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This is gonna be a longer fic of several parts and this is just the sort of introduction of the madness that's to come! Sort of a sentimental/romantic/comedy hopefully, * lol * Enjoy!

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Father of the Bride




I had never really considered Helga as my little girl until she wasn't anymore, that night when she came in and announced she was engaged was the first time I really saw her without those stiff little pigtails and the starched pink dress and bow. Those words "I'm engaged" opened my eyes, really, and for the first time in twenty-five years I saw her as my daughter, my little girl, Helga. Of course, I was too late, she wasn't my little girl any more, quite the contrary, she was a grown woman set to embark on the journey of marriage. When she stood before me that night, the most beautiful smile on her face, a smile of true happiness, I don't think I'd ever seen anyone look so beautiful in my entire life. Every fibre of my being screamed, a mixture of confused emotions jamming at a crossroads in my head. I kept thinking, "Married? You have got to be kidding me, you're only nine!" But she wasn't nine, not at all, she was twenty-five, an adult that has the right to make her own decisions, and besides, who was I to start to taking an interest in her life now? I never had before…


Helga looked again and the diamond ring on her finger, smiling when it sparkled gently every time the light danced across its surface. She looked up from it into a pair of similarly sparkling green eyes, glowing just for her. Arnold smiled, delighted that the answer to his question was yes, he kissed his bride-to-be gently on the cheek as the stood together for a moment on Helga's parents front stoop.

"So how do you think they'll take it?" Asked Arnold softly, a twinge of nervousness evident in his tone.

"Oh I wouldn't worry if I were you, Miriam will most probably be half asleep when we break the news and Bob won't even know we're actually in the room", Helga sighed in reply.

Arnold laughed slightly but there was an undertone of sympathy as he gently ran the back of his fingers across her cheek, "Shall we?"

"Let's", the blonde woman smiled, not letting even her poor excuses for parents' ruin the happiest night of her life.


The game was pretty much sucking that night, so maybe it was my lack of attention with the television I have to thank for my attention to other things around me that particular evening. I managed to notice Miriam was in high spirits, a rather unusual turn of events, she was even whistling a merry tune as she attended to certain duties around the kitchen. I caught myself smiling as I forgot the game and listened, it's not often she is happy and it's an occurrence that I enjoy, since I don't seem to have the power to give her that emotion myself.

I don't remember the doorbell ringing but I do remember Miriam's sing song voice as she called, "I'll get it B!"


"Mom! I have the most wonderful news", cried Helga as she hugged her mother tightly, Arnold grinning widely as he stayed slightly out of the way.

"Oh ok sweetie", laughed Miriam "Come on in and tell us all about it!"

The three blondes headed into the living room, eyes gleaming and Miriam still clasping her daughter's hand as she sat on the nearest chair. Helga inhaled deeply and took Arnold's hand in hers for support; she grinned as Arnold squeezed her hand to encourage her.

"Mom, Dad…I'm engaged!"

There was a static pause as the weight of the news took its impact and as the second delay passed a huge smile cracked on Miriam's face and she jumped up in excitement and ran towards the young adults.

"Oh my God, Helga! That is so wonderful, oh, oh, I don't know what to say! My baby girl, I'm so happy for you!" Screeched the older woman as she took her daughters face in her hands and kissed her forehead, her eyes beginning to shine with joyful tears. She laughed cheerily and moved towards Arnold and embraced him tightly making him gasp.

"Oooh, Arnold, I couldn't have picked anyone better for my little girl! I know you'll make each other happy!" She held him at a distance and looked at him sternly for a moment "You do love her don't you?"

"With every fibre of my being", he breathed.

Miriam smiled with a slight twinge of relief and hugged the boy once more.

Helga laughed and snaked her arms around her new fiancée's waist. Miriam looked on at the happy couple with beaming pride before turning to her still silent husband.

"Bob? You've been awfully quiet, don't you have anything to say about your little girl getting married?"

Helga just rolled her eyes; she had learned over the years not to expect much her father…


To be continued…