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of killing intent

Red, Sasuke's face was red, as was Naruto's. The blonde boy was fuming (though too bewildered to look mad), while Sasuke attempted to hide his blush behind his long bangs.

"Look, kids?" Sakura gritted out, giving the class a sweeping glance before clenching her teeth again.

"He may look a bit, eccentric but Naruto-sensei is quite male." The pink haired kunoichi continued. "And Sasuke-sensei, who is not gay, could in no way, have Naruto-sensei as a girlfriend." Sasuke, still frantically trying to find his 'emotionless' mask, wondered off-handedly if it was actually possible (had this not been a third class fanfiction) to talk and grind your teeth simultaneously.

Today's events were shocking, I mean how many days of the week do you walk into the classroom, (clawing at you rival/best friend/roommate) only to be accused of having a 'lover's spat' with your 'tomboy girlfriend". Ironically, the 'tomboy' comment was probably the only thing that kept the students' limbs intact.

"Eeeeeeeeh but I saw you guys coming out of the same house this morning." The three genins blinked as a spiteful voice sliced across the classroom.

"Ko, Konohamaru-chan!" a girl, sitting next to the boy, attempted to reprimand the brunette. To Sakura, who hadn't even known of Naruto's existence until the week before, heard of her teammates conditions for the first time.

"You guys live together!" The kunoichi yelped. Holding a hand to her cheek, you could practically see all the 'not so clean thoughts' flowing through her head.

There was a gleeful cackle, catching team seven's attention.

"And you haven't even told your friends!" a sly grin found a home on Konohamaru's face. "Remember no sex before marri-"

A hand was slapped over his mouth as the girl once again tried to stop the spiteful boy. But the hand didn't belong to 'Moegi (a.k.a girl who possesses the sexiness of an adult.)' It belonged to the only female of her substitute teachers.

"Say another word Konohamaru-kun, and you might lose those lips." A cold shiver ran through the boy's spine as he stared into cold green eyes. The girl's hand was no where near his neck yet he swore he could feel a soft pressure against his neck in a mock constriction.

Naruto sighed, the things that girls poured out killing intent over. (of course he doesn't even think of the many times he emitted large amounts of killing intent over a warm bowl of noodles.)

"Look," Naruto started " I dun care what the hell you guys think." The blonde glared at all of them, but made a point to glare Konohamaru before continuing. " I can take you guys bad mouthing me, and I can take the non-existent guilt that would come if I were to have rip to off your heads just to shut you guys up, but I can not take it if you guys were to get in the way of our mission." Had the class been exceptionally observant they might have been able to witness the red glint that lay under the blonde's eyelashes, but they were way too occupied by the cold and suffocating atmosphere enveloping them.

"So do your fucking work and let us be done with it." The blonde finished, and at that second the tension that had built up, was suddenly gone as Naruto opened his mouth wide to yawn.

"Kami, this mission is boring. I hate waking up early." Then the boy proceeded to lean on Sasuke's shoulder again snoring softly. The majority of the classes snickered. Only to be stopped by a single glance from the Uchiha (who had finally found his posture)

Now Sasuke was known for always emitting an (un)healthy amount of killing intent regularly from his 'saki glands' (The other Uchiha blood limit), well those glands were going on overtime. And thus, the whole room fell dead silent. Save for the rhythmic snores that Naruto breathed into Sasuke's neck. Ah peace at last…….


One Yamanaka Ino threw herself through the door and toward a bewildered Sasuke before stopping short to snatch Naruto off Sasuke's shoulders.

"It's the Kawaii chibi from yesterday!" The girl squealed happily, "You know I never got your name!" chirping brightly as she stuck her tongue out at Sakura.

"I, I'm….." stuttering, the boy tried to choke out an answer. Glowering at his teammate's incompetence Sasuke reached out to grab Naruto back.

"Let go of Naruto Ino-"

"INO BUTAAA!" Sakura growled reaching out to grab Ino's cheek, succeeding, (But not with out getting her own cheek caught within Ino's iron grip) Sakura stretched the flesh viciously.

"Hee Naruto-kun? Weird name… But it still seriously cute!"

"Shut up Ino-pig" Amazing what kunoichi could say whilst having their cheeks stretched to incredible lengths. The whole class seemed to find this hilarious because they were back laughing their heads off. Killing intent and all of the likes completely forgotten. But the male shinobi not having such an ability (of babbling in whatever situation) watched in quiet awe before Sasuke, finally coming to his senses, asked:

"Why are you here Ino." Again, everyone paused to blink. There was a awkward silence as the once confident (almost overly so) girl squirmed uncomfortably.

"Team ten was sent to assist team seven on their current mission." Shikamaru answered for Ino. Once again a second late, but this time with Chouji in tow. "Apparently the assistant teacher for this group died yesterday." The quiet murmuring that had been filling the room cut off abruptly.

"Ano, M, Mizuki-san ga?" Sakura let go of Ino and gulped at Shikamaru's curt nod. "Then, how, why?" The man had been nice enough, and though all shinobi led a dangerous life, to have someone (Be he/she a shinobi or not) she had seen, met, and laughed with justthe day before was just, just too much.

"We weren't given many details, but apparently the guy wasn't as loyal as he should have been." Once again an uncomfortable silence reigned over the classroom.

"So, it had been an execution?" Konohamaru asked almost hopefully.

"No, his body was found this morning."

The aura of oncoming death felt so insignificant when in the presence of death itself.

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