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Deemed To Be Forgotten

By Ximena-san


She brushed back her blue hair gently because the air outside had terribly messed it up. A scene of commotion had greeted her eyes once she stepped foot inside the hospital. The hospital was in dismay; it was truly a scene she hadn't witnessed before. The Konoha Hospital she knew was quiet and orderly, and here she was watching nurses and doctors dash back and forth through the room, hoping that they would be able to attend the ninjas that suddenly flocked the hospital.

The reason why there were so many ninjas in the hospital today was unknown to her

"Excuse me," The woman manages to catch the attention of a nurse passing by "What... is happening here?" She asked the nurse. Her white orbs showed her curiosity.

"I don't know why, but they just started flocking the hospital minutes ago." The nurse said.

"How many are there?" The woman asked.

"We haven't counted yet but there maybe be less than twenty or more than that number." The nurse said.

"Thanks miss..." The woman said.

The nurse nodded "Now if you'll excuse me..." With that the nurse left.

She paused neared the reception desk so she would not hinder the tasks of the nurses and the doctors. Why was she here anyway? She was here for she had heard that her friend-slash-ex-teammate arrived with his team and one of them was...well...dead. She clasped her hands in prayer when she recalled the reason why she was there standing. She hoped that her friend was fine.


Well, that friend of hers was sitting on a not-very-cozy-chair waiting for a nurse to attend his wounds at his shoulder and his right leg. Yes, he is alive but a little injured. He had a very exasperated expression on his face. He sat there tapping the floor with his right foot continuously showing that he has grown impatient. His pet dog, which was lying unharmed by his side raised his head and snorted because of his owner's impatience. The dog then rested his head on the floor and he closed his eyes to achieve some rest.

Let's turn back to the injured owner of the dog; his face has suddenly turned pale. Why? It is because a stretcher had just passed him, a stretcher carrying his dead colleague. Sure they weren't that close, but a teammate is a teammate, bonds have to be made for each of the members of the team to function properly.

He sighed and dropped his head. He smashed his clenched fist at the armrest. He wanted to shout but instead, he sat there...mumbling, cursing and blaming himself...

"Anou... are you alright sir?" A woman who he knew said to him. He raised his head and he saw the raven-haired girl, smiling warmly at her. She had fresh bandages in her hand and an ointment at the other.

"Obviously, I'm not fine... as you can see, miss, my left shoulder is wounded as well as my right leg... and it hurts...terribly..." He said. "And may I ask... what is ANBU member doing here? Holding fresh bandages and ointment?" Shouldn't be an ANBU member helping the others in their squad?" He asked.

"Well sir, the anbu member standing in front of you has heard that her friend's team has come back and one of them is dead..." She kneeled down and started to clean his wounds at his right leg. He winced.

"Ouch..." He said. "Anyway, let's stop talking like this... what are you doing here?" He asked.

"I'm here to visit you...but since the other nurses and the doctors are busy, I decided to help..." She said. "Why are you so sad anyway?" She asked.

"We almost failed the mission..." He said.

"Something tells me that that is not the only reason..." She said.

"...my teammate died..." He said and sighed.

"Well, as I can see, you are in good terms with that teammate of yours. Even if I don't know him..." She said.

"You don't really know him... but he sacrificed his self for us... for Konoha...for the mission...just to accomplish it..." she looked up at him, his eyes were sad. "Death..." He added.

The woman looked down on the ground and she stopped tending on his wounds. She was sad too for she had remembered someone dear to her.

The man noticed "I'm...sorry...I forgot...about...him..." He said. "Hinata..."

"Iie, it's alright Kiba..." She said and she wiped a tear.

She continued to tend his wounds in silence.

The dog looked at them silently.

"Hey, Hinata..."

"What is it?"

"It will be exactly ten years tomorrow..." Kiba said.


"Will you visit him?" He asked.

"...Yes..." She replied. She tried to hide away her sadness but she wasn't able to. Her sadness was evident in her voice and in her expression.

"I can tell you haven't forgotten about him yet." Kiba said.

"He...was very dear to me...even if he did not know what he is to me..." She said almost in a whisper.

