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Author's notes:

This story takes place maybe a few months after the end of Highlander the Raven. I would appreciate any helpful and constructive reviews of this piece of writing. Any and all mistakes, pertaining to the characters, timeline, historical accuracy, etc. are mine. Any that you may find I chalk up to artistic license and/or creating an AU.

Also, it should be noted that this story has nothing to do with my previous stories I have written that fall within the Highlander universe.

A Lesson in Living


Nick had run off, leaving Amanda alone in the warehouse. She had shot him, to save his life, to give a new life as an Immortal. If he had died of the poison, he might not have come back to life. Since she shot him in the heart, not letting the poison end his life, he did revive, placing him the Game. Instead of being grateful, Nick ran off, angry with Amanda for doing this to him, triggering his Immortality.

Eventually, she collected her belongings and stole out of the grime infested building and made her way across Paris, back to the Sanctuary. When she arrived, Amanda discovered that Nick had returned, packed up, and disappeared. He did leave a note, more for Burt than her.

Let Burt know that I am returning to Toragor.

He can contact me there.

Don't call or drop in. You crossed a line.


Amanda sighed. It was moments like this that she desperately missed Lucy. She always could find a way to make things better. However, Lucy was back in the States, in Chicago, visiting a favorite nephew and it was up to her to make things better.

She was worried about Nick. He was out in the world, off Holy Ground, without a sword, not knowing how to properly defend himself against other Immortals. Nick was an easy target for eager headhunters that would be looking for an easy Quickening.

A part of her wanted to follow Nick back to Toragor, but she knew from experience and from the letter, that he would not be receptive towards her. He needed a teacher, but it could not be her. Duncan, while he was an excellent teacher, he was not ready to take on another student, especially after what had happened with Richie. Slowly it dawned on her. The choice of a teacher for Nick was obvious.

She found her address book and leafed through the pages. Once she found the entry she was looking for, she quickly dialed and over-seas' phone number.

The phone rang three times before someone picked up.


"Adam, its Amanda."