My Son

Life can be funny sometimes. It can throw something that completely seems to change your life that you don't even understand it. The personality of my oldest son, Takuya is one of those things.

Of course, you would just think that I'm just saying that. Assuming that I think that the older brother should be considerate and help his younger brother at every turn, to avoid fighting with him, only to be surprised when they start fighting...

It's the fact that Takuya no longer does this that's the source of my confusion.

It's odd, one moment he's a child who's bored, running out of the home when waiting for his father to get home for his brother's birthday cake and gift giving, only to come back around an hour later, actually looking forward to spending time with him.

That was three weeks ago.

Takuya and Shinya used to fight almost constantly, over things that don't matter much. You know, the stuff most siblings fight about: who gets to decide what to watch on TV, whose turn it is to play video games, stuff like that.

Ever since Shinya's birthday, he just doesn't seem to care about that. He hasn't even touched the TV except when Shinya wasn't being able to get it to work in the last three weeks. He is... or was, an action-adventure anime fan, although now he doesn't even want to look at the television at all.

I actually questioned him about that, and he answered me, saying "It gets kind of boring, watching the main hero make a great mistake that nearly gets all of his friends nearly killed." Well I can understand certain things getting boring, but what bother's me about his answer is that he seemed to be hiding something...

Almost like his answer came from an experience that he had.

Never mind... there's no way that Takuya could've possibly had the chance to go through something out of an action TV show.

Anyway, Takuya also has really good friends, one of them who is around Shinya's age, named Tomoki.

I find it strange that Takuya would actually become friends with someone who is the age of his brother.

I also find it strange that he never even mentioned them before Shinya's birthday. He says that he knew them before then, but didn't get around to having them come over.

I know he's lying about that. Which only confuses me, as he shouldn't have been able to become good friends with people that easily.

One of his friends also happens to be a girl named Izumi. Shinya actually tried to tease Takuya by saying taunting him for having a girlfriend while she was over one time.

I think Shinya's trying to get Takuya to fight with him, just to make everything seem normal.

But that doesn't really scare me. Especially considering both Takuya and Izumi's reactions to that.

They both actually laughed, while denying it.

With that, I believe Takuya. I've seen how those two act together; they seem to act far more like brother and sister than anything else.

That just makes me wonder more about how they met, and what they've actually been through.

And for some reason, I think that Takuya and his friends are going to be very important someday, although I can't figure out why this really worries me.

I mean, it's not like Takuya and his friends are going to be the only thing that stands between the world and destruction.

Author's Notes:

This is obviously a POV from Takuya's mother, who wasn't named in the actual show.

Now that I think about it, this is probably the only piece of fanfiction that deals with Mrs. Kanbara.