Seduction 101

A Great Teacher Onizuka One-Shot Suspended-Relations Reality Fic by X-Sprinter

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Full Summary: Onizuka encounters Tomoko at the school's hallway. What if Tomoko was seductive and not naïve and Onizuka accepted the offer of Tomoko to touch her breasts. What will happen? Inserted to the part where Tomoko bumped to Onizuka when she was trying to frame him by orders of Miyabi.

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Chapter 1: Seduction 101

DANGER: Chapter contains lemony scenes not suitable for an audience under the age of 15 parental guidance is strictly recommended! Fanfiction is rated R for its lemon and lime segments

Tomoko was walking down the corridors sexily when he bumped to the one and only... Eikichi Onizuka.

"Oh, are you alright?" Onizuka asked as he was helping her up

"Yup I'm fine sirrr" Tomoko said seductively. She could notice the Onizuka was staring at her boobs intently and so she made the first move. "You want to touch them, their size f" She stated. "WHAT... F... aren't you only in 3rd year" Onizuka said. "Age doesn't matter sensei, as long as you like it" Tomoko said seductively. Onizuka then said "Don't tease your teacher" Onizuka said.

It was getting hot and the temperature was rising between. Tomoko then did not waste any time and grabbed Onizuka's hand and placed it on her left breast. Onizuka who was surprised at first resisted then went on with the flow as he started massaging her stiffened nipples.

He earned a moan, he didn't waste time and started to move his other hand from her thigh upward towards her genitals. He slipped his finger inside the tight panties and started to finger the student, occasionally earning moans.

He was moving his fingers in and out and when he felt her tense he stopped, making her hang in the climax. She then crawled her hands upward from his thighs and started to unbuckle his belt. She opened his zippers to free his tall solider and gently pumped it. Onizuka was in heaven and did not waste any longer. She brought her to the janitor's closet and undressed themselves leaving Onizuka and Tomoko in the brink of climax.

Onizuka then slid his member inside and adjusted it for her to adapt. Finally, adjustments were made, the awkward dance of movements started. Tomoko's moans of pleasure enticed and excited Onizuka who was plunging into her. Tomoko reached Onizuka's back and wrapped her legs around his waist. This gave Onizuka much more leverage as he thrust inside rough and hard. And when they cannot take in anymore, Onizuka came seconds after Tomoko did. He was still thrusting until he felt himself worn out. He slid out carefully and dressed.

"You... umm... better get back to class Tomoko" Onizuka said

"Hai Sensei" Tomoko said, returning to her naïve side and not telling anyone what they just did.


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