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Only in Dreams

By: Mika Saito


A tear slid down a pale cheek, glistening in the silvery moonlight that poured in from the large windows. The kneeling figure brushed a pale hand along the high cheekbone, drying the smooth skin.

Silver glinted sharply as the same slim hand moved gracefully into the dark folds of the black cloak. Withdrawing a dagger the hand moved slowly, raising it until it was even with the figures chest.

"Stop." A pained voice begged, sounding warm and smooth despite the anguish it was showing.

"Why?" A feminine voice questioned softly, even as the figure stopped moving and turned its face to where the pained voice had come from. Her face was pale, beautiful in its flawlessness, and framed by long tresses of black hair.

"Please." The voice begged again as a man stepped out of the shadows. "Don't do this Rune." He reached a slim leather encased hand towards the kneeling woman, but he did not move towards her.

"You made your choice, your majesty." She dipped her head slightly, showing the respect the mans title demanded. "And I won't object, if that is what you truly want, so please allow me to make my own choice." She whispered, turning once more to face the window as she raised the dagger. Another tear slid down her cheek from under her closed eyelids. Quickly, before the man could object anymore, she plunged the dagger deep into her abdomen.

The man darted forward and caught her as she pitched forward in pain. Shifting her gently in his arms, he leaned the woman back so he could look into her closed eyes.

"Why Rune? Why have you done this to yourself?" The man whispered, tears finally falling down his almost white cheeks. The woman opened her lavender eyes and gazed into the mans mismatched eyes of honey and ice a moment before speaking.

"Jareth." She whispered, her voice weak. Wincing as a wave of pain washed over her Rune raised a bloodied, unsteady hand to his cheek, attempting to wipe away his tears, but only succeeded in replacing the salty liquid with blood. She smiled at him as the last of her strength left her, her hand fell from his cheek, and she gave into the painless dark she sought.

Jareth hugged the limp body to his own, tears blurring his vision. He didn't notice the young woman, his sister, standing in the dark doorway, watching in shock as her brother gave into his sadness and cried, his painful sobs sounding loud in the large stone room. When she could watch no more she turned and ran, tears streaming down her cheeks.

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