Chapter 5

First Strike: Log 1

Operation First Strike. Log One

Tokyo city…

Where there once stood a pride, lush concrete jungle, full of tall skyscrapers, massive buildings, and the busy life of common humans. Now stood a stone silent graveyard. A grave yard full of wrecked building faces, small craters that were scattered everywhere in random fashion in the many highways located in the now destroyed Tokyo.

The aliens and the dead walk among the ruins of this deprived human less city. Lizards and cyborgs could all be seen littered through out the broken apartment buildings, rummaging for information and human bodies. The smell of previous battle where blood and guts were honorably spilled by fellow comrades in arms still lingered in the cold, lifeless air. Dead soldiers were piled for miles around, in the many black alleyways that were in between every half erect building.

At the center of this raped city, where the heart of commerce and society used to manifest itself every time business hours rung in, now resides a huge smoking crater. A crater with a diameter of seven miles. Made by one of the many beams of light that pierced the skies from the heavens and laid waste to where ever it hit.

Now in the center of this remarkable hole, stood a tall, gleaming, monstrosity that could be seen from miles away…

A symbol of the Council…

A tower…

It was a perfect cylinder of a tower, that reached up high to the skies and clouds. Touching the heavens themselves. It was made out of alien material that no current scientist could be able to decipher and break down. It was the complete opposite of the city. It stood proud, shining, and with no scratch on its perfect surface. It had a span of five miles as its diameter, and no human being has ever stepped into it alive and come out the same.

As the roads reached further and further out from the silver tower and towards the gates of Tokyo city. Building heights lessened and residential houses formed. Lawns and driveways came into view accompanied and with them came the eerie calmness of an empty suburbia. A suburbia filled with empty streets where children used to play. Where children used to shout, run and scream with joyful attitudes. But instead toys were laid like waste on the ground everywhere, in the streets, in the playgrounds, in the schools. Only emptiness resides in these residential areas. Only ghosts…

Past these residential areas were the outskirts of the city. Where the bums used to live and where industrial companies spewed out their toxic smoke out into the air through their chimneys. Now those tall industrial chimneys are broken, and the only place smoke billows out, are at the random fires taking place all over the area where battles used to rage on. Small base like encampments were placed in every major corner of the outskirts. Slytherian guards always in high alert and commencing patrols, each night and day. Forming a tight outside perimeter around Tokyo so as no human can ever think of coming into the city. Making Tokyo an iron fortress…a fortress now occupied by an alliance that threatens mankind.

Passed this impenetrable fortress was the country side. Grass and vast green meadows still were present through out the hills of this still untouched country side. The Council hadn't destroyed much of this beautiful landscape yet, and no one knows why. But what were destroyed were the small towns scattered through out this peaceful lay of a land.

And in one of these small country towns is where this chapter begins….

At an entrance of a city stood a sign at the side of the road.

It read. 'Welcome to Bloodhaze. Where guns and ladies are sold for free. Population: Your stinky A'

The sign had a huge charred blast hole where the message was suppose to finish. It stood lonely under this cool Monday morning.

The sun was still peaking out from the horizon as it was still rising to greet the earth.


Suddenly a old, beaten pick up Ford truck came rolling into the city limits. Heading straight into the heart of the two, passing by the scarred sign.

It roared threw the streets of the empty town as four Slytherians were inside the rickety contraption. One at the drivers cab while the other three perched at the back of the pick up truck. Their scaly skin enjoying the cold morning air as they whizzed deeper into the city. Their halberds tightly grasped in their hands.

"Why do we have to Ssssstay and patrol one of these citiessssss." One hissed.

"I don't knowssss. But letsss just do what we are asked."

The others responded with a snort and a grunt.


The truck passed by with considerably speed.

A shadowy form introduced itself on a motor cycle from inside a dark, concealed alleyway.

The concealed placed something near his ear and mouth.

"This is point A reporting. The subjects have entered city limits and are now entering your position. I repeat-"

"I repeat. They have passed the city limits and are now closing into your position."

A cloaked figure stood standing in an empty road intersection. The hood of his cloak covering his entire face and the cloak was draped over his whole body.

He put a hand into his hooded face and pressed two fingers on his ear.

"Roger Point A. Point C and B are you ready.."

" Point C here … Yes sir. Both of us are here."

" Point D here. Say please…"

The cloaked man smirked.

"Just get ready to snipe the driver…"


Two figures were on top of roof. They could clearly see the cloaked figure still standing at the intersection.

One had a long cylinder like object hauled over one of his mighty shoulders.

The other more slender figure had binoculars trained at the road leading to the cloaked figure.

Then a shape of a truck came into view.

She placed a hand into her ear and said with a feminine voice: "Point C here. We have spotted the targets. Get ready"

"I repeat. Targets are approaching fast. Get ready…"

A dashing man was standing next to a window. A window several stories up in a building behind the cloaked stranger. The window had a perfect view of the cloaked figure's back and the horizon could be seen where a distant truck came speeding towards the hooded stranger.

The rising sun behind it.

