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Parings: Harry x Draco, for now more later

Warnings: None yet, future lemon..OOC, fluff etc.

Story: The war is over and things have changed, so has Harry. Battle worn and mysterious the black haired teen is for the battle of his life...winning Draco...

Author's Note: Trying my hand at a Harry Potter fan fiction lol wish me luck! Hope you all like it, let me know and I'll write more.

Love Forever Silent

Chapter 1: Afterwards

It had been years in the making 16 to be exact, and here it was the moment. It was what he'd been training for, groomed for, afraid of. It all came down that this moment, this night...

"This ends here...tonight Voldemort!" Green eyes blazed strongly as the sword flashed dangerously, "No more running, no more hiding tonight is the end!"

The two titans clashed for a final time. "Damn you...." a serpentine voice hissed moment's before the world exploded...


The sun was streaming through the curtains playing across the slumbering figure in the bed. Pale blonde hair hung loose across the delicate face. The observer cocked his head slightly as sunshine coloured eyelashes fluttered open, revealing soft gray eyes. Chin resting on the bed the one watching smiled crookedly, happily. Gray eyes blinked slowly before an easy smile drifted across smooth features. "Morning Harry, how are you?"

Still smiling the one called Harry climbed onto the bed stretching out his long frame beside the smaller teen. A large scarred hand patted the blonde hair happily. Draco smiled, this was their morning routine. Still grinning Harry stood quickly fingers flicking rapidly before him, grey eyes narrowed watching closely, "Of course I'll be down in a minute". Nodding Harry left, still smiling slightly. Draco fell back in bed. His smile persisted, who would have thought living with Harry Potter, his sworn enemy would make him so happy.

Slowly the smile faded, but they all needed happiness now. The war with Voldemort had ended almost four months ago and they where still picking up the pieces. Lost family, friends, and loved ones. Draco had lost his family, although he hadn't really thought that bad. They where evil people as far as he was concerned. He had joined the side of the Light pretty fast once he'd finally realized what they where up to. In doing so he's grown closer to Harry.

Harry...the man was an enigma. And Harry was a man in every sense of the word. He had suffered more for the sake of the wizarding world then any mortal had right too. Yet he did it without complaint, shouldering the burden that had been thrust upon him. It was last year...their sixth year that he had changed so much. He threw himself into study, allowing only for Quidditch. He'd taken extra classes, and passed surprisingly enough all required courses for Hogwarts. He was technically already graduated. The smile appeared again on pale features.

Sitting up Draco drug himself out of bed, Harry had insisted Draco stay with him at Grimswauld place after the war, Draco's own mansion having burnt to the ground. So here he was happy to be with Harry...his secret crush. A flush appeared on his face, "Snap out of it Draco he's your friend...he won't like you like that." Angrily he pulled his cloths on, he couldn't help it though...he loved the strong, silent, handsome.... "Urg!" finished dressing he headed downstairs where his housemate was already preparing breakfast.

Delicious smells wafted through the house, "Smells good Harry," taking a seat he waited patiently. By unspoken rule Draco was not allowed to cook unless it was take out, after he nearly burnt down the house it had been the end of his attempts at cooking. Turning Harry's fingers flicked again in rapid succession, "Of course I love pancakes," Draco answered.

Turning back to the stove he easily flipped the doughy concoction. Draco admired the view, tall and broad Harry had filled out last year. Draco himself was tall and skinny by his estimation, but Harry was taller and way more muscular, had to be all that martial arts stuff he did. Harry had said that he need to have both his body and magic in tune in order to beat Voldemort...well he was right. He had barley lived through it.

Frowning Draco watched as Harry turned...here was the aftermath. Shaggy black hair fell forward on the strong tanned face, the hair although looking very cool hide his scar. Harry had once told Draco that he had been embarrassed by the scar wanting nothing more to hide it, now however there was more to conceal.

Whatever had happened to Harry that night no one will ever know. All they knew is what happened after.


Tired, and dirty Draco, Ron, Herminoe, Dumbledore, Remus, and the rest of the Order waited in silence in the hospital waiting room. All where worried, but none more so then the pale blonde.

Finally, after what seemed like hours the med wizard appeared, all those present in the waiting room gathered around the stout wizard in white robes. "Well?" Ron's already pale complexion looked ghostly, "Well...he'll be ok but..." trailing off the older wizard looked infinitely sad. "He's lost the use of his left eye, his left eardrum has ruptured leaving him deaf on that side. There are hundreds of cuts, and bruises...the worst being a long gash on his neck from ear to ear...we don't think...we don't think he'll ever be able to speak again." Glancing around at the tear streaked faces clustered around the doctor sighed, "He's saved us all...and sacrificed so much..." turning to leave the med wizard paused, "He can go home in a couple of days..."

No one spoke a word as the watched the retreating figure, just silent tears for the fallen hero.


It had been that faithful night, when everyone's life changed. From there it had been hard for all of them, none more so then Harry who had suffered both physically and mentally. Learning sign language had been hard to learn, Draco could read it better then he could sign, but Harry was fluent. Nothing every seemed to phase him anymore, so calm and relaxed.

