A.D. 2176

Two years had pass since the destruction of the military fortress AUMANN that sent a bright flash to every corners of the universe. Bahram's fleet is no longer a threat without the directions of their psychotic commander, Colonel Nohman, and within a year of the incident, Bahram's influence is completely erased off the Martian map.

Although Mars had lost Phobos due to the great destructive power of an Orbital Frame, the Martians had begin rebuilding the battle-scarred planet back to its original state. There was finally peace for all Earth, Mars and Jupiter.

After aborting the ATLANTIS, Dingo Egret went back to join his mining crew on Callisto while Ken Marinaris opted to stay onboard, getting prepared to enlist in the United Nations Space Force U.N.S.F., where Leo Stenbuck is.

Although being objected, Jehuty, together with the replica version of Anubis was ordered to be delivered to UNSF's R&D section for research purposes. That order alone spelt trouble to peace...