Equinox: Book 1
Chapter 1
The beginning.






All... are my creations!!


Laughter ringed sinisterly through out an insanely large alien mother ship orbiting the moon. Looking down at the war torned earth.

-----10 miles in the Earth's Surface---------

Deep within the confines of a huge underground base, situated ten miles under the Hinata province, there was a room full of mysterious, old men and women, wearing military suits, and all representing a different kind of rank in the military.

All of them were sitting along side each other silently, around a huge round table. At least fifteen men and women were present in that room, staring at the metallic walls covering the underground room.

The door creaked opened, letting light from the hallway outside to seep into the dark illuminated room.

Everyone looked at the door.

A women, about the age of thirty, walked into the room, with a cigarette in her mouth. Her long, black hair lingered behind herself as her walking showed signs of immense pride, and leadership, as she strutted towards the only empty chair in the room.

Everyone stood up and immediately saluted towards the obviously superior officer.

"At ease...." She instructed, sitting down on the vacant seat.

She took one last drag of her smoke, and flicked the remaining cigarette into the near by trash can.

Everyone stood silent...

The women scanned the whole room, glaring at all the many officers, generals, and lieutenants, sitting next to her.

She sighed.

"First thing is first people...I thank you for electing me, Haruka Urashima, leader of this resistance...I don't know why you chose me, but I thank you all anyways." She said standing up bowing.

One man stood up.

"There is no need for you to thank us, Haruka-san! We are honored to have you lead this resistance, you have one of the best strategic, and scientific mind in this whole world, no one rivals your ruthlessness and wittiness in the heat of battle." He said sitting back down.

Haruka chuckled.

"Don't flirt with me Hitikashi-san.." She smirked.

Everyone chuckled silently.

Haruka straitened out her face back to a serious one. "Now to the matter at hand people...."

Everyone tensed.

"Before I get started, I shall now summarize what has happened for the past month...So as to refresh some of your memories."

She cleared her throat.

"On, July 3rd, 2014, at exactly 3:30 PM several huge purple beams of immense energy bombarded unto five heavy populated cities. The cities were Tokyo, London, New York City, Moscow, and Washington. This caught not just the countries who held those cities, but the whole world off guard. The five cities were decimated by the sheer power of the unknown beam killing well over 1 billion people in one whole minute."

A pause.....She then continued.

"After that attack, waves of unidentified flying objects appeared in the sky. All about the size of a normal Harrier jet, but more nimble and powerful. These "planes" dove into major cites, and military bases murdering a billion more people with their bombing run....... With whatever military anyone had left in the world, we launched a counter attack at this mysterious force at exactly 3:35 PM. However our attempts were futile.....Our weapons were not effective against these fighter planes, because of their shielding and because of the lack of fighter planes we put up in the skies, but we were able to destroy a handful of the enemy."

Haruka looked at everyone...then continued....

"On July 10th huge alien spaceships, came into view at exactly noon that day. There was a sum total of five spaceships, and all of them appeared to be the source of the monstrous beam that wrecked havoc to the fice major cities. These huge mother ships descended towards earth, and all landed in one of the five craters that was left behind by the power of the huge beam. Reporters, and spies say that troops of many alien races were let out from these ships, and started to march into the countries they landed upon. The remaining troops of each country took up arms and fought them all. That was a futile fight also.....On July 15th every one retreated deep underground as to not be completely wiped out by this mysterious foe. Then this resistance was made. With all the remaining generals, and officers, working together the resistance that we now call Equinox.....lead by my brother Kurama Urashima, and his wife Kaiko Urashima."

She paused to scan the area once again.... then continued.

"Later on, with more fierce battles and encounters. Both of them sacrificed their lives so we were able to get more info on our enemy."

Haruka's throat suddenly got dry..but she went on.

"It seem that they call themselves "The Council". This council, is an order that is made up of three distinct alien races..."

