So u na no

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Warnings: Cussing, horrible writing, spelling, grammar, yaoi(?)

Summary: (AU) Uchiha Sasuke's glare was brilliant. It wrenched fear from the deepest corners of any heart. Though this Uzumaki Naruto was probably heartless. (SASUNARU)



Oh The Possibilities


Uchiha Sasuke's glare was brilliant. It wrenched fear from the deepest corners of any heart. Though this particular boy was probably heartless. As was the Godaime hokage of Konoha.

"Now that you two are properly acquainted go indulge in some manly bonding!" The smile on her young face was a tad too bright. "Ja!" Sasuke practically growled as he was quite forcefully pushed out of the hokage tower. He swore that there had been a smirk on Tsunade's face.

"Oi!" Sasuke sighed as he turned to face his new 'acquaintance.' The boy latched himself onto Sasuke's shoulder. "You never told me your name!"

"Uchiha Sasuke" Sasuke spat out coldly. However the other boy took no heed and continued to happily bounce down the street next to the Uchiha. Had he been in a better mood, Sasuke might have been in awe at the difference in behavior from yesterday.

Flash back

Sasuke should have known to have run the moment he saw the uncomfortable expression on Tsunade's face, of course the genius didn't and continued to stand respectfully before his hokage. That wasn't exactly a ingenious thing to do, but then again, there is that saying that even monkeys fall from the tree at times.

As soon as Sasuke arrived, The Fifth had started sending frantic glances at her assistant, Shizune. Who sent back equally frantic shakings of her head. Of course our Sasuke, being annoyed, Unknowingly shortened his life span by interrupting the frantic 'conversation.'

"Is there a reason why you have called me hokage-sama?" At that moment two female heads snapped toward his direction, both etched with sinister expressions.

"Sasuke-kun, would you be so kind as to bring a particular person here?" Tsunade's voice was a bit too kind. But Sasuke didn't notice, because at the moment his main focus had been to get the meeting over with and to stop wasting his time. "No, which village would this person be from?" Tsunade continued to beam.

"Konoha actually, here is a picture of him, please bring him here as quickly as possible." Sasuke looked at the picture skeptically, if the boy was in Konoha, it couldn't take too long…. Right?


Wrong. When Sasuke asked around for the boy, no one seemed to know who he was. As Sasuke's search wore on, he found his mind wandering. It had not been long since The Fifth hokage had arrived. She had been found and brought back by the legendary sannin, Jiraiya. Who had left soon after the third Hokage's funeral. The sandaime's death had been very tragic. It happened after finding out about a new village named 'The Sound', which villagers would be participating in the up-coming Chuunin exam. The elders had advised Sarutobi to go and speak to the leader of the sound for the first time. But, after a few days a package was returned, nicely wrapped, hiding the head of their beloved hokage.

The remains of the anbu that had been protecting the hokage had been found latter, on the path leading toward The Sound. Though there was enough circumstances for war, there was no proof that it was a deed of The Sound.

Sasuke had been thinking of the poor brunette boy who had been wailing at the funeral, when he had stepped on something a bit too soft to be part of the grassy hill he was running over. And of course, grass wasn't known to jerk up and punch people's faces.

Sasuke stumbled back, grasping his throbbing cheek. He stared at the other boy with wide bewildered eyes. Had that guy just punched him? That guy who looked strangely like the boy in the picture, though he had blond hair, blue eyes, and odd whisker marks, there wasn't much of a resemblance Sasuke thought dazedly.

Once Sasuke got his thoughts back together he realized, this boy was the boy, despite the fact that the boy in the picture looked relatively happy and this boy was seething… how many boy could have scars that looked like that? Sasuke was just about to contemplate over it some more had he not felt the heavy shove against his shoulder.

"Why the hell did you do that!" The boy shouted. Sasuke blinked, how was he supposed to answer to that? Was that even a question? Why the heck did Tsunade-sama want him to bring a brat like him? Suddenly the frantic gestures that were shared at the hokage's office came to his mind. And the reason he had been sent to find this boy dawned upon his dazed head. This became once again proven as the boy started rambling about this or that, how Sasuke would meet his untimely demise and end his pointless existence. It was average (sort of) rant that the Uchiha had to listen to every time a girl entered his fanclub and her brother/secret admirer/boyfriend found out. At least Sasuke listened to it until he got annoyed and stomped the brother/secret admirer/boyfriend to the ground. But then again, Sasuke had already stepped on the other boy… what to do?

The answer became obvious the moment the other boy shoved his fist into Sasuke's gut. The other boy had to swing out of the way to evade the dark boy's kick, only to take the second kick full in the stomach. Recovering quickly the boy jumped back eyeing Sasuke critically.

This didn't last long, the boy growled impatiently, and lunged. A mistake, Sasuke used the slightly unbalanced stance at the start of the boy's sprint to sweep the boy off his feet. And promptly knocked the air out of the blonde's lungs via stomp.

Recovery was quick however, and the blond was on his feet again in no time. Glaring at Sasuke once more, the boy thought to guard his stance a bit more this time before lunging again. Sasuke unexpectedly changed his stance from defensive to offensive. The other boy was caught off guard and received a blow to the cheek. Once again the blonde got straight up, but not before knocking Sasuke off his feet. Taking advantage of the situation the blond quickly got on top of Sasuke's abdomen and impaled Sasuke with a series of punches. And the stopped. Quite abruptly.

Sasuke grew uneasy as the other boy's face came closer and closer to his chest. Thoughts flew across his mind, though after a short while all thoughts became one – What the hell? Sasuke stifled a sigh of relief as the boy retracted himself, clutching a blond strand of hair that had coincidentally got caught on Sasuke's shirt. The shade of the strand was much too light to be the whiskered boy's. No this blond strand of hair came from a feminine resource. It had come from, the 'honorable – gamble addicted as she may be – hokage' Tsunade.

Instantly the blond boy's face screwed up. He then placed two feet on either side of Sasuke's chest and gave a mighty push off. Effectively knocking the air out of Sasuke's lungs AND getting a head start before the chase ensued.

The chase, was a long one. A run across Konoha, and another backwards and then a jaunt about the roof tops. The pair was flying across Konoha… All. Day. Long.

End Flash Back

So this is how Uchiha Sasuke found himself well(?) (at least more than he would want to be) acquainted to Uzumaki Naruto who had gone through a dramatic mood swing over night –during the chase- and was now happily clinging to a not so happy Sasuke who was going to his house. (The house that had been provided to Sasuke by the sandaime hokage of Konoha… as Sasuke didn't seem to fancy the idea of living in the house that he had seen his brother slaughter his parents in.) So Sasuke was going to his house, grumbling and trying to detach his new hyper roommate from his arm.