there. Suddenly, I realize that Xavier is calling my name. I snap out of my reverie and look around noticing everyone else has left. Professor Xavier is speaking again "Rogue, does your interest in this trip have anything to do with your recent breakup with Bobby?" Shocked at the implication I look back at him. It hadn't even occurred to me that he would even know about that. It should have considering the gossip circuit of the mansion and that he is the most powerful telepath in the world. But, rarely do any of us really think of him as a super powerful mutant. And who really wants to know that their teachers are paying attention to their love life. I reply quickly "No, I've just always been interested in seeing Japan. It's supposed to be beautiful." He looks at me in his knowing way doubtful of my answer but after a minute decides to let it slide. With that he motions for me to go and I flee his office as quickly as I can.

Again I hear my name being called however this time as I am being pulled out of my memories I come back to the back of my eyelids.

"Rogue…Rogue…Marie?" a man's voice calls from outside the veranda of the temple.

The girl looks around slowly coming to her senses. After a few more moments she tucks her toes under and gets herself up. She begins walking over to the door. As she is about to exit she turns once more and bows before sliding the screen and stepping out on to the veranda. She turns to face the man standing there. He is below average height for an American man standing just a few inches taller then her. His dark hair and stubble attest to the fact that he couldn't care less how he looks. He is dressed in a leather jacket and worn in jeans both of which look like he has worn them for years and has no intention of every giving them up until they fall to pieces. Underneath the open jacket a white muscle t-shirt can be seen and his hands are covered by a pair of leather gloves.

"Did ya need somethin' suga'?" She asks of the man who had been calling her name.

"It's time head back to the hotel before dinner. I didn't want you to get left behind again."

"Well ya got me so let's go."

They walk down the steps and put their shoes back on. The man leads her across the compound to the main gate where a group of teens being chaperoned by a tall dark skinned women with long white hair hanging loose around her are waiting for them. After they join up the group starts walking towards the bus stop so that they can head to the train station to get dinner. As they walk the students split into different groups and talk about the different things they had seen that day. It is only their fifth day in Japan but the students have all adapted readily to the time change and the schedule Logan and Ororo are keeping them on.

The trip to the train station is uneventful. The students manage to exercise enough control that from all outward appearances they would be mistaken for a typical school group from the United States. They are polite and keep their conversations quiet and inane being careful not to let anything that could cause trouble slip. They are all relaxing into the new culture. Before long they are standing in the underground shopping area trying to decide where to eat dinner.

In the end Rogue, Kitty, Jubilee, Bobby, Chris, Meghan and Piotr head to one restaurant to get noodles. The other five younger students drag Logan and Ororo off to find western food for tonight. After placing their orders using Rogue as a translator the students all relax back into their previous conversations. Signaling to Rogue and Jubilee, Kitty excuses herself to be closely followed by her two friends.

The three girls make their way through the restaurant towards the back looking for the bathroom. Kitty bounces ahead in her bright pink top and soft blue jeans. Her brown pony tail bobs up and down with each step. More slowly behind her comes Jubilee with her confident stride not looking around much as her multiple earrings and bracelets jingle with each movement. She is dressed in a bright top and a pair of surprisingly calm black pants. Her hair is half pulled up with a pair of hair sticks she had bought the day before. She is snapping her gum as she walks. Finally Rogue brings up the rear walking slowly being careful not to get close to any of the other people in the restaurant.

Barely out of earshot from the rest of the group Kitty begins her inevitable questions as they step into the ladies room. "So like what do you guys think? Should I like ask Piotr to go with me to like a club tonight or what?" Rogue can't help but laugh. While she is trying to recover Jubilee starts in "You better chica or I'll go and do it for you. You are driving me nuts with the pining over him but not acting on it. We're half way around the world from home for once do more then blush when you're near him." Kitty looks at them both "Like how long have you known that I like like him?" "Suga'ya've asked us the same thang ever' night this week; not ta mention that ya'll both turn bright red ever' time yar in the same room. It's pretty obvious to ever'one but ya." Hearing her friends comments Kitty shoots them both an evil look but then breaks into a grin. "I'm like going to go do it now before I loose like my nerve. Thanks guys." After which she runs off back to the table excited about the idea of getting to spend an evening curled up in Piotr's chest dancing the night away.

Jubilee and Rogue are left standing in the bathroom uncertain of what to say. After a few minutes of awkward silence, "Ya would almost think Kitty did this on purpose ta…" Rogue begins only to be cut off by Jubilee. "If she did it's a good thing we really do need to talk. I didn't mean to hurt you Rogue. I just wasn't thinking. You know I've had a thing for Bobby since probably forever. I guess I just got carried away. I mean can you blame me he's so damn hot and he was flirting with me so I figured you had told him it was ok. I dunno. I'm sorry. Is there any chance we can still be friends?" She stands breathless with a hopeful look on her face. In shock Rogue just stares for a moment. Then with a bit of composure regained she looks at Jubilee and feels all the pain and hurt she has felt towards her again. But this time it is much less then any time before. "Ah dun know wha' ta say. This is the first time either of ya has apologized ta meh. But Ah wan' ta try, k?" She tries a small smile at Jubilee happy to have one of her best friends back. After their short heart to heart the girls go back to join the group just in time to have their food appear.

The rest of dinner is filled with laughter and jokes. The lightened atmosphere of Rogue and Jubilee talking like they used to infects everyone. Following dinner they go wandering around shopping area looking for the rest of the group. Upon finding everyone together they all head upstairs to discuss their plans for the evening.

"Well, like Piotr, Bobby, Jubilee and I are like going to that club we heard about yesterday. I like can't wait. We will like totally be in before curfew right guys?" Kitty bubbles over as soon as Ororo asks for plans. "Ok, well that is fine as long as you are in by curfew." Ororo then turns to the younger students. "What do you plan to do?" Before any of them can speak Chris speaks up " Megs and I were planning on taking them over to an arcade so that they could play around and have fun." He neglects to mention the fact that he has been wanting to go as much if not more then the younger teens. With a sweet smile Ororo nods, "That should be completely acceptable as long as you all stay out of trouble and keep a low profile. Well I will be doing alittle shopping and then heading back to the hotel so if there are any problems let me know."

With that the group breaks leaving Logan and Rogue standing together. He looks at her quizzicly "Why aren't you goin' with Half-pint, Firecracker and the rest?" She shrugs "Ah dunno guess I'm kinda sick of seeing all the happy couples lately and wanted sometime alone. Ah think Ah'm going ta go wander around fo' a while and then head back ta the hotel. If that is ok?" He gives her a slightly concerned look. "That is fine kid but be careful. I don't want to see you getting hurt. I'm goin' to go find a bar to drain for a while." With a quick hug they head their separate ways.