The first time that Ace had suggested it, Smoker scowled deeper, grunted his dismissal, and then fucked Ace roughly against the well-worn mattress. The pirate let the subject drop to concentrate on the feel of cloth beneath his back, the raw slick burn between his thighs, and the smoky skin between his teeth.

The next time he merely sneaked into the marine captain's bathroom while the other man was out. He left a trail of clothing across the bedroom floor trailing to the tub in which he waited, naked and soapy, and watched the small yellow rubber duck that he had brought with him float across the warm water.

He heard the approach of footsteps, heavy with anger and something else, stalk towards the small steamy room. When the door banged open and Smoker stood glaring at the naked pirate, Ace grinned and nodded down toward the space between his bent open knees.

"Hey, Old Man. Take a look at my duckie."

When the distance between them closed and large hands reached to pull him from the water, Ace was ready, and quickly twisted one leg out of the water and hooked it beneath Smoker's right knee sending him tumbling. The pirate laughed as the marine cursed and struggled for balance, and they wound up rolling as water sloshed over the curved edge of tub. Ace straddled the other man and pulled Smoker's drenched jacket off while grinding insistently down against the marine's groin.

"Come on, Old Man. Fuck me in your tub, just once. You'll like it…"

The clothed erection pressing up against his naked bottom dismissed any protest that the older man may have made, so instead, he pulled Ace against him and growled his condition.

"Just get rid of the fucking duck, Brat."