(This story is called "Will the Real Sam Please Step Forward?". Hope I'll get some reviews for this story. I don't know how long this story will be though. Note to readers: there is a mission in this story. No flames are allowed in your reviews now, even if I say what happens from my perspective.)

(Summary: It's time for a pool party at Clover's, but an old villain has other plans. Rated PG-13 for nudity and foul language.)

(Warning: Partial nudity in this chapter.)

11:49 a.m. -- Beverly Hills Mall

The girls and I were browsing around in the music store looking at some music albums. Sam wore her short green shirt and pink capri-pants. I wore my red Honda motocross T-shirt with Nathan Ramsey's last name on the back and underneath it was a 25. Clover wore her pink shirt and a black mini-skirt, and Alex wore her blue button shirt and long blue jeans.

"Oh, wow! Sugar Ray. Those guys are really great!" I said after seeing an album of Sugar Ray.

"Isn't that a kind of an old band, Mathew?" Alex asked.

"No way. I love Sugar Ray, especially with Mark McGrath as the lead singer." I responded.

"That's something about you that I respect, Mathew." Sam said.

"Thanks, Sammy," I said, patting her on the shoulder.

"Are you guys still coming to my house to swim at 2 this afternoon for my pool party?" Clover asked.

"Yes we are," Alex said.

"You betcha, Clover," Sam said happily.

"Got that right, Clover," I responded.

"Come on, guys. I can drop you all off at your houses," Clover said as she grabbed her car keys out of her pocket.

Alex and Clover had found something prior to going to the music store, but Sam and I didn't have much luck, as we didn't find anything.

We left the mall for the parking lot as we hopped into Clover's car and drove to our houses. Clover dropped Alex off first, and she went into her house to play. Next, she dropped me off and I went into my house to play video games. Finally, she dropped off Sam and she went into her house.

"Bye, Sam. See you guys later," Clover said and drove off.

"Bye, Clover. I'll see you later," Sam said before she opened the door and went into her house.

(Sam's P.O.V.)

12:09 p.m. --My House

When I entered my house, I looked around to see if my mom, Gabi was home. Unfortunately, Gabi was not around because she was at work and wouldn't be home until later that night. Hearing the sound of Clover's car getting softer and softer a few seconds later, I couldn't hear anything. It was completely silent in my house. I looked down at my clothes. A second later, I took out a coin from one of my pockets.

"Since I'm the only one here, I'll flip this coin. Heads I strip, tails, I don't," I said to myself.

I flipped the coin and it flipped in the air and landed back in my hand. I put it to the top of my left hand and covered it with my right. I closed my eyes as I lifted up my hand and looked at it. It was heads.

"It's heads. Okay then, time to remove those clothes," I said to myself.

Like I said, I started taking off my clothes. I started undoing the buttons on my short green shirt and threw it off. I put my thumbs to my pink capri-pants and slipped them off. I stood in my green bra and panties. I undid my bra, pulled down my panties and placed my clothes right by my foot. I picked up my clothes, held them to my breasts, and walked up to my room, ignoring the fact that I was completely naked. I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I couldn't help myself.

I opened the door to my room and tossed my clothes onto my bed. Ignoring that I was still naked, I closed my door, grabbed a towel, wrapped it around my naked body, and walked outside to my hot tub. Nobody was around, even next door. I unwrapped my towel, letting it fall to the ground, fully exposing my nude and sexy body. I placed my feet into the water, and slowly bent down, immersing more of my naked body.

"Aaahhhh," I purred while I relaxed in my hot tub.

An hour later, I stepped out of my hot tub, naked body and all and dried myself off. I wrapped my towel around my chest, entered my house and walked back to my room. When I came in, I untied my towel and let it fall to my feet. Once again, I was naked. I grabbed my light pink bathing suit out from one of my dresser drawers and exited my room. I sat on my couch and turned on the TV. I was still naked, with my bathing suit right by my left hip.

I looked at the clock and it read 1:57 p.m.

"Almost 2:00. Better get into my swimsuit," I said to myself.

I slipped on my bathing suit, grabbed my towel and walked to Clover's house.

(End of chapter and Sam's P.O.V.)