There was a moment of silence.

"Hinata, do you mind if I accompany you tomorrow, I haven't visited him for quite a while you know..." He said.

"I don't mind...I would really appreciate your presence...since the graveyard is very lonely..." She said.


Kiba stood there, patting Akamaru's head. Akamaru, though ten years have passed, has not yet slowed down and he doesn't hinder Kiba's movements during missions. The dog had grown larger, and he was larger than any dog in the clan. Kiba looked at the road and then saw his female friend walking towards him. She was wearing a black dress and she looked sad. Well, she looked sad every time this occasion would come...his death anniversary.

"Ah, Kiba-kun...did you wait long?" She asked. Kiba shook his head.

"I just got here a few minutes before you did." He said and he flashed a warm smile to his friend. Akamaru wagged his tail and barked in a jolly manner at Hinata when Hinata turned her attention to him. Hinata briefly patted his large head.

"Then...shall we go?" Kiba asked. Hinata looked blankly at the distance. After a short moment, she nodded and they started to walk to the graveyard.



That was all Shizune could hear from Tsunade. It was the day, after all. The day he died...the day when they lost a very valuable ninja...a very valuable friend...the day the lost Tsunade's small brother. Shizune looked at Tsunade and she looked away, she just couldn't stand Tsunade's sad face.

"Shizune..." Tsunade called out her name in a very sad tone.

Shizune broke her train of thoughts. "What is it Tsunade-sama?" She asked

"Who do you think are...?"


"...Who do you think are the eligible people who could be in that rank?"

"...In what rank?"

"Who can be Hokage, next to me?" Tsunade slowly stated.

"Why do you ask?"

"Do you think an old woman like me can keep up with these duties? I may not look like it with this genjutsu but I'm over sixty now. It would be better if we proclaim a new one..." Tsunade said while she looked out the window.

Shizune was shocked that Tsunade openly admitted her age but she was absorbed with the topic that Tsunade brought up. "But Tsunade-sama..."

"He won't come back. He will never come back...he is dead..."Tsunade looked down.

Shizune paused in silence. 'She's right... Tsunade-sama is right...he back...' She thought and sighed herself.

The room was filled in silence.


The silence was broken again by Tsunade's heavy sigh.

"I can't even keep Konoha in perfect order right now..." Tsunade said and she looked again at the window.

"A lot has been happening lately, Tsunade-sama..." Shizune said.

"So who shall it be? In your opinion..." Tsunade then looked at Shizune.

"I am not in a position to do that... you better consult the council first..." Shizune said.


The both of them stood there. Looking silently and solemnly at the stone where his name was carved. The birds chirped and the trees' leaves rustled because of the cold wind.

"It's funny...it's been ten years...but it seemed like it was just yesterday when he was still a living breathing being..." Kiba said.

Hinata stayed silent but Kiba knew that her answer was yes.

"Do you still love him?" Kiba asked.

"With all my heart, Kiba-kun... I will never ever stop loving him..." She said.

"I should have known better..."

"Known better about what?" Hinata asked.

"I should have known that I stood no chance against a human resting in a coffin six feet under the ground." Kiba said.

Hinata was not shocked. Kiba told her about his feelings a long time ago.

"I won't be able to forget him..."

"I know..."


In the shadows, blue eyes watched the two.

Wow, someone still visits, eh?

A voice inside him spoke up.

"Why do you care?" The one who possesses those captivating blue eyes said with a manly voice.

Who said I cared?

"You're really annoying me..."

After ten long years, you're still not used to my handsome voice?

"Handsome...you call you're annoying voice handsome?"

Then what would you call it?

"Simply annoying...no...it's terribly annoying..."


The both of them still stood there silently. Kiba then looked at his watch.

"Eh, Hinata... I have to go now..." Kiba said.

"Why?" She asked.

"Something came up this morning... and it's time for me to do my obligations..." Kiba said. "I'm really sorry..."

"Don't worry about me, Kiba... I'm fine here..."

"Are you sure you're going to be fine here? It's so lonely here...and besides this is a graveyard..." He said while looking around.

"I said don't worry. You're looking at an anbu member here..." Hinata smiled warmly at him.

