On All Hallows Eve

Rated: PG-13 (mostly for later scenes, rating could POSSIBLY go up!)

Summary: The night of the masquerade ball from Anna's perspective. Embellishes and adds on to the movie...what really happened before, during, and after the ordeal?

Chapters: 1-Kidnapped

2-Meeting the Devil


4-A Lonely Dance


6-To Love a Werewolf


Author's Note: Hey all, what's up? This is just a fun fanfic exploring the scenes surrounding Anna's kidnapping and Dracula's ball, nothing too complex. Seriously, though, I always wondered what happened before...and after, too! Rated for mostly violence, language, and sexuality...just to be safe! So anyways, hope you like it—if you do, please review! Thanks, Whitney

Chapter One: Kidnapped

Anna Valerious, brave and fearless gypsy princess, was afraid.

It probably had something to do with the fact that she was dangling upside down hundreds of feet in the air, carried painfully by the ankle by a vicious vampire, heading towards her mortal enemy's lair. Of course, knowing that her brother was dead and Van Helsing had been bitten wasn't helping either.

As she watched forests and rivers fly past below her and listened to Aleera's triumphant laughing, Anna fought both to keep her mounting fear constrained and her breakfast down. And as Dracula's castle loomed closer on the horizon, these tasks were getting harder and harder to perform.

"So, Anna," cackled Aleera, looking down at her captive in amusement, "I'm sure you are just dying to meet my master! He will be so pleased to have you."

Anna did not dignify this with a response, she merely spat in contempt.

"You know Anna," continued the vampire in a more bitter tone, "you caused us so much trouble! First Marishka, then Verona, both dead because of you and your handsome young friend!"

This time Anna could not contain herself. She glanced up at her and spat, "Yes, and you will be dead also in the near future, if Van Helsing gets anywhere near you!"

Aleera laughed again, and it rang in Anna's ears like a haunting echo as they neared Castle Frankenstein.

Aleera unceremoniously dumped Anna in a small stone covered chamber after flying in the castle gates and changing back into her human form. She then proceeded to admire her nails in apparent deep concentration while Anna, dizzy and exhausted, caught her breath and examined her bruised and torn ankle.

After a few moments Aleera walked over to her prisoner where she lay panting and kicked her hard in the ribs. "Get up," she taunted, eyes glinting. I know my master cannot wait long to see you!"

Anna glared at her as she awkwardly stood up, then gasped in pain when she put wait on her injured ankle. Aleera merely giggled as she left the room, locked the door, changed back into her vampire form, and flew off into the towers of the fortress, leaving Anna cold, wounded, alone, and once again very much afraid.

After carefully testing the door and perusing the room, she conceded that there was no escape and sat down in the center of her prison, her head in her hands.

"Oh, Van Helsing," she whispered. "Oh, Gabriel. Come quickly."

A/N: Sorry so short! This is basically just an introductory prologue. Keep reading, the chapters get longer and better! Plus, we get to meet Dracula, which is always cool. So please review and read on!