I do not really think I need a Disclaimer because the entire poem is mine. I just thought it fit Aragorn's desription. It started out as a joke between a friend and me, and then it turned into this poem, so please be kind.

An Enigmatic Man

Eyes so clear and crystal blue,

As in depth as the sea,

Can captivate and hold me there,

For all eternity.

A voice that's so melodious,

The sweetest song I hear,

Can strengthen anyone's pretense,

Whenever he is near.

Noble as a rider's steed,

With spirit strong and true,

Lives for others and their needs,

He's loyal through and through.

Makes a promise with his heart,

He says just what he means,

Can keep a cool head in tough times,

In chaos, he's serene.

He lives his life not for himself,

But for his neighbor friend,

He'll be there when you give a call,

On him you can depend,

Does not back down without a fight,

Will stand there proud and stern,

And yet he still will not complain,

When in his heart, he yearns.

For love so fair it goes beyond

What one can comprehend,

A love of sacrificial life,

That will not ever end.

Though beauty shines through shadow's deep,

Enclosing every part,

He still seems troubled in his mind,

And in his soul and heart.

By: Melissa

Copyright: Belongs to me. Do not copy without my permission.