Kiba sighed. "That's not what I've been trying to say... it's so lonely... and it is a sad day for all of us..." Kiba said.

"Even the strongest of all beings face loneliness and sadness, Kiba... sometimes... that is what makes that being stronger..." Hinata said.

"So you're telling me that all of these have made you stronger. You're telling me that his death has made you stronger all these years..."

Hinata nodded "That day when he died, I promised in front of his coffin... that I, Hyuuga Hinata, will work hard form now on...that I will try hard to protect what he protected, that I will be stronger, that I will no longer be the shy girl that he knew...that I will face tomorrow with a smile...even though he, the object of my affection and my inspiration has left our world..." She said.

Kiba smiled. "I don't want to sound rude but I thank him for dying... if that was the thing that pushed you to be stronger...I wished he died sooner..." Kiba grinned.

Hinata punched him. "I hate you." She said with a smile.

"Thank you..." Kiba bowed down. "Anyway, I have to go now." He smiled once again. He then walked away.

"Hey Kiba!" She called out while she watched Kiba walk away.


"When we meet again, remind me to kill you, ok?" Hinata said.

"Sure..." Kiba said while walking away. Akamaru barked gently to say goodbye to Hinata.

"You take care of yourself too, Akamaru." Hinata said. Akamaru stopped following his master and barked once again. Hinata waved goodbye.

"Come on now, Akamaru..." Kiba said and Akamaru followed him.

Hinata turned around to face her beloved's grave after Kiba was no longer in her sight.

"Uzumaki Naruto..." She whispered.

She ran to the hospital to see what had happened to Shikamaru's team. She entered a hallway where she saw Shikamaru standing, Temari sitting and Shikamaru's dad was talking to Shikamaru.

Suddenly Tsunade entered the room.

"Chouji is fine now..." She said.

Shizune went out of a double door. She was panting.

"Hyuuga Neji's condition has stabilized." She announced. Hinata sighed in relief.

"Are there no news yet about Kakashi and Naruto?" The Godaime Hokage asked.

Shizune shook her head.

There was silence.

The door behind Hinata opened. She turned pale when she saw Kakashi with a very sad expression. He carried a boy in his arms. A blonde boy that was motionless and pale...a boy that seemed lifeless...

"Kakashi, what happened?" Tsunade ran to Kakashi.

"I..." Kakashi was unable to continue.

Shizune called for a stretcher and it soon came.

Kakashi laid the boy down on the stretcher.

Hinata saw his hands trembling after he laid the boy down.

Tsunade turned pale and she checked his pulse.

He had no pulse...

"Kakashi what happened tell me? Why does he have this hole in his chest?" Tsunade asked the silver haired jounin with teary eyes.

"I was too late, Tsunade-sama..." Kakashi dropped down on the ground on his knees. He bent down and he punched the floor. He cursed himself for teaching Sasuke what might be the technique that killed his other student.

"Who did this to him?" Shikamaru asked, he was crying.

Kakashi raised his head to look at the leader of the team.

"Uchiha Sasuke..." Kakashi said it with anger and grief.

"Are you sure?" Tsunade asked.

"I am sure...I cannot be mistaken...that wound... that hole... was made by a technique called Chidori...by the technique that I...taught him..." Kakashi said.

Hinata listened to the conversation while she looked at the lifeless body of the one she was infatuated with...no...the body of the one she loves very much...

There was silence.

Hinata heard the door open once again.

"Hey..." A female said.

She looked at the one who said it and she saw a girl that was named Sakura.

"Kakashi-sensei...what happened here?" Sakura asked, her voice was trembling

"Sakura..." That was all Kakashi could say.

"Kakashi-sensei, why is Naruto lying here like this? What happened to him? Where is Sasuke?"

Kakashi stood up. "Please calm down, Sakura..."

"Answer me, Kakashi-sensei!"

Kakashi placed his hands on Sakura's shoulder.

"Sakura...Naruto is...dead... Sasuke is gone..." Kakashi said slowly.

Tears began falling from Sakura's eyes.

"Who killed him?" She asked.

