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Chapter 6:

Rogue stands on the platform waiting for her train to arrive. The bustle of the mid morning riders is just starting to fade from around her. She glances down at the schedule in her hand checking the time.

Damn. Still another 20 minutes until the train starts boarding. I really just want to get on the train and take a nap. At least the professor got us these rail passes. This way I can save my money until I actually get to Tokyo. I don't even know how long I'm going to stay there. Why did I think this was a good idea? …Oh yeah because I have to protect the others. They are going to have enough trouble without getting linked back to me. God why did this all have to happen. This trip was going so well I didn't have to deal with real classes. Bobby was giving me space though Logan's threat to kill him if he made me cry even one more tear might have something to do with it. Everyone around here just seemed to naturally avoid touching me. Maybe it was just my body language who knows. But man, it was great. If only I had walked or stayed with the group. Damn it there has to have been a better way. I should have protected myself better somehow. I had gotten to comfortable, let too much skin show. I can't make that mistake again. Hopefully this will buy them enough time to get back to the institute. At least in the US they'll have all of the teachers to protect them. Plus if they get out soon they may not even ever find the connection. Once everything dies down I can call them and get a flight home. Simple as that. Its just been such a long night. I didn't realize that killing 7 hours was so easy when you are walking across a city. I'm sooooo tired. All I can think about is going to sleep. I wish the train would get here. Then I could go sit in my seat and sleep for three hours. It will feel SOOO good. Hopefully no one will sit next to me and I wont have to worry. Though looking at this crowd that is a pretty slim chance. Oh well at least I'll have my own seat I can just block everything out.

Almost soundlessly the train glides into the station and opens its doors. Rogue waits in the line to board with the other passengers. Keeping her head down and checking that her ball cap is pulled on tight, she makes her way down the aisle of the train searching for an unreserved seat. Finding one she stores her bag over her head and collapses into the available window seat.

She averts her eyes staring out the window as her fellow passengers slowly fill the train. For a brief second she catches a glimpse of a vaguely familiar trench coat but when she tries to get a better look there is no one there. Writing it off as her imagination she closes her eyes and rest her head against the window as the train begins to move away from the station.


Remy glances up at the board as he enters the train station and lets out a string of French curses. As quickly as possible without drawing undo attention to himself, he makes his way to the correct platform searching for an open door. Finding one he hands his ticket to the conductor and makes his way onto the train letting an air of control and arrogance wrap around him.

Finding an unoccupied seat he sends a wink to the group of young girls watching his every move and lowers himself elegantly into it. This causes a titter of noise to break out from the girls as they giggle and turn to face one another arguing quietly on who exactly he was winking at. A sly smirk spreads across his face as he pulls out a deck of cards from his pocket and begins playing solitaire on the tray table in front of him.

This is the 10:21 Shinkansen bound for Tokyo... Announces the voice of the conductor which Remy promptly ignores understanding only pieces of the announcements that follow. Only after the train begins to move slowly gaining speed down he allow himself to truly relax his guard the slightest amount.

Sparing only a brief glance for the scenery flying past the window he settles in for the train ride to Tokyo.


Pacing the lobby Storm whirls around to face the opening doors for what must be the millionth time this morning. This time she is only slightly disappointed when she comes face to face with Logan. "Where have you been?" comes her anxious question. Pausing but now with enough time for him to get farther then opening his mouth in an attempt to actually answer her she continues "when was the last time you saw Rogue? Has she been out with you?"

After these questions she pauses and stares expectantly at the man waiting for his answer. After a pregnant pause his which she becomes more agitated and he questions if it is actually safe to answer he speaks. "I've been out at a bar all night. Not that its any of your damn business, certainly not a place I would take Rogue. As for when I last saw Rogue she was at the mall doing a bit of shopping before heading back here. Is she not back?" The last piece of this comes out in more a growl then an actual speaking tone.

A soft breeze begins to move inside the lobby causing the soft material of Storms skirt to flutter softly. Likewise he hair is moving gently around her face. Other patrons turn to look at the agitated pair which does not go unnoticed by Storm. Taking a calming breathe she continues in more discrete manner "Rogue did come back last night however she appears to have slipped out again during the night. No one has seen her this morning. Kitty also mentioned that some of her toiletries have gone missing as well. And my attempts to call her have been thus far fruitless. I would have appreciated it if my fellow chaperon had in fact been here to help me deal with this sometime before noon."

Looking slightly concerned Logan responds "Well I needed a break from all these kids. Watching them is far too much work if you ask me. Rogue did mention that she was sick all the couples maybe she decided to take off for a night or two" He continues in a hushed tone to himself, "wish I could do that right about now." Then addressing Storm once again, "She'll be fine. She's fluent in the language and knows how to take care of herself. If she isn't back tomorrow we will send out the search parties. Now I'm going to go and catch some sleep unless there is anything else."

Storms sighs as he leaves her making his way over to the elevators. "By the goddess, I hope you are right." Then turning she goes over to the restaurant where the youngest children have just been joined by their older class mates. "Well it seems the Logan will not be joining us for this afternoons' session. After lunch we will be heading to view a Noh play. Now who can tell me something about Noh theater?"


