Title: Mountain Laurels and Lilacs

Author: mistymidnight

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Not a thing.

Spoilers/Timeline: Season seven, AU-ish.

Summary: If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?

Author's Notes: Sorry this chapter took so long to write and post. My apologies.

Part One

"Buffy?" Willow set the bags of groceries on the table. "Buffy? You here?"

She made her way to the living room, where Buffy had been earlier that morning. The couch was empty. So where was Buffy?

She's probably off thinking about that wish still, Willow thought, going back to the kitchen and beginning to unpack various food items. I wonder what she's gonna do. I wonder if she'll even use it. She put a box of pasta into a cabinet. Of course she'll use it, another voice in her head insisted. It'd be like getting a free movie pass and not going just because your favorite movie wasn't playing. A waste. I mean, it's not like you're losing anything by seeing a crappy movie that you didn't pay for, right?

True, said her other head-voice, but that's two hours you'll never get back.

Willow sighed and put a jar of pickles in the refrigerator. Thought-babble, she thought. Definitely not of the good.

She moved to put a carton of orange juice on the door of the fridge. It's no use worrying over what Buffy will do. I trust her. But what if she makes a mistake? She's not perfect.

Stop it, the other voice demanded. You know this isn't something she takes lightly. And whatever she decides, you have to back her up one hundred and ten percent. Kapeesh?

Kapoosh, she answered herself, smiling a little. Now, where is Buff—?"

"Hey, Will," came a voice from the door.

"Oh!" Willow said, startled. "You scared me."

"Sorry." Buffy leaned against the doorframe and smiled, admiring the sleek black boots she was wearing.

"Nice shoes," Willow remarked, placing a bag of bananas on the counter.

"Thanks," Buffy said, before adding, "I finally decided how to use that wish."

Willow turned around. "Buffy, tell me you did not waste—uh, use your wish up on shoes."

"Of course not, silly!" Buffy exclaimed. She stepped into the kitchen, her shoes clacking against the floor. Willow looked over at the doorframe where another familiar figure stood.

"Hey, Sweetie," Tara smiled. "I missed you."

Woo-hoo! Another chapter done! (dances crazily)

Sorry about the extreme shortness, but I didn't want to water the chapter down too much. I already had to water it down some, which is why you were treated to Willow's thoughts and her grocery-unpacking habits. I really wanted the chapter to end with the discovery of what Buffy wished for.

Stay tuned…things may (note: MAY) get a bit darker.