Artanis' eyes fell on the jewels that hung around her parents necks. Her mother, Eärwen, had a delicate chain of silver with a single diamond pendant hanging just below her throat. Her father, Finarfin, wore a chain of gold set with an emerald pendant. The young girl was dazzled at the brilliance within the jewels and her voice was filled with awe as she asked her question to them.

"Where did you get your necklaces? I do not think I have seen them before.."

Finarfin chuckled and Eärwen smiled gently as she came in to the room. Picking up the brush, she gestured for Artanis to sit down so that she could brush her hair as she always did before sleep. As her daughter took her customary seat, Eärwen turned back to give Finarfin a kiss. He remained for only a few minutes longer before leaving them. Sighing happily, she returned to see her daughter watching them with a familiar glow in her eyes. 'Has Artanis already thought of her own marriage?' she thought with just a touch of concern. 'Surely she would tell me of him.' She sat down behind her daughter and began running the brush through her daughter's golden tresses.

"Mama, where did you get your necklaces?" Artanis asked again.

"Well, I received mine from your grandfather, Finwë. Your father received his from my mother, Annë. They were our wedding gifts."

"Will you tell me about you wedding mama? You promised you would."

Eärwen continued to brush Artanis' hair as she began to tell her tale.


In the year we had between our betrothal and our wedding, Finarfin and I spent almost all of our time together. We had fallen in love at first sight, but that did not mean that we knew each other. Even if it felt as if we had known each other forever.

He took me to Tirion, where I was shown the dwelling he was having built for us. It was a grand, stately manor set on the western side of Túna, and the marble had a slight pinkish cast to it. Almost like mother-of-pearl. Your father told me that he wanted to be reminded of the day we met, at the ball. In my turn, I showed him my favorite places in Alqualondë. He particularly enjoyed the secluded cove I had found. Not even Írimë knew of it, and now it belonged to my love and I. Artanis, your father would have had us bonded to each other then and there, and I almost wanted to myself, but we kept our control. Barely. Our families were planning a wonderful ceremony and would be disappointed to learn we had skipped that part. The year was long indeed, and our love grew stronger with each passing day.

Finally, the day of our wedding came. My mother and sister had been secretly making my gown and, hours before the ceremony, they brought it out to me. I gasped with surprise and tears filled my eyes. The dress was absolutely beautiful, Artanis! It had been made with the finest silks from Valimar, and it was the color of the clear blue waters of home. There were two pearl clasps at each shoulder, leaving my arms bare. Írimë showed me the long strand of pearls that would serve as a belt. She showed me how it would be wrapped around to finally be tied at me waist. Mother brought me her own wedding jewelry. My silver hair would be adorned with gold pins and my ears would have golden earrings that ended halfway to my shoulders.

"Oh, mama. Írimë. How beautiful!" I said to them as I embraced them. I also could not wait to see the look on Finarfin's face when I was brought to him.

"Hurry, child, we must get you ready!" Mama said as she and my sister began getting me ready.

I was bathed with water brought from the Belargaer, and the soap used smelled of lavender and roses. My hair was also washed with the same scents as the soap. I was not allowed to speak, and my mother and sister were careful not to let me trip and fall. I was fed only fruit, bread and cheese, and honeyed mead to drink. It seemed like a terrible amount of trouble, but I did not refuse it. I was thinking only of Finarfin.

My mother helped my into my gown and Írimë wrapped the belt around me. Then my hair was done into a simple single plait and the golden pins were used down its length and the rest were placed into the shape of a crown. 'A crown?' I asked myself. 'I do not think I am marrying royalty, am I?' I was momentarily confused, but it passed as Finarfin's face came back in my mind.

I was led from the house my father had borrowed, and we walked to the place where we were to be wed. Mother held my arm on one side, Írimë held the other. Each held somewhat tightly, reassuring themselves that there would be no way I could fall.