Feeling her stomach growl Rogue makes her way to the dining car where a small argument seems to be occurring. She is surprised to here a familiar accent involved as she opens the door to the car. A small smile graces her face as she observes the man from last night holding his hands up stumbling through an apology in Japanese. Which inexplicably seems to contain a smattering of both French and English as well. He is facing an agitated man who is standing authoritatively between Gambit and an attractive woman.

Figuring that she owes him one for the night before she steps forward drawing everyone's attention to her. Fighting her instinct to draw back from the sudden influx of eyes she continues to approach speaking rapidly, Please ignore my friend here. He is genuinely sorry for the disturbance he has caused. He is unfortunately lacking in manners and cannot actually be taken anywhere. It is my fault for being careless and allowing him to get our food. Please accept my humblest apologies. She gives a small bow to the man praying that he will accept her apology and that the scene will dissipate before anyone recognizes her.

Seemingly appeased the man responds I accept your apology please see to it that this does not occur again. Then turning he possessively wraps his arm around the girl and leads her out of the car. With a small sigh Rogue finally turns to face Gambit who now is wearing a large smirk on his face.

"Chere, didn't know yo' care' 'nough to come save meh." With a sniff of indifference put on for show Rogue responds, "well Ah couldn' go 'round owein' ya for last night now could Ah? Now if yo' will excuse meh Ah'll go buy mah lunch." She moves to walk past him but stops as he reaches out to grab her. With a subtle flinch away from his outstretched hand she redirects her course once again to move past him.

This time he simply steps in front of her, "Now, chere, it ain't right that yo' come in and save Remy's skin and he don' get a chance to repay the favor. Join him pour dejune, sil-vous plait?" He shifts into his most charming tone at the end of this giving her the beguiling smile that has already caused him a fair amount of difficulty this morning.

She looks at him contemplating her options. Then with a sigh she gives a small nod of acceptance and makes her way to the counter to order. He follows behind her, subtly resting a hand on her lower back as a guide causing her body to tense. After she orders he places his order as well before pulling out his wallet and counting out the notes. Collecting their lunches he leads her to a small table that is currently available.

After a small silence in which they both begin to eat Remy regards his companion and begins to speak. "So what is Chere doin' makin' her way to Tokyo without her amis?"

Regarding him appraisingly with a hint of distrust she answers "How do ya know 'bout mah friends? And how do ya know they aren't on the train too for that matter? Who are ya exactly?"

Holding his hands up in surrender Remy gives a small laugh, "Remy is just une ami. Nothin' mo' nothin' less. Just takin' a guess 'bout da friends. Figured they would have been here with yo' to get lunch if they was on the train."

Rogue gives a small shrug unwilling to risk giving away what has happened in such an open environment. But continues to eat in silence, after a few minutes waiting for her to respond Remy tries again. "So what is a belle chere such as yo'r self doin' in Japan?"

"Could ask the same of ya."

"Well, been doin' this and that seein' the world fo' the most part. Now its yo'r turn, Chere. What yo' doin' on the other side o' the world from home?"

"Studyin' mostly. Learning about the things books can't teach ya, according to the course description."

Giving her a grin of a scoundrel he asks "so where is Chere from exactly?"

"What's with the twenty questions anyway?"

"Is there somethin' wrong with tryin' to get to know yo' chere? Yo' did rescue this poor cajun here."

She hesitates a moment debating what to tell him "Well, if ya must know, Ah'm from Mississippi, small town on the river. Ya have to be from near New Orleans, ya swamp rat."

"Yo' wound meh chere. Aren't yo' used to a gentleman payin' yo' some attention?"

"Ya sir ain't a gentleman. That much Ah can tell bah lookin' at ya. Ya wouldn't have even needed savin' if ya weren't interested in everything in a skirt."

"Such a temper chere. What has Remy done to get yo' so riled up. Makes yo' look tres belle."

A small blush flushes her cheeks and she takes the last few bites of her sandwich. She wipes her mouth delicately before regarding her companion once again. Plastering a saccharine sweet smile on her face, "thank ya for lunch. Ah'll be goin' back to my seat now. Ya would do well to stay out of trouble so ya don' need meh savin' ya."

Giving her a cocky grin he rises and offers her a hand. "Was the least Ah could do. And if yo' are the one to do the savin' Remy might just need to go lookin' fo' trouble. Can't miss out on a chance to see such a belle femme."

Blatantly ignoring both his hand and his flirting Rogue gets up and walks out of the car allowing an extra bit of confidence to slip into her walks adding an extra sashe to her hips.

Once she is outside of the car she allows herself to relax and let a small smile grace her lips. Well that was almost fun. I know I shouldn't trust anyone and probably should have left him to his own devices but I just felt bad after he was nice enough to sit with me last night. Genuinely seemed to care and all.

Back in the dining car a smirk is still on Remy's face as he cleans up the table. Now there is a girl I could spend sometime with. Fiesty and beautiful. Too bad I'm on the run or I would see what I could get out of her. Oh well. Another time. Bound to go visit Stormy at some point. Still got to wonder what she is doing here by herself. Doesn't seem like Stormy to let her charges wander off to different cities alone.