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Love Forever Silent

Epilogue: Six years later…

'In order to defend against the Dark Arts, you need to understand the Dark Arts…' Professor Potter was writing in the chalkboard back to the class. Behind him his Advanced DADA seventh years was furiously scribbling notes, except for several of the girls who were sighing trying to gain attention form the hot Professor Potter. While two other boys where more interested in something very different… 'Mr. Edwards, what is it about Mr. Weathers that is more interesting then me at this very moment?' there was a ripple of laughter throughout the class. Harry hid a grin as he glanced at the two teens blushing beet red.


The bells tolled and class ended, once all the kids had filtered out he gathered his work heading for the door only to come face to face with the Transfiguration teacher, 'Hey Hermione, how you feeling?' groaning she huffed settling her hand behind her back, "Way to pregnant Harry," grinning he offered her his arm as the headed for the Great Hall and lunch.

Hermione and Ron were three years married and currently expecting their first. The pregnant Hermione was entering her final month and ready to pop at any moment. Making it to the Great Hall he helped her to her seat before settling next to her. He saw his best mate tracking across the hall he was a looking rather dirty, with a roughish grin. Hermione gave a huff as young female students followed her husband's progress across the floor. He joined them at the head table, "Oi mate doing well?" he gave Harry a friendly pat, Ron was the Care of Magical Creature Professor Hagrid having decided to give up the teaching part preferring to maintain the grounds of Hogwarts.

Headmaster Dumbledore had retired four years ago, leaving Professor McGonagall to be headmaster which had made Harry now head of Gryffindor house. Laughing the three began the noon meal.


Harry sat on his broom monitoring the practice, the Quiddictch team was looking very decent this year. Blowing his whistle he motioned for them to touchdown on the field, 'Excellent job guys, lets pack it in for the night.' The last of the team was moving across the large field back to the castle. Settling his broom over his shoulder he began to follow whistling softly, the sun was setting and it was the beginning of a new school year.

Smiling he headed for the main entrance a figure leaned in the open doorway, "Hey stranger…" the other figure whispered. Grinning Harry jumped the steps two at a time, 'Hey love…' the tall dark haired man pulled the slim blonde into his arms. Draco was dressed casually in his tight jeans and one of Harry's large hoodie's. Twenty-three year old Draco was just as beautiful as the day he'd met him. 'Off early tonight?' the med-wizard smiled, "Yeah, I thought I'd surprise you," long arms wrapped around Harry's neck, leaning forward Draco bite his lovers ear hard, "You look so hot Harry…" smirking the other man looked down at his Gryffindor jersey he was wearing for practice. "You look exactly like you did the day you won the Quidditch cup our final year…I wanted to fuck you so bad." Dark brows raised in arousal, "You were so hot, tough and toned the game was brutal and hard…makes my knees weak just thinking about it."

His erection was straining against his pants, without a permeable he tossed Draco over his shoulder making a dash for their bedroom. He barley waited while Draco signed the password, running up the stairs to the bed. Laughing the blonde bounced across the bed coming up on his knees he shed his sweater his skin tight white t-shirt rode up on pale abs. Harry froze standing beside the bed, he watched as long elegant fingers unsnapped the button fly of the tight jeans pulling them low…Draco did not wear underwear with those jeans. Swallowing thickly Harry stood unmoving as the jeans went lower. "Harry you were so good today at the game…so tough…you've carried me back here what are you going to do to me?" Harry grinned wolfishly his lover wanted to play. 'You Draco…I'm going to make mine…' shedding his shirt he crawled across the bed.

"Oh yeah?" coming up to Draco he threaded his fingers through silky blonde hair pulling it back sharply he exposed the pale sleek neck. He bite hard relishing the moans his little lover was making, Draco had a little bit of a domination fetish. He loved it when Harry took charge, gave him no option simply threw him down and ravished him. Strong arms surrounded him as Harry all but ripped his shirt off. Long loose blonde hair fell across narrow shoulders, he looked incredibly innocent his pale eyes lidded with lust, lush lips swollen from harsh kisses.

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Sighing softly Draco cuddled close as was their nightly ritual he lifted his hands above him silhouetted in the moonlight long fingers began to sign out words. 'Will you be here when I wake?' large tanned hands joined his, 'Always, I'll be here when you wake tomorrow and everyday after that…' titling his head up he kissed Harry slowly, lingering. "I love you Harry Potter," he felt those lips smile against his. Before they spoke silently, 'I love you Draco Malfoy,' content they slipped off to sleep, all was right with the world.