Fire Spirit

I will never be certain what he was

Greater than any man or Elf was he

Greater in skill, greater in beauty

Also greater in cruelty to us

Long had I only watched him from afar

Like a moth afraid to touch a flame

Fate then allowed his gaze to fall on me

For good or ill, he looked on me

His eyes burned like emerald fire

And I could not quench that strange desire

The silent embers of my heart

Were kindled to a blazing fire

Long we wandered amid the trees

Raven and copper, emerald and sapphire

Again he turned his gaze to me

Fire flickering in those forest eyes

My normal firm and fiery will

Melted as metal within a forge

A simple favor he asked of me

All to readily I granted it

In his gentle touch I felt the forge's fire

In his searing kiss I felt Laurelin's heat

So many years ago all this occurred

We were both alight with the fire of youth

He consumed me then

He consumes me still

Now our love has turned to ashes

Cold grey replacing white fire

I left him, when he grew too hot

To hot for any of us to bear

Now he has been born anew, memories are kindled

Rekindled as a fire woken from cold ashes