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Dreaming of You

By: Mika Saito

Chapter 22

Dinner was as it had always been in their home. Rune arrived just after Alex had, but before their father, Nariad, had made his appearance.

Alex helped her seat herself in a chair, her usual one, to the left of the head of the table. He took the seat directly across from her.

"Are you sure you won't tell me what you and father talked about?" He asked lightly, almost jokingly. Rune could see that it was nearly killing him to not know what it was.

"I'm positive," she replied airily. "I don't see a point in spreading it around when it wasn't all that important." She picked up the glass of wine a servant set before her as she spoke, nodding to the woman in thanks.

"Not important? It made you come all the way here without telling your groom-to-be where you were going. It surprised, and dare I say scared, him," Alex narrowed his eyes at her.

"What happened to the brother I know?" She chuckled. "You were so polite to me earlier, too polite for the sake of family relations, and now you're being down right rude by continuing to press for information I'm obviously not going to give you."

"I apologize for my rudeness," he gave a small bow in her direction. "I'm just really curious about the whole issue."

"I can tell," Rune replied dryly.

At that point Nariad made his appearance. He stepped into the room, dressed in his best finery, and looking very much like the man Rune had seen in pictures of her parents when they were younger.

After that dinner progressed slowly and quietly. Rune was used to the chatter she and the Goblin King shared when they dined together. The drastic difference in her interactions with her family and her fiancé hadn't quite registered until now.

"How have things been around here, father?" She asked suddenly, the silence finally getting to her.

Nariad looked up at her, slightly surprised by the sudden question. "Fairly well. It's different without you around, but we're getting along just fine," he answered hesitantly.

"That's good to hear. And how was your meeting with Adrian?" She watched him as she spoke. She almost wanted to laugh at the startled look on his face. Before she'd left for the Goblin Kingdom she'd been the quiet one at dinner. Nariad and Alex would occasionally chat about business or something along the same lines while she sat quietly, listening to the two men talk, never once saying anything.

"It went just as I expected it would, Rune. Why do you ask?"

"I'm just curious. I'm not used to being silent at dinner anymore. Jareth and I talk about various things while we eat, well…. When we dine together anyway," she shrugged.

"You're calling him by his name now?" Alex asked, asking the question that was on the tip of Nariad's tongue.

"Of course. He is to be my husband; I don't see why I can't call him by his name now."

"I didn't realize you two were that close already," Nariad said.

"We're friends right now, friends who are engaged. Nothing more. However, there's no reason for me not to call him by his name when not in public," Rune insisted. When she noticed that her father and brother still looked skeptical she decided that it was time for her to retire. "I think I'll be retiring now. Good night father, Alex," she smiled at the two as she stood and left the room.

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