Book of Journeys

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    Sarman paced around the room, studying his model of the Diadem. Two-thirds of the gems glowed with an inner fire, making the darker gems around the edge stand out all the more. Only the Rim and Outer Circuit was left. He had been steadily working his way from the center for eight years now. Only a few more years, and then he would be free.

    Sarman looked at the dark gems. He had worked outwards for the last eight years, but now he wondered if it would go faster if he started to work from the Rim. He had been very patient since getting trapped on Jewel, and he would be for as long as he needed to be. The though of his freedom had, as always, made him impatient for the day he would finally be free.

    He walked towards a gem, farthest from the central diamond. An emerald, representing the planet kwon as Earth. A ruby representing Calomir and a sapphire for Ordin were nearby, but Earth was the farthest. The person he would use to power the emerald would take the longest of all the worlds to reach Jewel.

    Sarman smiled his sinister, dark smile. He could bring a person from Earth here to see how fast working from the Rim inwards was as opposed to working outwards from the center.

    He left the gem room and went to his mirror, willing it to show him the most powerful magic-users on Earth.

    "Shadows," he said, "to me."

    The Shadows peeled themselves from the dark corners of the room. They gathered around behind their master, awaiting his instructions. They had, after all, been doing this for the last eight years.

    The mirror brightened, showing the blue-green planet. Three lights blinked on, white with intensity. Sarman focused on the first one. The mirror showed him a picture of a young girl in a wheelchair. Something about her seemed familiar…

    "Ah, yes," Sarman remembered. "Destiny. So that is what became of her." He chuckled darkly. "Best leave her there to suffer."

    He focused on the next light. This time the mirror showed hi a boy, about the same age as Destiny's new body. The boy was being beaten by an older man, presumably the boy's father. Sarman watched as the man finished, leaving with a disgusted look on his face. The boy crawled into a corner and curled into a ball, watching the room with scared eyes.

    "Too young," Sarman said. "Too weak." The poor boy probably didn't know of his magical potential, or even that magic was real. "Too pathetic."

    He turned his attention to the third light. It showed a girl, older than the abused boy or Destiny. She had long blue-black hair that cascaded down her back, ending a little past her waist. Her head turned, showing her piercing, steel blue eyes. This girl was very powerful, and in more than just magic. The way she carried herself showed an absolute confidence, almost like anything that come at her would simply fall under her cold glare.

    "You were watching?" Sarman asked, undaunted by what he had seen. The Shadows writhed in eagerness, nodding. "Go then. Be sure to inform Aranak, on Treen, that he will soon have a new student. Have him send a Beastial to escort the girl." The Shadows listened carefully as Sarman explained the rest of his plan.

    Eager and willing, the Shadows quickly departed, and were soon spiraling down to the blue-green planet called Earth.

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