Yes, I own Harry Potter. I'm actually JKR; I'm simply using 'Teri' as a cover so I can write crap and pretend it's not mine.

Come on, folks, I'd say it's pretty obvious that HP and Co. aren't mine.


He's changed, you know. Inside, where you can't really see it, at least not at first.

Not many people notice the change. He's still quiet, still moody, still reserved, still reckless, still brave. Still a little bit broken.

But he doesn't smile anymore, not really. He never laughed often, but now he doesn't laugh at all. And he doesn't cry.

It's like he's all frozen up, like all his warmth of spirit has drained away. He can still show compassion, of a sort, but it's forced now, like he's putting on a show.

I remember when I first saw him, and I thought that he had the most beautiful green eyes, eyes that glowed like emeralds. I saw so many things in those eyes- fear, determination, anger, love, hate, sorrow, joy...

But now, his eyes show nothing. They're just as hard as the rest of him, glittering diamonds.

He isn't Harry anymore, not where it counts. He's just some pale, bleached version of what he was.

And somehow, I still love him.