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Chapter 4: Brittney and I go Out

3:29 p.m. -- Clover's Pool

"Hey, Brittney," Sam called to her.

"Hmm, what is it, Sam?" Brittney asked.

"You got a date with Mathew, did you?" Sam asked curiously.

"Mm-hmm. Why?" Brittney asked.

"I went on a date with him, and he told me that he didn't know how to drive, but I didn't care," Sam explained.

"You don't know how to drive, Mathew?" Brittney asked.

"Mm-hmm, and I'm proud of it. Why? Because I'm crazy," I said.

"When are you gonna learn how to drive?" Sam asked.

"At first I said when I was 19, but I changed it to 6 ft. tall. I'm 5'10" now, just a couple more inches to go," I told them.

"What if you don't even reach 6' ft. tall?" Brittney asked.

"I will, someday," I assured them.

"Let's hope so," Sam added.

Brittney climbed out of the pool, walked to Clover's diving board, climbed up, and dove back into the pool.

"This feels so good to have Brittney with us, even for a pool party," Alex said.

We all came out of Clover's pool, walked to the diving board, climbed up, and dove back in one at a time.

An hour later, we came out of the pool, dried ourselves off, got dressed, and decided to watch some TV.

4:01 p.m. -- Inside Clover's House

Clover kept flipping through the channels, but she couldn't find anything good.

"I know what we can watch this time," I said as I grabbed the remote.

I switched the channel to GSN to find a 1-hour program of "Extreme Dodgeball" on.

"Oooh, this is another one of my favorite shows," I said.

"Isn't this a sports show, Mathew?" Brittney asked.

"Yeah, but this is on GSN, so it's classified as a game show," I explained.

"Is this like a regular game of dodgeball?" Sam asked.

"You can say that," I responded.

"Oh, I almost forgot, our date, Mathew?" Brittney reminded me.

"Oh okay," I said as we both stepped out.

"What's that about?" Clover asked.

"Oh, Brittney wanted to date Mathew," Sam responded.

"And you don't even mind, Sam?" Alex asked.

"No, because Brittney's here to visit her cousins. She wore this really beautiful blue dress to look good for her cousins," Sam said to them.

Meanwhile, Brittney had changed from her bathing suit to her long blue dress she wore when Sam and I had found her earlier, while I changed from my shorts to my blue Yamaha Bridgestone T-shirt with Tim Ferry's last name on the back and underneath it was a 15.

"Shall I drive you guys?" Sam asked.

"Sure, that'd be so generous of you, Sam," Brittney said.

Sam got up from where she was sitting, grabbed her keys and the 3 of us walked to her car. She started her car, and drove us to the mall, where we had planned our date. We all got out and Sam decided to browse around the stores, while Brittney and I had our date.

5:07 p.m. -- Beverly Hills Mall

Brittney and I sat at a table, where we enjoyed our drinks. Brittney had a blueberry smoothie, and I had a large Pepsi. (A/n: I don't know if there is a blueberry smoothie, but I'm the boss.)

"So, why did you want to date me, Brittney," I asked.

"Well, after that mission in which we had to save Alex and Clover, I started developing a little bit of a crush on you, but Sam already told me that you were already her boyfriend," Brittney explained.

"Yeah, well. I've been her boyfriend since I first transferred here," I explained to her.

"When was that?" Brittney asked.

"Um, probably about 4 months ago," I said.

"Oh, okay," Brittney said.

"I kind of like you, too, but maybe it's best if we were still very close friends," I said.

"Well, that sounds fair," Brittney said.

"Don't you have to visit your cousins pretty soon?" I asked after an hour had passed by.

"Oh, yeah that's right. We better find Sam and tell her to drop you off," Brittney said.

We got out of our seats, threw our drinks away, and went to look for Sam. We found her in the jewelry store, eyeing an emerald bracelet.

"Hey, Sammy, we gotta take Brittney to her cousins' place," I said.

"Oh yeah. Let's get going," Sam said.

"Actually, you can drop me off back at the hotel," Brittney said.

"Okay, whatever you say, Britt," Sam said.

We raced out of the mall to Sam's car, hopped in, and Sam drove Brittney to the hotel. When we arrived, Brittney hopped out of Sam's car, but quickly kissed my cheek before she left. Sam didn't even mind that at all.

"Thanks, Brittney, even though you didn't need to do that," I said.

"I know, but I just felt like doing it," Brittney said. She waved good-bye to me and Sam before she left for the room.

"God, her dress is so nice," Sam said.

"Yeah it is. That would make my sister jealous," I added.

"Why?" Sam asked.

"Because she likes everything blue," I responded.

Sam and I drove home from the hotel.

The end.

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