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Getting The Scoop

By: Youkai Koinu

Chapter 1: The Raise

Kagome had just gotten done with Tokyo's 6 o'clock news for channel five. She was pooped and ready to go home eat and go to bed. 'Ahh those nice silk sheets, I can't wait,' she thought.

"Kagome," her boss, Don, called. "What," Kagome asked making her way across the tiny newsroom. "As you may know, you are our best newscaster, so we have an offer for you," he stated. "What kind of offer," Kagome asked cautiously.

"If you do something for us we will give you a raise," Don said, stalling. "Don, what do I have to do," Kagome questioned. She was really beginning to get nervous, Don was stalling, and they both knew it. "I want you to get close to Tokyo's favorite and most eligible bachelor, Inuyasha Takahashi. If you do this we will pay you an extra ten dollars every hour you work. So instead of making only eleven dollars an hour, you'll be making twenty-one dollars an hour. How's that sound," Don asked.

"How close are you wanting me to get to this Inuyasha," Kagome asked. She really wanted a raise but she did have standards.

"You just need to become a close friend, to Mr. Takahashi."

"Why do you want me to do this," she questioned.

"So we can clear this rumor that just started about him. People are saying that he is a drug-attic and asks his close friends for money to buy marijuana. If this rumor gets out of hand it could ruin Inuyasha's reputation, which would not be good," he explained.

"I see, I'll do it," she stated politely, "when shall I start?"

Tomorrow at ten o'clock in the morning. Is that okay, or is that too early," Don asked.

"That's perfect," Kagome, said, "I guess I'll see you tomorrow then. Ten o'clock sharp. Got it."

"Wonderful," he replied.

That said Kagome left the news station. She walked out to the parking lot and climbed into her white mustang convertible. Kagome stuck and turned the keys in the ignition. She grasped the steering wheel, and headed to her house on the south side of town.

Her house was a simple two-story house; it was gray and had lots of windows, because Kagome loved sunlight. All of the windows had matching shutters. They were black with a little white heart in the center.

Kagome pulled her Mustang into the two-car garage. Then she carefully climbed out and walked over to the back door. At the same time she was digging through her purse searching for her keys. When she finally found them she unlocked the door and went upstairs to use the restroom. Once she finished she washed her hands and made herself some creamy chicken ramen noodles. (AN: I am a ramen fan. Instant or not I don't care they are awesome : ) While she was eating she watched America's Next Top Model.

"Man, I'm stuffed," Kag, murmured. She took a shower and changed into a pair of purple silk pajamas. They buttoned up the front and were long-sleeved with pants. Then she hopped into her bed and slowly drifted into the land of the subconscious.

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