Haruka picked up a remote that laid on top of the table. With one press of a single button, a flat screen monitor was lowered down from the ceiling in the far side of the room.

Everyone looked at the screen as a hideous creature popped up on screen. It had the shape of a human being, but instead of it having skin, it instead had scales. Huge green scales covered this monstrosity head to toe, several horns were clearly sticking out from various places of its body as it wore a strange metallic armor around his body. It carried a long sharp halberd on its back as well.

"Our Intel says that these creatures are called Slytherians. They are a reptilian kind of race as you can clearly see. Their troops do not use ranged weapons like rifles, but use their insane strength and weapon skills to take us out. A group of three of these monsters can take out a whole platoon if we are not careful around these things. The halberd that most use in combat emit strange lightning bolts from the tip of the blade. Causing heavy burns and cuts to whomever gets caught in its range."

Haruka pushed another button in the remote.

The green reptile was replaced with one that closely resembles that of a human. Except for the fact that most of the skin was metallic. On side of the head was covered in a silver metal, and the eye was replaced with a glowing red optic. One arm was a normal arm, while the other was a high-tech power rifle.

"This race half human, half machine, or also known as cyborgs. They call themselves Cordanians . Out Intel says that these are the technicians and the ranged fighters of the Council. They are extremely advanced and is responsible for all the weapons and ships for the Council. They are also very good with heavy weaponry, and spying. Their right arm has the ability to change into anything the person wants it to be. A whole platoon of our finest men was massacred by only a pair of these Cordanians from afar who changed their right metallic arm into a rifle."

Haruka pushed another button.

The cyborg was then replaced with another race. This one looked the most human out of all the three, except for the slight deviation. The slight deviation is that their ears were pointy, like that of an elf in fairy tales. The elf like creature wore a majestic silk robe that draped all over her body.

"These are the masterminds of the Council. They call themselves Elvens......They are the magical and most devious of the three races. Their main offence and defense is their magic. Their magic is used by calling upon the power of various stones. Out Intel says these stones are called rune stones and is the backbone of the Council's immense power. Only the Elvens could have used these stones..until the Council was made. With the help of the Cordanian and the Slytherian scientists, they were able to use these stones for their own equipment. They embedded these magical stones in their vehicles, armor, swords etc. Then they have special magival effects that the stones emit."

Haruka paused.

Another man spoke up.

"That is the reason why they have an upper hand against us. The shields in their ships, the lightning bolt coming from the Slytherian halberd, and all the other advances they have. All becuase of the Rune stones!"

"That is correct general. But...they may not have the upper hand now."

Everyone in the room cocked an eyebrow.

"We have recently learned that killing an alien trooper with the stones in their equipment is not a way of getting these advances. The enhanced equipment cannot be used because when the stones are a tuned with that soldier it can only be used by that same soldier....however..."

Haruka grinned.

"We got ourselves three pieces of a rune stone.....which were raw.....we then embedded them in various equipment..and someone was handpicked...by me...to test and use them out...."

Everyone's smile deepened and the atmosphere was switched from sorrow to great hope.

One officer raised his hand.

"Who is this man you picked!" He yelled

Haruka turned around, her back facing them as she closed her eyes.

"He is my brother's son ....my nephew.....Keitaro Urashima!"

----------Training facility 55-----------

In the same underground base where the meeting took place, there stood Keitaro, inside a huge and wide room. Nothing was inside this room except Keitaro himself. He wore a black jumpsuit, with a hi-tech bracelet in his right hand, a leather vest was draped over his shoulder and a knife that was sheathed in his belt.

Lights turned on in the room.

A petite, girl's voice rang threw the room from speaker phones set up in the sides of the room.

"Um...ano....Sempai, are you ready?!" The voice echoed.

Keitaro opened his eyes.

"Yes, Shinobu-chan. Go on with the test...."

"Ok , Sempai. We will first try out the stone we embedded in the communicator we created. That communicator, is what you will use to talk to me during a mission, and can analyze anything in the battlefield. Now to activate the stone's power push the red button to the left."