"Show time…"

He then placed a high caliber sniper rifle on the window's sill. The scope trained at the upcoming truck's cab. As it got bigger and bigger. A red beam focused at the vehicle.

The mysterious stranger doing nothing else.

The Slytherian driver put the petal to the metal as he forced the truck to go past its limits. The green lizards eyes spotting a dark figure up a head at the up and coming intersection.

The driver banged the top of the truck's cab. Catching the attention of the other three at the back.

"You guysss! There'sss something up ahead!" Looksss like a puny human! Sssshould I run his poor carcass over!"

"Sure why not. Nothing like guts and blood everywhere in thisssss wonderful morning."

Everyone giggled madly. So did the driver as he increased the trucks speed.

"Kill him! Kill him! Kill Him!" The lizard warriors chanted. Their green hateful eyes full of bloodlust and hysteria. Their body practically screaming for death to come at any second.

The driver responded by gripping the truck's steering wheel and aim his truck at the still stranger.

But he noticed right at the last second with his lizard astute eyes, a red thin beam of light pierce his eyes. It was coming from above and behind the cloaked human. In one of the many windows.

A red dot was now present in between his dinosaur eyes.

The Slytherian driver gasped before.


His head exploded from a high caliber shot right at the head. The truck's inside was now painted with his green slimy blood. His body limply tilted to the right. Turning the steering wheel that way also.

"What!" Hissed one of the Slytherians as he and his comrades were launched forwards due to the sudden swerve of the truck. Causing itself to tilt to its bare side.

"Aaaahhh!" All of them yelled pitifully.


The truck screeched to a halt, still on its side.

"Umph!" yelped the three Slytherians that landed not to far from the crashed truck.

One of them slowly opened his slit eyes and looked back at the intersection. The cloaked stranger was gone.

He gripped his halberd tightly. "Guysss! Watch out the human is" His warning was in vein as he felt an invisible fist slam into his armored belly.

The Slytherian winced, and let go of his halberd. It dropped to the floor with a cold clang.

He was now disarmed.

An invisible leg swept in and pummeled the lizard's chest. "Uugghh!"

He was sent flying back at the downed truck.

The other two got up. Dizzily.

But two strong invisible hands grabbed each the Slytherians' arm. And with a mighty twist.


"Aaauuugghh!" They hissed in pain. Their arms now dislodged from the rest of their bodies.

They dropped each of their weapons as another invisible leg roundhouse kicked the both of them at the face.

Green blood flew in the air as they were sent Hurling back at the truck. Joining the other downed lizards.

Then an invisible shout rang into the air. "NOW!"

The man on the roof heard the signal, and aimed the cylinder tube at the truck. The woman was right besides him. Waiting.

She looked at the man as he was kneeling down on the rooftop. Aiming...

The cylinder had three huge letters printed on its side that she could see clearly.


The chubby guy smirked and…


The women braced herself.


A cone shaped rocket came screaming in from the crimson morning sky. Spiraling towards the downed truck and lizards like a maniac.

All of the Slytherians' eyes widened as…


They were engulfed in a storm of scorching fire when the RPG exploded on contact with the truck's gas tank.

With a press of a button, Keitaro revealed himself from his cloak. There he stood. Holding three enemy halberds in his arms. Looking at the huge bonfire coming from the burning truck and the melting green bodies of the lizards he and his team just killed.


Keitaro turned around.

Kentaro, Shirai and Mutsumi revealed themselves from various building doors and walked over to him.

"That went well. We got ourselves some rune weapons to test out, and we were able to kill some stupid Slytherians."

"Yea, thought they were going to be harder."

Mutsumi shivered. "Please, don't say that kind of stuff! Something bad always happens after that."

Keitaro smirked. "Mutsumi-chan, that only happens in anime and fan fictions. We are not in any Anime nor in any fan fiction, so those lizards are good as dead."

Mutsumi lightened up a bit except for the fact that under the fire, something moved.

Everyone tensed and looked over.

There, the fire wavered in and out with the wind to reveal three greenish dark forms.

All three of these forms jumped out from the burning mess and landed perfectly away from the fire. Safe.

"I-it can't be!" Shirai stumbled. "I-I hit them with a freakin RPG. They should be dead."

One Slytherian had burnt marks everywhere, and green flesh was hanging out from one of his arms. But they were soon regenerating. Healing.

The other two had burn marks on them as well, but one had no right arm, while the other had green blood seep out of every scale imaginable in the surface of his skin. Their burnt scales slowly turning from charred black to a normal green.


One Slytherian grabbed his right arm and -plop- placed it back into place. He didn't even show any pain nor any emotion. As if Keitaro hadn't even touched his arm at all.

"You have to be kidding me.."

The three lizard warriors trained their hateful eyes at the three only humans around.

They were mad.

And hungry.

They planted their arms and legs on the ground and like a Spanish bull, they charged with intense rage and bloodlust.

"Fire!" Keitaro shouted. They didn't need that command to do the obvious.

Everyone took out their XM8s, a high powered, lightweight, assault rifle which came standard in Equinox, and they all fired a mass of hot lead at the incoming reptiles. Sharp teeth and all.


End of Chapter 5

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