"Who do you think did?" Shikamaru asked Sakura with an angry voice.

"No it can't be... he can't..." Sakura's whole body trembled. Her knees weakened. Kakashi held her wrists tightly to support her.

"Say his name...who do you think killed Uzumaki Naruto?" Shikamaru said.

"Uchiha Sasuke..." Sakura said.

"...Correct..." Kakashi said. "One hundred percent correct, Haruno Sakura..." He added.

"No it can't be...Sasuke-kun can't--!"

"Stop that!" Hinata shouted. "Don't say that because he did! He did kill Naruto-kun!!!" Hinata was now crying.

Hinata grabbed Sakura by the wrist. She then pointed at Naruto's wound. "Do you see that? That's Naruto-kun's wound! The wound caused by no other than Uchiha Sasuke!!!" Hinata said.

"Ok, stop that!" Tsunade said while she wiped away her tears. "It's over... Uchiha Sasuke is gone...everyone else is fine... Uzumaki Naruto...is dead... we can't do anything now..." Tsunade said.

A few days had passed. There was now a small gathering in the graveyard. Tsunade's eyes surveyed the coffin. She went through a lot just for him. She persuaded the council that Uzumaki Naruto should have his own grave because they wanted to cremate him and just carve his name on the memorial stone. Tsunade wanted to have a place to visit her so-called "little brother" she didn't want to just look at his name on a piece of stone. So they were here today, for him...at his funeral.

Everyone stood silent before his coffin. Anytime now, Tsunade would give a cue for it to be lowered. Each of them held a white rose except for Hinata; she held a red one. Tsunade then gave the cue, everyone threw the flower at the hole while the coffin was slowly lowered. Before she threw her rose, Hinata prayed for his soul.

"Naruto-kun, may you rest in peace...I promise you...I'll train harder...to protect what you protected...and I...I love you..." She said in a whisper that no one could here. After that, she threw the flower gently down the hole.


She sighed at what she recalled. She just couldn't forget about that day...about him...


Will you just shut up? He screamed in his mind hoping that the being inside him would understand that he is irritated...very irritated by all his ramblings.

He heard the being's curses fading away. He closed his eyes and he sighed.

At last, he thought...he was here in a silent place to have a peace of mind, and yet that damn creature inside him had to disturb him.

Standing there, in a dark place where no one can see and sense him. He watched the young woman stare at a grave, his grave.

Yes, it was his grave. It was his yet he was there standing alive. He cursed the creature inside him because he had made things harder for him. He was content with his death. And it was the only way he can escape the darkness that once engulfed his life.

But still, he was in the dark. All this years, he grew cold; he would rarely show his emotions with expression and movements. He learned how to remain calm. He could even say that he forgotten how to smile.

He cursed the creature inside him once again.

He then suddenly heard a growl in his head.

Will you stop cursing me?! If you don't...I'll toast your brains!!! The creature exclaimed in a very threatening tone.

"Like you could do that..." He said. He growled once again. But if you really could...then I would gladly let you burn my brains...that way I can finally die...I should have died years ago anyway..." He added. This time he snorted. Then he finally, quieted down.

He then looked at the gloomy scene laid before his eyes. The sun's rays were not able to touch the earth because of the dark clouds above. In his eyes, it was very gloomy. In the past, he would have hated this gloomy sight but he has changed. He carried around a sad and lonely aura with him. It was not like the cheery aura he once had, this one will make you frown. His eyes seemed to question something while he stared at the dark sky.

He questioned his existence...

Like he said, he should have died ten years ago. He should really be buried six feet under the ground not standing in one dark corner, breathing and living.


He still had the power to ask even if he spent his ten years wondering what the answer was.

Yes, the creature inside him resurrected him so he could live...but he felt that there was something more...a reason why God did this.

But, he thought, that time when Sasuke made a hole in his chest...he didn't really die...he was alive inside the creature's world. His body that time was motionless...but nevertheless, he still felt alive that time.

He clenched his fist and gritted his teeth. Damn, now all his thinking made things much more complicated.

The sun had finally shown itself. The dark clouds have left and it drifted to another place. Now he stood there, startled as white eyes met his blue ones...

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