Jenna stood on the porch watching as Kim, Jack and Pete drove off. She sighed listening to the soft clink of glass as MacGyver finished loading the dishwasher. She turned and entered the cabin in time to watch as he moved away from her toward the living room. She heard him sigh and watched as he took a seat on the couch and ran a hand through his hair. She smiled softly as she closed the door with a soft click and locked up before turning back toward the living room. Mac was staring into the fire as she took a seat beside him. She watched his eyes move toward her and she smiled, "Thank you." She said softly and watched his eyes light as he smiled back at her.

"You're welcome…so? When are we leaving?" He asked her quietly.

Jenna sighed, "Um, I'm not leaving just yet." She admitted as she glanced away from Mac. Jenna could feel the weight of his eyes on her and she had to fight not to squirm.

"I thought you told Kim you would be there for the baby?" Mac asked watching Jenna with a small frown.

"I did, and I will…she's not due for another month or so." Jenna said quietly.

"Wait…what am I missing?" Mac asked turning fully toward her, "Jenna…you don't need to hide up here anymore…why would you stay?"

"I'm not hiding." Jenna snapped, standing up and moving for the kitchen.

MacGyver shook his head, confusion plain on his face as he watched her go, he stood then and followed her watching as she took down a glass, added ice and then water from a bottle in the fridge. He couldn't understand what else was holding her back…for some reason he had figured Kim would have been the last hurdle before Jenna would at least agree to leave the cabin for civilization. "Jenna…?" He said her name softly, watching as color seemed to climb her face. "I don't get it….what am I missing?" He asked again.

Jenna sighed, she was afraid, so terribly afraid that if she gave what she and MacGyver had blossoming between them a chance that she wouldn't be able to give him what he needed and in the end it would be a horrible mistake. She swallowed not sure how to explain this all to him. She had her head down, her heart in her throat when she felt his arms circle her from behind. She jumped slightly as he put his mouth against her ear and kissed lightly, "Breathe…" He whispered, "We take one second, one minute at a time…I promise I won't push and in the end if you don't want the same things I do…" He swallowed, "…I promise I'll let you go and wish you well."

Jenna put the glass down and turned in his arms, tipping her face up so she could look him in the eyes. "Are you sure…can you let something you love go that easily?" She asked him.

Mac sighed softly as he caressed her face with one hand, pushing her hair back. He didn't answer her but leaned in and gently caught her mouth with his. The kiss was slow and gentle. When he pulled back he watched as her eyes blinked open slowly, they were slightly unfocused and he smiled. "Who says you'll want to go anywhere given enough time and all my charm?" He asked her with a gentle grin.

Jenna sighed giving a slow shake of her head "Mac…"

MacGyver didn't wait but leaned in again and caught her mouth a second time tightening his hold on her as he deepened the kiss. It was only a few seconds before he felt her sigh, her body relaxing against his as her arms came to rest on his chest. When the kiss ended he sighed and leaned his chin on top of her head. She stayed silent and he finally chanced a look down. Her head was resting on his chest, her eyes closed. He smiled and stroked a hand through the soft strands of her hair, "If you give me a second I have a proposal of sorts…you willing to listen?" He asked brushing a soft kiss to her forehead. Mac watched her sigh, and nod but her eyes remained closed.

Mac cleared his throat, "The boathouse is big enough for two of us, we can share the bedroom." He felt her stiffen and sighed, "I'll sleep fully dressed." He said with a slow shake of his head, "Recall me saying we go at your pace? But the couch can get uncomfortable after a few nights…can we agree to share the bed?" He heard her sigh. "Come on Jenna…we go back and you stay with me. As far as our days, I told Pete tonight that I'm taking a sabbatical for six months. So…" Mac sighed "You see you're stuck with me…I thought we might work at the Challengers club…I know you'd do great with the kids…and…" He didn't get any further as he felt her disengage from his hold as she pulled away and turned her back on him again. He watched her take a sip from her water glass and noticed that her hand was shaking. He stayed quiet deciding that he'd let her have a minute and see if she'd open up. He circled the counter and sat down resting his chin on one hand as he watched her in silence.

Jenna would have sworn her heart was going to jump through her throat. She sipped from her water glass again. She glanced out the window into the darkness and sighed softly, she could practically hear Matt screaming at her in her head calling her chicken. She chanced a glance at MacGyver and felt her tears spill over. He moved then, standing and coming around to her, gathering her silently into his embrace. "I'm sorry…I'm scared…scared I won't be what you need me to be, that I won't make you happy…" She finally confessed. She felt him sigh as he kissed the top of her head softly.

"I don't expect you to be anything but yourself…the woman I fell in love with is still here. If you give me the chance I can prove it to you…and like I said…we move at the pace you set, no faster. Remember I told you once I'm a decently patient guy?"

Jenna felt a small smile tug at her lips and she shook her head and groaned softly knowing she'd made a decision. "Fine…but I get the side closest to the bathroom." She said softly. She felt Mac pull away and looked up to see the confusion on his face. "The bed…your bed…I get…" She didn't get any further as he gave a soft woop and smiled as he pulled her toward him and kissed her soundly. When he pulled away he saw her shock and chuckled, "Sorry…couldn't help myself, so? When do we leave?" He asked her.

Jenna shrugged, "A day or so, we need to close up the house and pack."

"You got yourself a deal…" He said.