Keitaro looked at the bracelet, and saw the red button.

"Well here goes nothing..." He thought before pushing the button.

The bracelet glowed a light blue.

A surge of power went thru out Keitaro's body. Paralyzing him for a second. Then as quick as it went it was gone.

He didn't feel any different.

"Sempai!?! Where are you?" Boomed Shinobu's worried voice over the intercom.

Keitaro gasped when he looked at himself.

There was none of himself to look at....

Keitaro chuckled.

"I'm still here Shinobu! It seems that this stone can give me invisibility Shinobu-chan!" Keitaro said running around the empty facility, invisible.

"Well Sempai, could you please be visible again so we can test the other stones..." She said in a monotone voice.

Keitaro frowned.

"Party pooper Shinobu-chan..." He thought, pushing the button once again to turn himself visible once again.

"Now Sempai, we embedded a rune stone in the knife we gave you. Just unsheathe it from your belt and it should activate what ever magic the stone does. "

Keitaro already unsheathed the small knife during Shinobu's speech and the magic has already awoken.

Keitaro just stood in place, looking at his knife....or.....his sword. The knife was transformed when Keitaro unsheathed it. The small knife transformed into a glowing blue sword of light.

Keitaro took a couple swipes with it, lighting the whole room blue as he swung elegantly to the right, then to the left.

After practicing he sheathed the saber of light. Right when the tip touched the belt pocket, it immediately turned back to a normal knife. Making sheathing the long sword or short knife easier.

"Alright! I'm liking this Shinobu-chan! How about the last stone!"

"I'm sorry Sempai! We do not have enough time to study the last one, we will do it later on. Haruka-sama wants to see us both." With that said, the intercom turned off leaving Keitaro in the silent room.

Keitaro shrugged and walked out of the room.

---------A Council Mothership, orbiting the moon-----

A huge alien mother ship orbited the moon slowly as the passengers inside rested. One room stood apart from all the pipes and dull rooms that spread though out the spaceship. This one room had long drapes hanging from the painted ceiling and the architecture is similar to that of a cathedral. A throne stood in the middle of the room, with a female High Elven sitting on it. A huge pane of glass behind her giving her a pretty site of the moon.

The huge double swinging door swung open with brute force.



A small tanned Cordanian girl came running towards the tall Elven perched on her throne. She scurried on the red silk carpet, as her right metallic arm shape shifted from a rifle to a normal arm.

She reached the steps leading up to the throne, and knelt down, her head facing the floor.

"High Priestess! I wish to talk to you about a grave matter at hand."

"Speak Suu...." The Elven's voice boomed and echoed thru out the large cathedral room.

"Well High Priestess, a shipment of three rune stones were flying over what the humans call the Pacific Ocean. It was somehow shot down and all three of the raw rune stones are now in custody to a the human resistance that call themselves the Equinox."

"So what if three rune stones are now in the hands of some puny humans...it can not go against all the other stones and magic we have in our possession..."

"But High Priestess....one of the rune stone's magic....may ...proove...grave.."

"What do you mean Suu. You are one of the top Cordanian scientists we have! Why has this spooked you out." Her voiced boomed with a slight bit of curiosity in them.

Suu looked up at the High Elven.

"This rune stone....is the same stone...we are experimenting in the Angelus project....." Suu nervously said.

The High Elven stood up furiously, her elegant white robe shifted from right to left as her sudden movement surprised the now scared cyborg girl. Her face red with anger.

"WHAT! You let them have the Angelus Stone! GET IT BACK FROM THOSE PATHETIC HUMANS!" The Elven then sat back down, motioning the young one to get out of her sight.

"Y-yes High Priestess.......Naru...." Suu said ran out of the room closing the double doors to leave Naru in the room alone.

The light of the moon behind her illuminated her long silky blonde hair, her clear white skin, and her overall beauty as she sat on the throne contemplating..

-------End of chapter 1-------