"It's not my fault I have to control my emotions! Do you think I want to? Do you think I like to? Well," Raven hissed, eyes glowed eyes glowing crimson, her body shifting into attack mode. "Believe me. You. Thought. Wrong!"

Beast Boy's face contorted into a mixture of shock and rage. She thought he was stupid? She thought he didn't care? His body stiffened, his fists clutched. Raven's angry words were like a horn to his ears. "You think I'm stupid, Raven? I'm not! I care about you! That's why I yell! I CARE ABOUT YOU, RAVEN!"

Raven's eyes narrowed, but still remained a fiery red. She backed away to her room, ignoring the panting green Titan. His face showed rage, but his eyes told a whole 'nother story.

"AAARGH! Why does she do this?! Doesn't she know I don't mean what I say? What is her problem?!" Beast Boy yelled, banging his fists on the counter and throwing his glass off of the table. Unknown to him, another Titan had witnessed the whole scene.

"Her problem is she cares too. Only she can't show it. I thought you'd understand that by now," Cyborg said softly, emerging from the shadows. Beast Boy jumped, causing a plate to break. Cyborg winced. There goes the good china.

"Yeah, I know she can't be happy or cheerful or crack a smile, or for ONCE laugh at my jokes. No, it's too goddamn hard for her! Ugh, she's such a... a... mystery!" Beast Boy cried, stumbling with his words.

"A mystery? Of course Raven's a mystery. Do you know about her past? Do you know she's not all human? Do you know how hard it must be to control powers like those every day? It's no wonder she doesn't talk about herself! You're just being ignorant in saying that you care. Raven knows that. It's tearing her apart, knowing that she loves someone, but can't show it!" Cyborg exclaimed, his voice getting angrier as he continued. He took a deep breath and bent down to pick up the remains of the broken kitchenware.

"H-how do you know this?" Beast Boy said testily, turning away from Cyborg, who looked up from the debris.

"You know when you have these fights? Do you know where Raven goes? She goes into her room, locks the door, and cries. She cries for hours, Beast Boy! And why? Because of you. You're too... too... busy to notice that she loves you! And guess what? Since you obviously can't comfort her, I do! I talk to her, help her! And because Raven's so stressed about trying to be emotionless, she keeps her anger inside of her until... until... she can't take it anymore. I've stopped her once from suicide, but she keeps trying to hurt herself. This can't go on man... it's killing her."

Beast Boy could have sworn his heart stopped. He was the cause of her attempted suicide? He was the one she cried for hours about?

"So... so Raven could have died, and it would have been my fault?" Beast Boy whispered, his voice cracking. He looked through the large window, avoiding Cyborg's glances.

"That's why you gotta stop doing this, BB. Raven's unstable. One more big fight... who knows what could happen?" Cyborg said softly, getting up off of the floor and throwing the broken glass in the garbage.

For a moment, there was only silence. Then-- a sob broke through the room. Cyborg looked up, alarmed.

"It's all my fault! Why do I do this? I-I can't believe... I almost killed her Cyborg! And if she wasn't here right now... oh god, I don't know what I'd do to myself!" Beast Boy was now full-out crying, his green head in his arms against the counter, shaking with every bone-racking sob he took.

"Man, man, it's ok! Calm down, Beast Boy, calm down," Cyborg cried, patting him gently on the back. Suddenly, Beast Boy's head shot up, and the sobbing stopped. Cyborg's hand froze in mid-air.

"I have to talk to Raven, Cy. Be back... later..." Beast Boy mumbled. He quickly ran up the stairs to Raven's room, wiping his eyes as he ran. Cyborg shook his head at the retreating green boy.

"Doesn't know what he's gotten himself into," Cyborg clucked softly to himself, staring out into the window and into the sky. The moon was a rather ugly shade of yellow, the stars clouded and bleak. Cyborg sighed. Sometimes his life related to the moon. Ugly one day, clear and bright the next. Always changing, never exactly quite the same.


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