Oh, Artanis! I will never forget the sight of your father standing between his father and older brother, Fingolfin. His long golden hair was mostly down, but part of it was tied back into a plait similar to mine. The was a light breeze and it ruffled his hair and it seemed as if strands of gold danced within its length. He wore a doublet the color of sand and trews to match. Around his waist was a belt of silver, and stood tall and proud. Then his eyes caught mine as I came down to meet him. He tried so hard not to let his jaw drop open, or his eyes go wide, but he failed miserably. His father and mother chuckled, as did my mother and sister. I came to stand beside my love, and our hands were joined by his father and my mother. They were the officiators, and our ceremony was begun.

"By the grace of Valar, Elbereth and Manwë, has your love, through Their love, brought you together to be wed. May Eru sustain and strengthen your bond, bless you and keep you, for as long as love shall last," his father intoned.

"Have you the rings?" my mother asked and my father brought them forth. Finarfin took my silver ring and placed a golden ring on my right-hand index finger.

"This ring I give to you is a symbol of our love," he said.

I took the silver ring from his hand and placed the second golden ring on his right-hand index finger.

"This ring I give to you is a symbol of our love," I repeated quietly.

"Eärwen, now do I make my promises to you. I promise to share laughter in times of joy and wonder; to share tears when sorrow touches our lives; to share my dreams and hopes, that our love and minds may grow; to share compassion and understanding during times of frustration and anger; to share all that I have, and all that I am, for as long as love shall last," he spoke softly.

A flash of surprise crossed over our family's faces. This was not supposed to be part of the ceremony. No one spoke against it, and I was inspired to do the same.

"Finarfin, now do I make my promises to you. I promise to share laughter in times of joy and wonder; to share tears when sorrow touches our lives; to share my dreams and hopes, that our love and minds may grow; to share compassion and understanding during times of frustration and anger; to share all that I have, and all that I am, for as long as love shall last," I repeated back to him. His eyes shone with love and tenderness, and a promise of things yet to come.

We shared a kiss, short and sweet, as the ceremony ended. Both our parents led the way back to the hall were a grand feast was laid out for us. Musicians played quietly in the background, and we dined until we could not longer eat anything more. Your father looked at me with a twinkle in his eye, and at his signal, the musicians began to play music to dance to. He swept me off my feet and we danced as our hearts led us. We did not use the steps the dances called for.

Then it was time for us to leave the party. There was another small ceremony in which my mother gave my new husband the pendant you saw around his neck tonight, Artanis. His father placed his gift around my neck. We hugged and kissed our newly joined family, then went out of the hall, back to our new home. It was not a far walk, although we did hurry a bit. As his own gift to me, he had recreated the small grove of oak trees that we betrothed ourselves beneath. It was in the courtyard, and within the grove was a small fountain.

"Filled with the water of our cove, my love," he whispered in my ear. I said nothing as I put my arms around him. He took my face gently in his hands and kissed me. One thing led to another then, and we were bonded together forever.


Artanis turned around after Eärwen finished plaiting her hair. She reached out her hand and gently touched the diamond pendant hanging from her mother's neck. Smiling, she kissed her mother and then got up and into her bed. Eärwen took down the curtains and the room darkened.

A shadow passed, and in the doorway stood Finarfin. His arms crossed over his chest and a smile on his face. Eärwen crossed to him and he gathered her into his embrace.

"I hope I will be as happy as you two are when I marry," Artanis said quietly from her bed.

Her parents smiled at her, then came to kiss her goodnight. They left her room hand in hand, and when Artanis fell asleep, her dreams were filled with feasting, dancing, and even her own wedding. Her husband had silver hair, like her mother, and his eyes were golden in color. Artanis could not see the rest of his face, but she knew she would be just as happy with him as her mother was with her father.


A/N – I have gone with the assumption that Galadriel had the gift of foresight, even at the tender age of fifteen. And, in my own happy world, I even went with the assumption that she knew of Celeborn even before she met him.