Draco thought of the firs time he'd seen Harry's face without bandages. His left eye had a scar from his forehead through his eye ending just below his jaw. The left eye was useless now a milky orb that glared blankly into the world, baring only the faint traces of the emerald it had once been.

That's not where it ended though, lost in thought Draco's eye wandered to the three small scar that where parallel to one another across his lips. The white lines pulling tight with every twitch of those beautiful lips. Glancing lower Draco gazed upon the one scar that made him maddest...the one that Harry showed only to him. The twisted white line that ran across his throat from ear to ear. The one the professionals believed had nicked his vocal cords, thus the great and famous Harry Potter had lost his power of speech.

A tanned hand passed before his vision, a single emerald eye looked at Draco questioningly, The blonde felt a sense of raging helplessness...hundreds of scars adorned that form...he'd seen them. So much pain...training, battles, the war...they had all left there mark on him. And Harry was all the stronger for it. Draco didn't realize he was crying till he felt the a single digit touch his face. Without thinking Harry pushed his hair out of face, the useless eye looking listlessly at the sad blonde before him.

Without warning Draco leaned forward pulling Harry into a hug, "I'm so sorry...I wish...I wish that I could take some of that pain away Harry." Shocked at the first the silent teen quickly returned the hug more then happy to hold the little one in his arms. Breaking apart Harry placed two fingers under the blondes chin, 'It's ok' he signed in the air, 'I'm happy now.' Smiling he felt the scar tissue pull on his lips.

Wiping tears from his eyes Draco smiled slightly, "Me too Harry..." a sudden tension crackled in the air. An almost sense of anticipation. Till it was broken by the arrival of an owl, a large tawny one that could only mean one thing, "School letters..." Draco sighed. He was looking forward to getting back to school...but he didn't want to leave what he had here...here with Harry he felt...he felt safe. Grabbing the envelope with his name on it he opened the think envelope reading the new supplies and books he needed. "Bah...advanced potions my ass..." grumbling he looked over at Harry who seemed to have stopped breathing.

He was holding a letter of his own which seemed to be written in Dumbledore's flowing script. "Harry what is it?" Slowly the silent teen smiled secretively, "What made you so happy?" the blonde asked. Handing the letter over Harry continued to smirk slightly. Draco quickly read the letter to himself. "Dear Mr. Potter...blah blah blah in honour of great courage blah blah unique situation blah blah...we are pleased to inform you this fall you will be joining the staff as the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher..." trailing off gray eyes went wide. Glancing up he locked eyes with Harry. "You knew?" nodding Harry's smile grew wider, and Draco couldn't help grin as well.

"Harry you know what this means?" bitting his bottom lip slightly trying not to grin Harry shook his head, "This means shopping!" whooping with delight Draco ran back up stairs to change, "Get ready Harry, we're headed to Diagon Alley..." the blonde missed the look of panic that crossed Harry's face. The tall black haired man had not appeared in public since his defeat of Voldomort...he couldn't...he...only Draco had ever seen him like this. Seen what he truly looked like without all those bandages.

But he couldn't let Draco down...dashing upstairs he too changed to something more presentable then black track pants and plain shirt. His wardrobe was still bare as ever and just as baggy. Harry had giving up wearing the mandatory robes last year. It wasn't that he didn't like them, he just didn't have the freedom of movement he needed. His fighting skills had been honed to a fine edge and he refused to let them go. No teacher had ever reprimanded him for not wearing them. Guess they hadn't expected him to live.

Tugging on a pair of ill fitting jeans he threw a black zip hoddie over his t-shirt, thinking himself somewhat ready he reached for the sword. His hand stopping millimetres from the cold steel. The war was over now...Godric Gryffindor's sword gleamed brightly in the sun from his window. He'd been using the sword since the summer of his sixth year, Dumblodore had said he would need it and he was right.

Magic, he had leaned came from within you...the wand was a was a way to channel all that energy. But it didn't have to be a wand, you could use anything to channel and Harry's wand was twin to Voldomorts so it would never work. The sword though....had been his constant companion for a year now. Stepping away he shook his head...no the war was over. He had no use for such things. Turning to leave he was momentarily stopped by his reflection.

Halting he eyed the repulsive creature in the mirror. Horribly disfigured...how could Draco bare to look at him everyday? Why would Draco want someone like me. He wasn't sure why he put himself through this, keeping hope alive that one day he would be able to hold the beautiful blonde...to make him his...shaking his head he sighed, those where not thought he should have. Draco was far to good for him, Draco needed someone who wasn't tainted by blood.

Glaring at his reflection again he pulled his long unruly hair forward. The black mop was barely long enough for a ponytail but it easily concealed the left side of his face. Glancing around he grabbed a black bandanna he used to keep his hair back with when he cleaned. Wrapping the material around his neck he check him self in the mirror again for the most part he looked alright. Sighing he trudged out into the hall to meet his secret love.

"All set Harry?" Sighing he nodded slipping on his skater shoes he eyed Draco appreciatively. The blonde was always immaculately dressed, gray dress pants with a black button down shirt... a nice charcoal coloured on top of that. He looked good enough to eat. Flushing Harry straightened signing he was ready to go.