A short snippet. 150 words. Humor. Surprise pairing. Please feel free to post reviews, whether they are complimentary or critical.

Two bodies, one bed, and one demand.

"What's that, now?"

"You heard me the first time. I want another round."

"You're gonna tire me out, pet."

"Yeah, so? I just made a request and I deserve to be treated right."

"But for God's sake, it's nearly ten minutes long!"

"Hey! You get to live forever... I think you can afford this."

"Wasn't I good 'nough for you the first time?"

"'Course you were – you were too good – I'm hooked, babe."

"Well... alright. But just know – I'm doin' this as a personal favor for you, love."

She smiled as he began – "'A long, long time ago, I can still remember...'"

"You got a hot voice, Spike."

"I know, pet. But thanks for mentioning it anyway, Faith. Now," he jumped on top of her, "where were we?"

"Right 'bout here," she said, put her arms around his neck, and kissed him passionately.