Hot Pursuit

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Full Summary: Miyuki and Natsumi advances to the next level of traffic handling situations. They have been positioned at the highway patrol section of the Traffic Division of Bokuto Police Department. Exactly after their promotion, numerous highway violators were caught using stolen vehicles with tampered plates, but could this be a conspiracy. What's happening?

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Chapter 1: Mitsubishi Lancer

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"A Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7 was just stolen a few days ago. It was said that the vehicles color is blue, however the vehicle is newly bought, so it still has no plates, but if you think that the Lancer is very suspicious, please call the Bokuto Traffic Station at the numbers below your screen... for other news..."

Captain Arizuka then turned the television of the AVR off. "Now that you all know the basic report, lets go to the traffic motives. The owner is one of the richest men in Tokyo; however, he said that he has something in that car that is more valuable than money can boy or even money itself. Our mission is to locate that vehicle. Officers Miyuki Kobayakawa and Natsumi Tsujimoto will be heading the operation. Dismissed"

"Captain can sure be a pain in the ass," Natsumi said.

"Well, lets just do our job okay" Miyuki said happily as they went to their vehicle.

They were promoted but still, Miyuki insisted to use her 'today'

They are now on patrol on Highway 5&6 when they detected a speeder and chased it.

"Here we go" Miyuki said

"Dispatch, this is Bokuto 3, we have spotted a speeding blue Mitsubishi Lancer at Highway 5&6, send back up over" Natsumi radioed. "Roger that Bokuto 3, Bokuto 8 will be your cover" Bokuto station replied.

They were swerving with the cars ahead of them, barely dodging every vehicle with inches to spare. Good thing, Miyuki was trained as a precision driving specialist. They are now exiting the Highway and entering the expressway. Fortunately they were headed south, still the jurisdiction of the Bokuto Highway Patrol section.

"Nitro ON!" Miyuki said as she pushed the Nitro button boosting the vehicle's power and catching up on the speeding vehicle.

"THIS IS NATSUMI TSUJIMOTO OF THE BOKUTO POLICE DEPARTMENT, PULL OVER THE SIDE OF THE ROAD BEFORE SOMEONE GETS HURT" Natsumi said at the megaphone. The suspect did not respond. "This is Bokuto 3, suspect is not responding, request we use a tack-strip, over" Natsumi said. "Roger that Captain says go ahead." HQ replied

"This is Bokuto 22, tack-strip is set up half a click from the old tower over" An officer said.

"Half a click, what are we, in Vietnam?" Natsumi asked teasingly

"Hey work with me baby, work with me" The officer replied

"Roger that 22, we'll be there in approximately 10 minutes" Natsumi replied

After 10 minutes... "Suspect has failed to hit the tack-strip, over" Natsumi radioed

"Roger that, suspect is still at large, continue your pursuit" HQ said

After a few moments... "Bokuto 3, you are reaching Bokuto/Tokyo jurisdictional border, keep your distance to a maximum precaution while we give you clearance" HQ radioed. "Roger that" Natsumi replied. "Damn it, we wont capture it now, and we cannot let Tokyo police department to get this fugitive" Miyuki said

"Relax, they'll give us clearance, if they don't, it's like they let the fugitive go" Natsumi said as she relaxed a bit

"Bokuto 3 maintain distance, you have no clearance to pursue suspect beyond our jurisdiction, lay-low Bokuto 3" "WHAT" Natsumi screamed. "You were saying" Miyuki teased. "Can we focus on the subject here" Natsumi stated

"Bokuto 3, this is Bokuto 22, we are reaching the jurisdictional border, we should pull back now" "Not yet" Miyuki said.

They were now past the Tokyo/Bokuto border and was going 120 kilometers per hour.


"Sorry Tokyo 9, we will not abandon our pursuit. This is way out of your hand" Natsumi radioed. "And your out of your league, after this pursuit, I will be reporting you to your officials Bokuto 3"

Miyuki then speeded up and as she had the right angle and timing, she pit maneuver the speeder making him tumble down to a stop.


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